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    PSA!!!! failbetter games @failbettergames​  , the wonderful indie gaming company who creates fallen london, sunless seas and sunless skies, is offering a paid remote writing traineeship for black writers over november/december! and applications are open to anyone anywhere in the world!


    it’s an exciting opportunity and i’d highly encourage any black ppl who’ve been interested in video games writing to apply! fallen london and sunless seas are both fantastic games with some of the funniest, most clever, and most poignant writing of any game i’ve played. this is really a wonderful chance for aspiring video games writers


    Did I ever tell u guys about the time my ex legitimately thought he killed me with his dick???


    Ok so picture this I’m 18 and excited about sex, trying out some new positions. We are having sex in a pretty similar position to this

    And my pussy is so wet it might as well be a god damn Slip N Slide ok. And he’s pounding at it fast and hard but slips out and goes to go right back in… But something is wrong. He’s about to enter….

    The. Wrong. Hole.

    And my eyes widen, I go to shout “noooo!!!!” But it’s all happening too fast. He thrusts right into my unlubed asshole and I scream like murder and leap right up onto my feet.

    We had only been dating a couple of months at this time and there was something very important he did not know about me: I am a chronic fainter. If I’m in pain or if I see my own blood, I will pass the fuck out. I get real quiet and turn to him and say, “I am going to pass out.”

    He doesn’t know I’m serious, he thinks I’m just being emotional, and he’s like “no baby come here” but as he finishes that sentence i faint and my head ping pongs off my metal bed frame, onto the wall and then finally my whole body falls on the ground.

    He has never seen anybody faint before and naturally assumes I’m dead. A couple minutes later I awaken to him sobbing into my naked chest. Like this motherfucker really thought he sent me to the grave with some accidental anal sex.



    this has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood probate lawyer



    1. The law doesn't care how long your parents and family have been out of your life

    2. The law doesn't care about your long term friends or "found family"

    If you don't have legal documents that say otherwise, your biological family calls all the shots.

    This goes especially for LGBTQ+. Please do not get deadnamed in your obituary.


    How to make a will.

    How to make a living will (Advance Healthcare Directive) so you don’t get fucked over by biological family if you end up in a situation where you cannot make your own healthcare choices.


    If youre trans, this video is a good ref to start with and she provides links and organizations that can help


    Not sure who needs to see this, but if a Service Dog starts backing into you, pushing you away from their handler, or they sit down at a leash distance from their handler

    You Should Move Away.

    They are performing a task known as "spacing" or "blocking" that helps reduce or prevent anxiety in their handler.

    They are NOT "asking for pets" or being disobedient or asking to be spoken to. All you have to do is stay back from the dog and handler.

    This is not a capslock PSA because I'm not sure how many people that don't have a SD actually know this is a trained task.


    I did NOT know and this is both very cool that SDs can be trained for this, and very important that we all know how to respect it.


    i’m allowed to dislike biden though because he’s a fucking asshole, however that doesn’t mean i support trump or think they’re the same.

    That was 100% not the point I was making. You don’t have to like a candidate to realize that voting for Biden is the only way we’re going to keep any semblance of democracy left. You’re not trying to date him were literally trying to prevent full on dictatorship.

    You should still vote for Biden if we want to have any chance of getting any kind of progressiveness in our society. Don’t be obtuse and think that just one person and one candidate is going to change everything but if you think you stand EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF A CHANCE OF ANY SORT OF HEALTHCARE, RACIAL EQUALITY(that’s a hard one for the US bc..yknow..history), WOMENS RIGHTS, CLIMATE CHANGE HELP ETC.

    We’re well past the point of saying Oh I LIKE this candidate that’s why I’m going to vote for him. We’re 100% in the Survival stage. If you don’t want to listen to me random anon listen to AOC on her instagram live story. She breaks it down a lot nicer than I do.

    Also like if you want to call Joe Biden a mother fucker to his face then do that. I don’t care. But that vote NEEDS to be for Biden.


