I apologize in advance, I write like a 4th grader. This is a Felix of stray kids x reader scenario kind of like a modern prince kingdom Au. (My first ever scenario) plz enjoy. The dialogue is kind of confusing but I tried my best!

no warnings rlly(includes mark from got7)

Felix has always had my heart, ever since we were children but when his father announced that he was switching his bride from me to princess Cecilia of the kingdom of Luzi I was pissed. Ive never liked his father he's never wanted me to marry Felix. this girl was everything I wasn't tho....long blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, she was beautiful. So I've come to the conclusion to give Felix his space and allow him to be happy with her.

*time skip to Y/N and Felixs meeting space*

Hello my queen, Felix muttered.

felix we need to talk, you muttered back.

o-o.....what did I do wrong? Do you not like being called queen? I'll stop, Felix stammered.

oh my lord, no stop and listen, you huffed.


your new bride...., you began

Ya! She's totally not my type! She's nothing like you!, Felix quickly interrupted.

*you bring your finger to his lips to shut him up*

Yah! Let me finish!, please don't settle for less with me....I'm nothing like her, you said softly looking down.

*Felixs eyes soften as he grabs ahold of your chin*

dont ever say that to me again...you are the most beautiful girl in the world, I do not know this random woman my dad has chosen for me nor do I intend to get to know her, Felix whispered.

*as your eyes begin to water Felix brings his lips to yours and explains even more features he loved about you as you both enjoy the moment together*

but little do you know, princess Cecilia was listening the entire time, and she was actually...happy?

princess Cecilia quickly skipped off down the main corridor giggling at the scene she just witnessed, yes Cecilia was fangirling over you two. Of course she thought Felix was oh so handsome but Y/N was so pretty. They were the perfect match for each other in her eyes.

MARK! MARK!, Cecilia yelled as she approached said knight.

yes my love?, muttered Mark

felix doesn't love me!. Cecilia giggles as she wrapped her arms around his neck

really? That's good!, Mark smiled as he fawned over said girl in his arms

that means hopefully father will go back on his choice and allow me to marry you, Cecilia smirked as she leaned up to kiss him.

but just as she moved a loud shout stopped her.

HUH?!, Felix yelled, as he stared at the two in confusion.

well well well look what we have here, y/n giggled as she saw the blush on Cecilia's cheeks.

*said two jumped apart situating themselves*

I apologize my prince, Mark boomed as he leaned down onto one knee.

oh please mark, get up!, Felix snorted, stop being so formal.

*Mark bounced up back into the weird situation*

so I'm guessing we all have different opinions on this arrangement?, Y/N said as she pointed at Felix and Cecilia.

Yes!,The other three all agreed.

but I don't know what to do.....our fathers aren't going to allow us off the hook that easily, Cecilia cried out as Mark rushed to comfort her.

I know exactly what to do, Mark breathed out.

omg that was so bad I'm sorry! If you did like it tho and would like a part 2 please lmk!

i also apologize if there's any spelling mistakes I wrote this on my phone >~<.