UK kitchen vase turns out to be $1.8 million Qing-dynasty treasure

    A royal blue 18th-century Chinese vase decorated with gold and silver, which sat in a U.K. kitchen for several years, just sold at auction for about $1.8 million after historians realized it had once belonged to an emperor.

    However, the vase’s unclear history — combined with the looting of Chinese palaces in the 19th century — raises ethical concerns, according to an expert who was not involved with the sale.

    The vase is large, about 2 feet (0.6 meters) tall, and it is marked with a symbol associated with the Qianlong emperor — the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty, the country’s last imperial dynasty — who ruled China from 1735 to 1795, according to a statement released by the auction company Dreweatts, which sold the vase on May 18. Read more.


    Amphora, place: Eastern Mediterranean, 4th century (Village of Kontseshty, Romania (now Moldavia), found in 1812), silver, Ø: 29 cm

    The State Hermitage Museum,  Inv. 2160-1

    This amphora was intended for wine. The surface of its body is divided into three friezes by ornamental bands. The upper frieze shows hunting scenes, the central one - battle scenes of Greek warriors with the Amazons, and the lower frieze presents three Nereids floating on fabulous animals with fish tails and the bodies of a tiger, a horse and an ibex. (Hermitage Museum)

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