    I have NEVER “liked” a political candidate. If you’re waiting for that, you could be waiting your whole life. You work for change independent of the voting system, in your community, and then you vote to do damage control. And when it is life and death critical, even if you think voting is futile, you STILL fucking vote for the person with the best chance of defeating Trump. And that is Biden.

    If he steals the election, you STILL want your vote to be counted on the side that voted against him. You want that number to be as high as possible when it goes into history books, to show that at least some of us stood and said “NO”. You don’t want to be part of the number that stayed home on principle.

    Your country is dying. Right now, on this one thing, you do not have the luxury of principles.

    People. Are. Dying. And. More. Will. Die.


    Another Self adoration cause y’all hate darkskin woman on this app💓




    I was recently in an accident please help if you can


    ignore that this post has 42k notes

    the accident info was posted 14hrs ago as of 1:30pm PST, 9/23/2020

    the gofundme is at $2.7k out of $15k needed. donate!


    thank you so much


    4,142/15,000 as of 8am EST 9/25 let’s go y’all! 🙌🏻


    In 2005, a group of artists in Italy built a giant 200-foot-long plushie rabbit in the countryside, and just left it there. It’s been there ever since. 



    i think about this all the time


    Wonder what he’s doing now…


    That’s his decaying body in 2011

    And 2012

    He’s made of natural materials and is expected to completely disintegrate by 2025. Me too, bro


    This is my favorite pic of him in the winter of 2006

    as someone who used to go by she/they pronouns i'd like to mention something. if someone uses she/they or he/they pronouns, it does not hurt you to vary which set of pronouns you use out of the two. one thing that really annoyed me while going by both sets of pronouns was that people just used she/her by default, and i rarely got addressed with they/them pronouns. even now i often find people addressing me with she/her pronouns even though in my bio it explicitly states that i go by they/them pronouns. using they/them pronouns will not hurt you. it is not difficult to vary the pronouns you use while adressing people if that is what they'd like from you.


    I'm really starting to suspect that the trend of scrutinizing every piece of media for problematic elements and making sure everything you like is 100% in line with your values is just the woke millennial version of diet culture.

    We're too enlightened to care about weight, but we'll sure as hell police what enters our brains with the same relentless scrutiny that our mothers applied to their mouths.


    Orthorexia of the brain?


    ...that is a very interesting analogy.


    Oh. Huh.

    It really IS the “blueberries are bad for you because they have a lot of sugar” people except for media consumption.


    Okay so I need some help. If you've followed me/interacted with me/just read my shit, you'll know that I'm a trans woman who, because of my working situation, live in an extremely conservative town and that as of lately I have been having conflicts with the locals. I've been getting death threats against me and my family and have outright been assaulted. Just today I was confronted right after work. And even before this I've been having issues with the local skinhead gang. Because of this I have gone from being "out and proud" to just being back in the closet. And even then, it doesnt matter, cats out of the bag, and bad gas travels fast in a small town. So I'm asking for help upgrading my self defense tools. At most I have improvised weapons but that can only do so much good and it wont help me if these people get brave. So if people would be so obliged, please consider throwing me a few dollars or just c/p this status around. If you have suggestions for upgraded self defense (if you catch my drift) that would be good for home defense please message me. It would help me, my partner, and my family. I'm pretty desperate to try to hop on this asap. I'm already saving as much as I can with what work I get but I need help. Please consider helping me and my family out.

    Cashapp: $KrisMolotok

    Venmo: @Kris-Molotok


    I would like to add, if anyone in the LA/SoCal areas or where ever really, has any suggestions on ways to get out of here that would also be super appreciated. we are looking to leave but have very bad credit, no bank account, no transportation, and very little money, we are a step above homeless. We moved in with family but they aren't very supportive in helping us get somewhere we can live safely and happily and living here has not only been a drain on us emotionally and physically but has become life threatening on more than one occasion. we could use all the help we can get on helping defend ourselves at the very least and, idealistically maybe, getting the fuck out of here if possible. thank you!


    🅱lease help my friends y'all