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    "Bro. Open the door. It's me, Dylan. Yeah, I know my voice sounds different. Open up."

    I unlocked the door and there he stood. This guy wasn't Dylan. He sure as Hell didn't look like him. In fact, he was the exact opposite of Dylan in every way.

    Dylan was short, five foot nothing. He wasn't a twig but he wasn't average sized? Is that a thing? He was like a reed but not quite a twig. Lanky would be a good term. He wore glasses. He suffered from astigmatism and myopia. He had some acne. And he had peach fuzz at most on his face.

    The guy in front of me loomed over me. Over six feet tall, maybe six and a half. He wasn't jacked but he was built, fit, muscles well defined. He has hairy arms and a beard.

    But the eyes, even without the glasses, I could recognize those eyes.

    "It's me, man. Look at me. I'm hot." He shoved his way in and shut the door. "That weird dice I found, the big one, that looked like a d20 dice and a magic 8 ball fused together. That thing. It did this."

    Ok but what is this that it did?

    He took his shirt off.


    "Look at me. I'm friggin hot!" He flexes his chest, his biceps. "I wished for this on that ball. It came true!" He tugged his pants down, he was wearing nothing boxers, he grabbed at a fat heavy and large shaft hidden away in there. "My friggin dick is huge, bro!" He grinned stupidly at that.

    Where did you find that thing?

    "Some hot guy approached me at the game store, the one we get our DnD stuff at. Asked if there was anything I wished for. I said yeah to look hot like you. He gave me this," he pulled a knapsack off his shoulder and pulled out a massive d20 dice or something that looked like a d20. There was the opening with the swirling black liquid inside like a magic 8 ball.

    This is getting weird...

    "You don't believe me?"

    I mean. Look at you. How can I not. It's just a lot to take in...

    "Here. I'll prove it." He looked at the dice and stared intently at it for a moment. "I wish my best bud was as hot as me."

    The change hit me hard and fast. First there was pressure and pain. I felt my body stretching, getting taller, gaining height. 5 foot 5 grew. Five foot seven, 8,10, soon I got to six feet, more height. More. Six foot seven. My body stoped growing taller.

    The pressure stopped.

    Dude... What the f- UCK!

    The pain came back. All over. I looked at my hands and feet. They had grown but my muscles, the barely existent ones, began to grow and swell. Biceps swelled thicker and larger. I instinctively flexed them. Instantly the pain became pleasure. I groaned. Oh fuck. Oh fuck that felt good.

    Fuck that feels amazing.

    "Doesn't it?! Bro take off your shirt. It's gonna tear if you don't.

    I yank my shirt off. Perfect timing as my torso swelled. Abs, pecs. Me pecs thickened immensely, swelling out as moans flowed from me. Each groan going deeper as my voice changed.

    "Pants, bro, pants!"

    I chucked them. My long skinny legs exploded with girth. Thicker thighs and defined calves. I felt my ass ballooning, swelling, growing round and thick, plump yet firm.

    "Now the best part..."

    The feeling that washed over me, especially between my now thicker thighs could only be described ad orgasmic but intensified ten fold. My toes curled, my knees almost buckled, I felt as if I had shot off in my briefs, which I immediately chucked. My dick grew. I mean it grew. A puny three inch flaccid thing to a thick sic, no, seven inch uncut sausage. The thing was three times the girth and ss I marveled at it, it began to thicken and harden.


    The pleasure grew. I felt it spreading down. My balls grew. Larger and heavier. It spread further. I felt it between my cheeks, at my hole, tingling pleasures that dug their way in.

    What the hell is happening to my ass?

    "That's your um whatcha call it... Postate.... Prostate? It'll feel even better, bruh."

    My knees gave. I fell to my knees. The mind emptying pleasure hit hard. My cock, my balls, my ass, my chest. I flexed instinctively. Flexed my biceps, my ass, my chest, moaning like a whore in heat as my cock grew to full size, ten, maybe 10.5 inches. Thick. Throbbing. Drooling precum.

    Oh god oh god fuuuuucking hellll...

    My cock let loose. Ropes of cum. One, two, four shots, cock pulsing hard. The shots reached far across my floor. Each shot more than I had ever given off before.

    Oh oh sh-FUCK!

    Another few rounds of cum. Five, six, seven, my floor smeared in excess spunk.

    "Fuck yeah, bro. That's... Fucking hot..." I look up. Dylan is stroking his fat tube of cock meat in his boxers.

    Whip it out, bruh.... Show me what you're packing.... Beat that huge fucker... Let's see you bust.... All over me, man... When you bust.. All over my thick fucking muscle tits.. Make me messy...

    "Fuck, bro!" He hauled the beast out and stepped up to me. His cock throbbing angrily as he stroked it.

    The hot raunchy stench of cock and cum was overwhelming. I wad drooling and panting. I leaned in. I wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking. There was an explosion of color and pleasure in my mind as his flavor hit me. So good. So good. Cock tastes so good!

    "Fuuuck, bro!" Be grabbed my head and started fucking his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. "Choke on that sweaty cock, bro. Yeah. Make it nasty. Gonna feed you a load... Then grab some of your older bro's clothes... We're going to Aaron's...then Daryl's... Hnnfuuck... Let's get all the guys in on this....But stay on your knees for a while... You look so fucking hot on your knees..."