nice sadists are so so underrated.

    if a someone told me they loved that i suffer for them? omg im gonna nut

    tenderly caressing my cheek, then slapping it? beautiful 10/10

    that fake pity voice? GOD

    when they give you a break between spankings to play with your pussy? i’m in love

    on that same line of thinking, when there’s playful spankings, and you’re giggling and trying to get away until they’ve had enough of your squirming and they make you stay still? literally ughhh

    orgasm denial bc they love hearing you whine?? YES

    making you come so many times you cry because they love to see you cry? please please please

    don’t even get me started on humiliation.


    You are nothing more than my public cumdump. My fucktoy. My personal cumdump. My slut. That’s right. I’m talking about you! You reading this. You started as my follower, then messaged me, we met up, you send me many nudes and dirty pictures~ which I then used to blackmail you into submission.(Besides using those as masturbation material)👀😈

    During our second date I pinned you down and forcefully fucked your pussy. Using you as my cocksleeve. Cumming inside you raw. Making you cum again and again until your mind and body broke and became mine. Deep down~ you know nobody will ever fuck you like I did. Deep down you know your body belongs to me now. That you live to pleasure me. That you live to serve me. That you live and breathe for me. Are you ready to let go and fully submit?

    But what does that mean? What should you imagine? For starters~ me instructing you to take and send me dirty clips and pics daily. Imagine knowing I jerk off to your body. Imagine knowing I have a little slutty folder of your pics. 😈Imagine I can blackmail you at any fucking time~

    But also imagine me visiting your place, school or work and just bending you over right there and then. Slipping your panties to the side and fucking your pussy nice and deep. Imagine me drilling your dirty lil cunt raw and you can’t even stop me. Not even when others stand around us and watch you getting fucked like a whore. Not even when I make you cum again and again until you’ve become a sloppy mess. Not even when I cum deep inside your pussy in public. Dumping my thick load inside your vertile womb and knocking you up like a cheap little street whore.

    Heck I can just invite you over to my place at any time and bend you over and fuck you. I can make you suck me off infront of my guests. Just to show them how filthy and obedient you are. I can make you swallow my cum as I’m on the phone with your parents. Telling them you are doing good as my cumdump.

    Heck i’ll even call you just to come lick my cock clean after I fucked another sub. Just so I can make you clean of her pussy juices from my cock.

    You are a toy for me. A toy that I can use however I want. Whenever I want. A toy that is there to fulfill my fantasies. Are you ready for such a life little fuckdoll?!


    As part of the November Fantasies event! If I made you my personal cumdump. What’s one scenario or thing you would fantasize about doing for me! Come share it!

    I really wanna play wrestle. I really wanna lose. I really wanna be pinned down. And have someone start making out with me. Kissing me into submission. Before trailing down to my neck. And biting the fuck out of me. All while grinding against me. All while I lose the will to fight against them. All while they taunt me in a condescendingly sweet tone. And call me out for being a brat.

    Little daily things you can do to make her feel inferior

    1. Occasionally address her tits instead of her eyes when talking to her 2. Smack her ass when she walks away 3. Grab her ass or boobs randomly in public 4. Tell her to make you food 5. And to get you a drink 6. Sex ends when YOU cum (with no concern for her) 7. Bring her hand to rest on Your hard cock when You have an erection 8. Tell her to show You her tits at random 9. Tell her You do or don’t want her to wear something 10. Make sexist jokes 11. Don’t clean (expect her to) 12. Bend her over and fuck her in the middle of the day while she’s doing something 13. Compliment specific sexualized body parts 14. Objectify her (call her Your arm candy, etc) 15. Order for her 16. Silently bring her head down to Your crotch 17. Inspect her wetness at random


    Hi! This is the anon that asked about humping... i've taken your advice and created a list. I only have 4 items on it and am starting today! If you or your followers have any suggestions on fun things to hump, or ways to make it more difficult, let me know🙈

    Are you sure?

    Maybe we should have a game.

    Click here to spin the Humpslut Helper! Here are the rules:

  • The game ends when you cum from humping the object chosen for you.
  • The game starts with your first spin.
  • No masturbation allowed other than humping the one object you spin.
  • You’ll need to keep a list of spin results, and a “no touch days” number.
  • If you accidentally refresh the wheel mid-game, you have my mock-sympathy. 😉
  • When you want to hump something:

    1: If just starting, your previous spin was “NO TOUCH”, or you haven’t spun the wheel in the last 48 hours, you get a bit of mercy:

  • clear your list of spaces to only spaces you’ve already humped to orgasm (empty if this is your first time)
  • Your “no touch days” number is 1.
  • 2: Spin the wheel!

