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    I’ve reuploaded all the videos that have been bought and shared by people in the community. I will keep these links updated and working in the masterlist where they will be found at the top

    I’ve also went and added the most recent videos that lana uploaded from Japanboyz. They can also be found on her account

    Next, I will reupload all the films that I personally liked for one reason or another. They will also get their own little section at the top of the list

    What I will do with the rest of the videos in the masterlist, I don’t know yet. I will leave them as is for the moment. If anything, the split files should always keep working. They can be joined with winrar, but they each take up around 2GB of space and is therefore not ideal for cell phones

    Brought over from JGV4YOU


     Japanboyz [No Mask]


    [Coat] Anal Slave 3


    Year: 2019

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  • • 1st scene: Courier worker, Shohei, is late for a delivery and the waiting customer is not delighted .. at first ;)
    • 2nd sce
    ne: Serviceman, Rihito, fixes the air conditioner for a customer on a hot summer day. The heat is too much and the customer can only strip off his clothes to escape the heat. As he lies down on the bed, he drifts off to sleep. During this time, the control of his own body is non-existent and unbeknownst to himself, his dick begins to react. This quickly grabs the attention of Rihito who gets a surge of enjoyment watching this situation unfold right next to him … and so, who would’ve thought the serviceman would be the one to get serviced
    • 3
    rd scene: The teacher, Tsukasa, drops by the parent of one of his students. The father needed to have a talk with him, and after they’ve talked for awhile, a secret is layed on the table. The father got evidence that Tsukasa has been having an affair with one of the students’ mother - not wanting the truth to come out, Tsukasa is in for a deal
    • 4th scene: 19-years-old top student, Keita, is knowledgeable in everything but sex. When his uncle comes for a visit, he tells him he’s still a virgin and how he’s very curious about the art of sex. Fortunately, his uncle is very open and decides to teach him about all the in and outs
    • 5th scene: Baseball club member, Soshi, and his coach. And ooh nice
    facial expressions :D