Reuploaded videos

I’ve reuploaded all the videos that have been bought and shared by people in the community. I will keep these links updated and working in the masterlist where they will be found at the top

I’ve also went and added the most recent videos that lana uploaded from Japanboyz. They can also be found on her account

Next, I will reupload all the films that I personally liked for one reason or another. They will also get their own little section at the top of the list

What I will do with the rest of the videos in the masterlist, I don’t know yet. I will leave them as is for the moment. If anything, the split files should always keep working. They can be joined with winrar, but they each take up around 2GB of space and is therefore not ideal for cell phones

Brought over from JGV4YOU


 Japanboyz [No Mask]