    3: If “REFRESH” then refresh the page, resetting the wheel. (Don’t add “REFRESH” to your list.)

    4: If “NO TOUCH” then you are immediately on no-touch for the length of your “no touch days” number. If “1” then you are simply on no-touch until the beginning of the next day. Refresh the wheel. No wheel spins until your no touch days are completed.

    5: If it’s a space that’s not on your list,

  • Add the space to your list
  • Immediately hump that object for as long as you wish. If you can’t or choose not to, that’s fine.
  • If you cum from it, congratulations! Game over!
  • Otherwise, once you stop (or opt not to start) you are on no-touch until you spin again.
  • 6: If the space is on your list,

  • You are not allowed to hump it.
  • Increase your “no touch days” number by one.
  • Refresh the wheel.
  • 7: Return to “when you want to hump something” when you’re ready.

    Beware. Once your “no-touch days” number gets to 3, it might be best to not spin for 48 hours no matter how much you might ache but, evilly, it’s left for you to decide. Dare you risk it for just one more spin?

    There are a few objects on the wheel that you might not have access to. This is intentional. 😈


    Hey look! @femsubdenial made a Wheel of Humping!

    Edge and Edge dirty little toys~

    It’s time for you to slip you hands inside your panties, rub and rub your pussy. Play with yourself nice and slowly for me. Start by rubbing yourself inside your panties, rub your clit and finger your pussy. Play with yourself nice and slowly for 5-10 minutes like this. Can you do that for me little toy? After that continue with the same movement, but faster and harder. Do this for at least 10 minutes~ but no fucking cumming. Think about me using you as my cumdump. Fantasize about me using you lips, breasts and pussy. Playing with your body as if it was my own.

    Is your pussy getting wet for me? Are you getting closer and closer? Yeah, now stop. Give yourself a bit of time. No fucking cumming.😈 STOP every fucking time you get close.

    Now start again, get on the floor and start grinding your pussy against a pillow or soft obejct. Grind for daddy. Be a filthy little girl for me will you? Grind and grind those hips away~ until you start smelling like a bitch in heat. Until you reek of hot and desperate pussy for ME. Are you going to do that for me? Are you going to be a naughty lil girl for me and grind some more~ go on. I expect you to grind for at least 10-15 minutes without cumming~just play and fantasize that you are grinding on daddies cock~ his thick, throbbing, cock.

    Now stop. Stop playing all together. Just sit down and think about me taking you by force. Fucking you roughly. Using you like my cumdump. But don’t touch yourself. You are allowed to press your thighs together but no actual playing. And no cumming. Just think about being masters little toy. My cumdump. My plaything. Just press those thighs slowly together for at least 20 minutes~ slowly edging yourself on.

    I expect you to edge 3 more times like this. Just slowly playing with yourself, toying with your cunt. Getting closer and closer to orgasm. And then stopping. Make that pussy a soaking mess for me~ but don’t. Fucking. Cum. Understood baby?

    consensual somnophilia is like a surprise party. you’ve talked to your partner about what you like and they know what you would and wouldn’t want, and then all that’s left is to fall asleep one night not knowing they’re planning anything for you, but then you slowly wake up and surprise! you don’t know how long they’ve been fingering you but you feel amazing and you’re comfy and sleepy and someone you love is making you feel so good.

    Trying to catch your breath again, aren't you, honey? Desperately opening your mouth and hoping to feel that sweet relief of air starting to fill your lungs, but, oh, what's that, are my fingers keeping you from doing it? My hands so tightly around your throat, you're feeling the pressure, you're feeling yourself get dizzy, high almost, on a feeling of complete helplessness.

    Aren't you a sweet, little thing, trying to push me away like that, so weakly. Why are you trying to resist anyway? Don't you think I've seen the mess you've made inside your underwear? You're pathetic, really, only my mercy keeping you conscious and yet you're here, focused on trying to push up against my thigh with your most sensitive parts. Are you embarrassed yet, or is your oxygen-deprived brain not capable of that anymore, huh?

    underrated things: tying your sub’s hands behind their back and then putting them face down into a mattress. and THEN fingering them until they’re crying tears of frustration because they just wanna come. getting them to the point of broken sentences, barely able to understand what they’re saying but also knowing what they want, and not giving it to them. whispering “oh just a few more minutes baby.” smacking their ass. maybe eat them out a little. touching that spot inside of them, and rubbing over it, torturously slow. and then, ruining their orgasm just to hear them cry a little harder.

    God I'm such a slut tonight, someone needs to come slide their hand inside my panties and make fun of me for being so wet and needy, before pushing me down and giving me exactly what I want and crave so badly

    Let them mark me up and choke me and suck on my tits while they're at it, it'd just make my pussy all the more wetter and easier to fuck for them