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    my historical fiction pet peeve is when the author is like "I'm going to write a feminist character" but instead of looking into progressive, bold talking points from the time they have some woman in like 1150 talking like she runs a twitter account in 2021.

    it's even Worse when it's a film or TV adaptation of a book actually written in the era by a woman who was already putting progressive themes in her story and they try to make the for-her-time feminist character a modern feminist. Please I am begging you to stop. it feels so hollow and shoehorned when historical characters use modern buzzwords. trust your audience to understand what fights had to be fought in the past!!!


    If your character's grandiose display of escaping femininity is cutting her hair off in a historical or fantasy setting where it is popular for men to also have long hair,

    If you your character complains about having to stay home while the men work in a historical or fantasy setting where most women but the ultra-wealthy were actually already working all day (as farmers, weavers, dyers, in markets, as cooks, maids, teachers, nurses, midwives, etc.)

    If you're writing a scene that boils down to "corsets are evil!!!" especially if you're featuring a Victorian corset style in another far earlier time period,

    If your character rebels by wearing something "inappropriate" in that it shows off cleavage in a time where cleavage was expected and encouraged by corset and dress styles,

    If your character uses modern terms as talking points like "heteronormative," "the patriarchy," etc.,

    You likely need to dig deeper.


    What is progressive and against the norm is different in every era and even more notably, across cultures. What is bold for one woman may not do anything for a woman in another situation, another time, another culture, another place.

    Do some digging!


    [Video Description: A TikTok by user RatchetIntellectual showing a Black person addressing the camera. Above them are subtitles of what they are saying. End Video Description]

    [Audio Transcript: 

    {Lofi by Domknowz plays quietly in the background}

    So, on Tumblr, I made this post about how white nerds can only relate to the experiences of people of color through a fandom lens. Harry Potter and Steven Universe make more sense to them than the lived experiences of people of color.

    And then I heard argument that, like, “oh well it’s fiction, it’s supposed to help people relate to other people”

    This is true in some regards. It’s great for children, and creators of color have used fiction in their work to talk about their experiences and demonstrate oppression. But constantly relating the experiences of people of color to elves and witches and aliens allows you to continue to dehumanize people of color.

    It allows you to ignore us when we speak out about racism in fandom and to never learn to empathize with us as whole, full human beings. End Audio Transcript]


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    So, I really like doing Picrews but I'm also Black, SO! I decided to compile a list of picrews and dolls that had a wide range of skin tones, option for Black facial features and Black hair options THAT MAKE SENSE. If you find anymore please add on! These are my favs to go back to 😁

    Djarn Charater maker

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    Icon Maker by Magenta Girl

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