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    Our neighborhood black bear population is exploding, I see baby bears every day. Do you have any thoughts on how to handle a situation with a baby bear and a Mama bear

    do everything in your power to avoid getting into a mama bear situation in the first place

    Ok as someone who lives in Black Bear Intense Country: -Practice Situational Awareness- When outside, stop every few minutes and reveiw your surroundings. What do you See? Smell? Hear? Feel? Can you taste anything? practicing being aware of your surroundings is the #1 thing you can do to improve your safety- regarding wildlife, humans, traffic etc. 

    -Make note of when and where you see the bears.  bears are very much creatures of habit and tend to be at the same places at the same times.  My local sow would never come out before 10PM when the restaurants closed- after that, the humans had left and the dumpsters were full.

    -Avoid making your home smell like a bear buffet.  Keep your garbage cans inside the garage, only putting them out right before the trash pickup arrives. If you have a communal dumpster like at an apartment complex, only take your trash out in the middle of the day when you are unlikely to encounter them. Suspend any composting you’re doing until November.  

    -Bears can be discouraged from breaking into houses with motion-activated lights and sprinklers that come on at different times at night over the week.

    -If you need to be outside regularly (we are still in Quarentine, but I understand we have dogs and cabin fever) make lots of noise- bear bells, singing, talking loudly on your phone with someone. This will alert bears of your approach and avoid surprising them, which is when most dangerous encounters occur.

    -Also Carry Bear Spray. I ended up using it on my neigborhood roaming feral dogs rather than the bears, but it also works on coyotes, rabid skunks, frat boys and other nighttime menaces.

    -In the event that you do end up close (AKA, Less Than 300ft) to a bear, stand up straight, and walk backwards exactly the way you came.  Black bears, even urbanized ones, aren’t terribly aggressive and the majority are willing to stay put or back off if they see you respecting thier space.  

    -In the event it does come closer, scream, throw anything you can at it as hard as possible and hold up your jacket to make yourself look bigger.  if the bear is within 20ft of you, use bear spray as instructed on the can.  in the extremely unlikely event that all of this does not discourage the bear, your best odds to survive are to fight back- bludgeon, stab, kick or otherwise hit the black bear as hard as possible, in the face if possible.  (it’s gizzlies you curl into a ball and protect your face/head from)

    Bear attacks are extremely rare, and black bears are the least dangerous of the north american bears, but getting between a sow and her cub is the most likely circumstance.  Stay alert, carry and know how to use bear mace and be ready to beat her like Cain taking a rock to Abel if push really comes to shove.

    but yeah, #1 thing?  Stay indoors like you are already doing for quarentine. 

    Lock your doors and windows at night! This includes second floor windows and doors. Bears can and will break into your house in search of food. A man was mauled in his home in Colorado just the other day because a bear broke into his house in the middle of the night. Staying indoors is good, as long as you make sure the bears can’t join you indoors.

    Also. Don’t climb trees to get away. I promise the bears are better at climbing trees than you are.

    Keep your dogs on leash AT ALL TIMES. You should be doing this anyway, but it is especially true with bears around. No matter how well you think you’ve trained your dog, you have likely NEVER seen them around a bear before, so you have zero idea how they’ll react to a 100% new situation.

    Katy is also from the BEAR ZONE and i forgot to put all these in the above post. Thank you!

    Very Normal behavior in a Very Normal country

    hey guys, i know this obviously sounds very scary without context, and there are scenarios where its v Big and Bad, but this is more an example of twitter being phrased provocatively to get you to read the article. Which you should!! But this actually is Normal and Routine behavior.

    The majority of this info below comes from<><>The data journalist who actually worked on this team for the New York Times was interviewed on the the Daily, the New York Times daily news podcast and some gen legal knowledge. 

    but U.S. court systems being utilized this is more a manner of routine procedure vs. the “CDC is big and bad and is withholding data from us.” Suing guarantees you a couple things, one getting the data, two getting the data quickly. So companies, especially news companies use the court system as a tool in this way before requesting data or as a way to request the data. Especially when that data has private medical information on it of actual patients, so it’s a Freedom of Information Act thing vs something the CDC could just immediately post publicly before the data is properly handled and scrubbed. It may seem very weird, but the U.S. Court System is just kinda? normally used this way. It’s not a trump thing, its not the cdc is schemeing thing. 

    The data in question is not something like an excel spreadsheet that said “black and latino people in the US are 3 times as likely to contract the coronavirus than their white neighbors”. When you’re working with a data set the information you glean from it depends on the questions you ask it, and how large the data set is. It’s all based off how you phrase your question.

    The CDC was prioritizing at questions of who’s more likely to die from the disease, which is why we’ve heard about rates of black and latino people being more likely to die in the news more than this question because in the early stages doctors were concerned in the immediate of mortality and how to prioritize patients etc. 

