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2023-11-25 05:00:57

    I've mentioned this before on this blog, but my favorite type of man feet is candid man feet, which is relatively boring to most foot fetishists, methinks.

    There are numerous social media posts and news articles where people shame barefooters/barefoot-in-public people in the public sphere. (Being barefoot in public venues is apparently a social and moral affront to "good" senses.) News articles and online comments abound using the words "terrifying," "disgusting," "revolting," "nightmare," and "rude" when the topic of public bare feet comes up. Fortunately, I guess, this goes towards women's feet as often as men's.

    Clearly I'm biased, but the reactions are extremely melodramatic...histrionic even. 😆 Here are some hot photos from around the web of men barefoot in public, typically lensed by someone outraged by the mere sight.

    Any barefoot man can let the dawgs out around me whenever he wishes. 😉