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    Emma got used to moving around her friend's house in handcuffs, treated more like a pet than a human. Ever since she had mentioned having a crush on her best friend Natalie, and drunkenly admitted to submissive fantasies of her more successful, prettier, more confident bestie bossing her around and using her Natalie had decided to find out just how far she could take it.

    At first Natalie hadn't known how to respond, but Emma seemed so eager to give up control Natalie had to do very little to take it. What started as simple demands, Emma fetching Natalie drinks, or giving foot rubs, or cleaning the apartment soon began taking on a more sexual nature. Natalie had Emma lick her panties clean after dates, denied Emma her own orgasms, and soon had Emma move in, keeping the girl in a tiny box room that used to be a study, but now housed a small bed and a cage.

    Emma gave up her possessions as Natalie wrapped her around her finger, selling them while her money, accounts, everything were signed over to her bratty new owner.

    Natalie was at most bi-curious, but the power she had over Emma was intoxicating, and after a lot of begging from the submissive blonde, Natalie finally let the girl worship her pussy with her eager tongue, enjoying an explosive orgasm, part from the pleasure given to her, and part from the power she held over her once equal best friend. Now Natalie enjoyed Emma's tongue regularly, especially after she came home from fucking her boyfriend. She loved the scrunched up look of disgust she saw on Emma's face the first time she found Natalie's man's hot load oozing from her pussy, but Emma knew better than to disobey, and licked up every drop.