    When the New York Times got the data, some members of their journalist team, because of their own data collection they were doing outside of the cdc, used the new data from the cdc to investigate infection rates. Because that was the questions they asked, that was the articles they were working on.

    Also not only does compiling all that data take a long time (Which also the CDC IMMEDIATELY agreed to the request) but because its medical data tied to real people it had to be scrubbed of certain personal identifiers because of medical privacy and when you’re dealing with millions of positives - Takes Time. 

    <>Basically The NYT sued to say, hey Just In Case you’re weirdly slow or cagey about giving the data, we’ve got a court order.  The headline in the above tweet? mischaracterizes the situation to get you to click and was written by someone marketing the article, not informing you of the actual situation.

    Yes, we should always be wary of institutions and the way the operate, especially when it comes to race and equitable care. But don’t wrongly attack the credibility of an organization that is actually giving pandemic aid because a news&entertainment media company knows its better advertising if you get enraged<>. Credibility of medical sources who are actually doing work is SO important else people will not listen when it matters and could cost lives. IDK for example like people not thinking masks are important because certain political institutions benefit from you doubting medical institutions.

    When I was younger, I wish someone had told me straight-up that not all adults experience “a calling”. That many of them never find particular purpose in a career. That sometimes, their job is just what pays the bills and they have to seek satisfaction and fulfillment elsewhere. 

    Because as an adult, this pervasive notion that there exists a perfect path for everyone, that people shouldlove what they do, and that work is meant to function as a vehicle for fulfilling a person’s grand life destiny is not only inaccurate for many of us, it can be toxic.

    The ideal is so ingrained that I have to remind myself constantly I’m not a failure because I don’t adore my job, and because I’m not rocking the world with my work. That is okay. 

    Sometimes, work is just work. There isn’t always a perfect career path, magically waiting to be discovered. There might not be this THING you were born to do. Sometimes, you discover that what you really want to be when you grow up is “paid”.


    and something else: your career doesn’t have to be your calling. you can do what you love (writing, music, drawing, knitting) as a hobby. it doesn’t have to pay the bills. it’s okay to do an office job and then go home to your hobby. there are different paths to passion.

    Mount Rushmore is a middle finger in the face of the Lakota People.

    Seriously, fuck Mount Rushmore.

    Except many Lakota people have come out to say they do not wish to destroy the faces because it would cause further harm to the mountain so maybe we should give it back to them and then let them decide what to do with it instead of acting like we know what best for them

    Lakota here. Y'all need to stop assuming you know what's best for our sacred sites. This person is absolutely right, whether or not Six Grandfathers gets blown up is not a discussion that involves anyone who isn't Lakota. You need to stop pushing your own political agenda on us, we didn't ask for it and many of us have spoken openly about how uncomfortable we are with these kinds of jokes and statements.

    Give it back to us because it's always been ours and should never have been defaced to begin with, not because you want us to be the ones to blow it up.

    i hate when people joke about “dumb things people need tagged” because like my abusive ex really loved panic at the disco and would always talk about them and sing their songs and for yeARS afterwords i really couldn’t see or hear that band without thinking of her and feeling sick and paniced. 

    and after i was abused by my mom, i couldn’t read certain books because they were my go to books to distract me when she was having an episode. Every time I’d read them I’d think of that time.

    certain things are going to stick with you and remind you of trauma besides the trauma itself because you didn’t experience that trauma in a soundless black void. there were things you probably focused on to get through that experience: something on the wall, a smell, a sound…and those will trigger memories.

     So no, you aren’t stupid for needing pictures of watermelon tagged, or the doctor who theme or #grandmothers. You’re recovering and I love you

    I agree. If anyone needs something tagged, and you let me know, I’ll try so hard to remember.

    Gather round kids while I explain this manipulation tactic that men perpetually try to use and why it’s bullshit.

    If someone is openly showing interest in you by making disparaging or disappointed comments about your age, they’re trying to put you on the defensive. This guy wants me to try to quell his discomfort, to bring up that Im only a month shy of 20, etc. - he wants me to try to prove myself to him, that I’m mature and adult enough for a man like him.

    His goal is to establish a power imbalance right off the bat. If we were to date, I would constantly be on the defensive, constantly striving to be an equal, constantly trying to prove my “adult” credentials. Anything he says or does or wants from this point on that I object to would just be seen as a strike against my age, proof that he was right and that I’m not mature enough for him. This is how SO MANY men pressure younger individuals (primarily women and girls) into situations and relationships they aren’t comfortable with. If he truly thought I was too young for him, he wouldn’t have messaged me. This is a very calculated move, and it’s fucking gross.

    Adult relationships with age gaps are completely fine, but only if all parties view each other as equals. If someone is trying to set you up in a way that ensures that’s never a possibility, run far away.



