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2022-01-22 03:31:18

    Ended up pumping this morning…. While watching the great Bob Ross…It’s nice, but not nearly as satisfying as a warm mouth 😢 I’m getting soooo frustrated…. 200 mgs of Domperidone (50mgs 4x/day) 9,760 mgs Fenugreek (2,440mgs 4x/day) Plus some female blend hormone from Amazon along with progesterone cream.

    If I can’t pump, I use a TENS unit for stimulation while at work that I let run pretty much all day so long as its not bothering me…

    It’s been about 2 weeks of supplement consistency and only a fee days of consistent stimulation. How long will this take? Does anyone have any other advice for me?

    Add me on kik if you can help @Bipolarherbalist Don’t add me if you’re just gonna tell me you’re interested in sucking my Boobs as it will result in automatic report and ban. Be respectful!