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    I wouldn't be able to leave the house with all that at home...


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    Do you still have ankle pain, or are you doing better since the surgery?

    So my ankle is good now. I can walk without pain. Which is something that I never imagined could ever happen.

    But now.... I have arthritis from my psorasis in my hips downward.... Also plantar fasciitis on both feet so the bottoms of my feet feel bruised when I walk on them.

    I mean, things ARE better. A broken ankle was miserable. But I am still struggling to walk on a day to day basis and it just sucks...... I swear, I am not a complainer about pain. But what I am going through is painful.

    I wake up in pain and I go to bed in pain.

    I am trying to get help for it though. I have steroid injections for my feet on Tuesday. And we are talking about Biologics for my Psorasis.


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