    This this this.

    Reblogged for the commentary.

    This is really important because I think that educating about power imbalances and how to spot that manipulation is a lot better than saying “young people don’t date older people”. I had people use this kind of tactic on me when I was 18/19 as well and it is really damaging.


    *realizes some things* damn, son.

    the athiesm of women/people of color/lgbt people is absolutely different than the athiesm of cishet white men and i feel like people forget that a lot


    Don’t have spoons for long explanation - also this is only speaking for christianity - but religion has been a force of oppression for women, people of color, and lgbt+ people and the rejection of the religion is often coupled with the rejection of how religion treats them.

    I’ll also say that abuse survivors are included in this because it is a reaction to and an attempt to reconcile how (christian) god would allow abuse to happen.

    For straight white men atheism is usually rooted in intellectual and rational superiority complexes. It’s a “i am more rational and intelligent than you, how can you believe in something so obviously fake” thing as opposed to a reaction to a societal institution that upholds their oppression and abuse.

    <>Women, PoC, Queer people, immigrants, trauma survivors, etc:  How can I believe in something that teaches you to be cruel?  How can I trust the books that tell me of peace and love, when you use your faith to hurt me?  How can a loving god allow [insert injustice of the day]?

    <>White Men: I, as an Intellectual, eschew silly superstitions that say I might, someday, after my death, face one (1) single consequence.

    This is incredibly accurate and the best example I have is my dad, and me.

    My dad has been athiest for most of his life. More of it than he was religious (he was Mormon as a child. I live in Utah.)

    He left the church when he was a teenager because he couldn’t see the logic in God, couldn’t believe in something without proof.

    He did end up marrying a Mormon woman, and let her raise me and my brother religious.

    Both he and my mom are more liberal leaning. My mom is technically a conservative but she supports LGBT rights, women’s rights, all that good stuff to an extent. Pair that with an athiest father and I was a liberal firecracker before I was old enough to vote.

    But I was still Mormon. Until I was 19 and the LDS church came out with a new rule that children of LGBT parents must disown and reject their parents and their way of life. That was sort of the final straw for me. And as I stepped back from the church to figured out what I wanted, I began to see how they treated women. How of all my friends, my mom was the only one who worked, because a woman’s place is in the home. I remembered being told “well sure makeup shouldn’t be what attracts a boy to you, but you should certainly wear it to help him along.” How the young men got to go camping and kayaking, while the young women learned to cook and serve others.

    I left because I realized that no religion that was so unfair to anyone except white men could be true.

    Now my dad is far from the stereotypical athiest white man. He’s far less patronizing. But his reasons for leaving are the same. Religion is illogical. How could any of it be true?

    He is outraged that 8 year old kids are expected to be old enough to make the choice to be religious. He nearly called the cops on the men who put my brothers soul above his education and came to get him for church when my dad had said he had to stay home and finish his homework. That’s what the church does that angers my dad.

    But me? I get angry every time someone purposefully misgenders my trans friend because their God says he was born a girl and will die a girl and anything else is offensive to God. I get angry when I see a woman leave college to get married and pop out 10 children because God told her to. I get angry when POC ask why they weren’t allowed to hold the priesthood until 50 years ago and are brushed aside as being dramatic.

    TL/DR my dad is athiest/agnostic because he couldn’t see the logic in God. I’m athiest/agnostic because I couldn’t stand to see minorities trampled on.

    I had someone call the cops on me for riding my bike in an area they “hadn’t seen me in” before (I’ve biked there for the last few weeks). I’m a black woman, alone and on the phone catching up with my mom and a cop pulled up and asked me if I was okay, and I’m just confused as to why he’s even here. He explained someone wasn’t sure why I was here or if I was in distress. And he asked where I lived and I gave him everything so politely until he went on his way and I’m like… Why? That was a waste of a call to him and you put me in fear. The wrong cop and he could have easily escalated that considering there were no bystanders.

    It doesn’t even matter if nothing comes of the situation because SOMETHING COULD. I still went home and cried in my room because even my roommates didn’t understand my fear in that moment.

    Do not call them if you could assess the situation yourself.

    Cave woman would have not known about the menopause until the life expectancy increased. Maybe there is another human hormonal change that we are not aware of as we have not reached the particular age it happens.

    Totally incorrect! Actually, the fact that human females live past their reproductive life span is responsible for a great deal of human evolution, especially the ways in which we differ from our close ape relatives. This is called the Grandmother hypothesis.

    Let me explain.

    So the idea that human life expectancy has increased due to modern advancements is a myth. The average life span has certainly increased, however this is not because humans live longer (we have always lived to around 70-90yrs), but because infant mortality has decreased. In other words, modern medicine and abundant access to resources have decreased how how many children die, therefore increasing the average years humans live past birth.

