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    It’s so weird. My room mates have no problem coming home and telling me what they bought at the mall or what they are for lunch or what happened that day. But I always feel so weird when I do that. I feel like no one is gonna care what I say. So I just never say anything. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember how to socialize anymore.


    I’ve felt like this before too. Mostly in high school. But if you’re around the right people, they’ll always care, even if it’s as boring as, “Yeah, I bought a black trash can today.” I’m sure they care.


    Taylor Swift FaceTimes with fan and donates $1,989 to the Connecticut Children's Medical Center

    They may be dancing to some of her hit songs during the 18-hour HuskyTHON at the University of Connecticut and now she is also offering support in the form of a donation.

    Igor Lekontsev is just one of the dozens of UConn students participating in the dance marathon all to help raise money for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and the Children’s Miracle Network.

    However, Lekontsev got some star power behind his dance moves when pop star Taylor Swift made a donation to his campaign.

    Swift donated $1,989 as a nod to her album “1989”, which just won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s.

    Lekontsev, an accounting major at the college and a self-proclaimed Taylor Swift fanatic, got to FaceTime with the pop star Saturday morning. The pair talked about music and more before Swift mentioned she also planned to donate to the campaign. Lekontsev posted screenshots from their chat later on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

    Swift’s sizable donation will hopefully assist the HuskyTHON organization is reaching their goal of $700,000 this year.



    @dandelionsformarceline Does Mango know about this? :D