    So, Humans have known about menopause since the beginning, and it’s actually a huge part of our evolutionary history. Other apes do not live past their reproductive life span, as their bodies degrade shortly after ceasing to be fertile- evolution is all about how many offspring can be produce after all. Its generally a waste of resources to continue feeding adults who cannot reproduce when fertile adults and children are competing for those same resources.

    So the fact that human females live for upwards of 30yrs past fertility was considered an evolutionary paradox. The key is that humans are really smart (sort of). We require a very long time to develop our brains, and so our infants are completely useless- unable to evan walk for a year, much less feed or protect themselves until middle childhood. They require a lot of attention and caring for, constant vigilence, not to mention hours spent teaching them basic survival tasks.

    As a result, humans developed cooperative childraising systems, in which members outside of the child’s immediate family are responsible for caring for the young. However, if all the adults are busy raising their own children, no one would ever care for anyone else’s, except the older, not-yet-fertile children (who do assume childrearing roles, but are still developing and therefore are not good at it.) As a result, the females who stayed alive past their reproductive life span, no longer responsible for their own children, were able to care for the children of their children, allowing for their genes to be passed down more successfully. This creates a positive feedback system in which females lifespan progressively increases, since the older the grandmother, the more children the mother is able to have, and the more successfully they will be raised to adulthood, passing on the genes for long life to their children in turn.

    This effect however decreased with subsequent generations: it’s less economical to have a grandmother AND a great grandmother taking care of the young. The payoffs aren’t high enough to push our lifespans even higher.

    Tldr; humans have always had unusually long lifespans BECAUSE menopause occurs, and this is an integral aspect of our evolution, causing us to be as intelligent and adaptive as we are.

    Even better, one of the ways we know about the grandmother effect is because you also see it in orcas! They can live to 80, but generally stop breeding in their 30s. There are three known species that have this kind of menapause– us, orcas and the Short-Finned Pilot Whale (also another very social species).

    There’s a really nice explanation on this article:


    So a few years ago I was working with a nutrition project in Mali targeting child malnutrition. A lot of these kinds of programs target young mothers for nutrition education, because women are the ones who cook, mothers feed their kids, makes sense.

    Actually, these folks found that it was most effective to target not mothers, but grandmothers. Because in the big extended families most Malians live in, the grandmothers have more influence, so they can negotiate a better distribution of food. Usually, everyone in the family eats out of one big bowl (or a handful of big bowls, because sometimes families are 50+ people). The men always eat first, then the women and kids, so the men get all the good bits of meat that were in the stew. Because “they’re working in the fields more so they need more food.” This is a tricky thing to change, and young women have very little influence over intra-family dynamics. Older women, though, can organize their sons, can talk to their husbands, often control meal planning and budgeting, so if you help them understand that actually, kids need more nutritionally dense foods because their stomachs are smaller, so giving them the leftovers all the time isn’t good enough… then you’re more likely to see actual change in kids’ diets and health.

    So yeah, grandmothers are important.

    August Has No Federal Holiday.

    Except it DOES NOW. Due to a legal loophole known as the Because I Said So And If You Disagree Fight Me clause, I have the authority to declare federal holidays.

    In my capacity as Captain America I am declaring, henceforth and in perpetuity, that the second Friday in August shall be known as National Parks Rebellion Day. 

    Even though it happened in January, the second Friday in August is a much more temperate time to commemorate the glorious rebellion of the National Parks social media accounts against the tyranny of 45. National Parks Rebellion Day encourages all those who are able to visit a National Park, and for those who can’t to celebrate our great outdoors with cookouts, backyard camping, acts of civil disobedience (but not in the parks, pick up your trash you degenerates), and Absolutely No Fireworks, It’s A Fire Hazard And It Upsets People. 

    You have over a month to prepare! This August, plan to celebrate a National Park with a park party! We will be having one at Stark Tower and anyone who loves National Parks and Civil Disobedience are welcome. Our theme will be John Muir Would Punch This President Right In His Face. 

    Costumes and donations of camping gear for disadvantaged Girl Scouts are strongly encouraged.

    National Parks Rebellion Day is a month and a half away! Start planning your parties now! 

    The third annual National Parks Rebellion Day is coming! You have a little over a month to prepare. Celebrate our National Parks however you think best, from donating to support them to having a campout or a cookout to Deliberately Not Setting Off Fireworks and Deliberately Picking Up Your Trash. 

    The council for advancing National Parks Rebellion Day (ie, me) also encourages those who can to participate in Global Sleep Under The Stars Night, the Saturday before National Parks Rebellion Day. Is it sponsored by a massive corporate entity? Yes! Is it still a really fun idea you can participate in while totally ignoring Eddie Bauer? ALSO YES! 

    I Support National Parks Rebellion Day!