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    The Cell and the Pendulum

    The night of the full moon was approaching. The mysterious werewolf girl once again went to a new bar to hunt for tasty people. She calls herself Lurlina Wulf if she had to arrange for anything formal, but no one knows her real name. Besides, she introduces herself by a different name with each victim she meets and migrates a lot, making her all the harder to track down. She pushed the door open and entered the bar… After having ordered a drink from the counter, she darted her eyes around the bar… Anyone delicious? She had been starving herself for the past few days to get ready for this, eating less than required, and she will only start to eat less and less in the days to come, until the night of the full moon, when she would transform into a wolf, and feast on the unfortunate victim who is unable to figure her out… See, it is like a game to her. She wears a red cloak with a hoodie, very reminiscent of the titular character from Little Red Riding Hood, and she has fake wolf ears on her hoodie. She also has black hair and an innocent and beautiful face. If over the course of their meet-ups, the victim suspects anything and refuses to go hook up with her again, they win and keep their life. But if they are blinded by her attractiveness and fail to piece all the clues together, too bad, they’ll be her dinner when she turns into a wolf… After searching the bar for a bit, she found a woman with fair skin, around the same age as hers (looks to be around 20). Normally she goes for men, as they are easier to tempt, but she finds her skin all too appetizing… Her wolf form will like it, she figured. She smiled an evil smile, licked her lips wet at the thought, and approached the girl. “May I sit here?” the wolf girl asked. “Hm? Oh yeah sure.” the stranger replied. “Thank you!” Lurlina sat down and sipped her drink. “Hey is that… stuff about magic that you are reading?” she said to the stranger, noting the cover, trying to strike up a conversation. “Oh yeah.” the stranger replied. “I’m trying to study this new spell I came across… size manipulation. It seems useful, so I’m surprised I’ve never come across it before.” “That sounds really cool! Mind telling me about it?” “Um, sure!” the stranger replied. Not that any normal person could use it unless they’re a magic user anyway, she figured. The two chatted about magic, and the stranger revealed herself to be a fledging magic user trying to be a more powerful magician, and states how she dislikes the term “witch” because she associates that with an “ugly” stereotype. Lurlina, although having no knowledge about magic, pretended to be interested, and kept the conversation going, in order to get closer to her. After a long chat though, it was time for the magician to go. "Oh!" Lurlina exclaimed. You mind coming here again tomorrow and telling me more about that rope-severing spell you mentioned?" "Sure!" the magician smiled. "Oh, what's your name by the way?" "Alicia Lupin." Lurlina replied. "Alicia eh? I'm Agnes. Nice to meet you, I'll be seeing you tomorrow!" And with that, they waved each other goodbye. Lurlina left the bar that night without eating anything… Over the next 3 days, the two would get progressively closer as they talked about the stuff the two liked, and other fun things. It would seem like the two really became friends, and Lurlina even listened to this long tale Agnes was coming up with. It wasn't something that most people wanted to check out, and to be fair, Lurlina wasn't particularly interested either, but she wanted to get close to Agnes, and so she listened. Finally, at the end of the 3rd day, as Agnes was about to leave, Lurlina asked her if she could join her tomorrow at the Watling Park, at night. It was a deserted park most of the time as it was not very accessible. Lurlina claimed that she saw an interesting flower that she wanted Agnes to check out. Agnes agreed and said goodbye, promising she'd be there the following night. As Lurlina watched Agnes leave, she smirked. "Seems like she didn't figure out anything… Well if she really ends up coming here at the specified time, too bad for her…" Lurlina thought to herself… Lurlina went early to Watling Park that night… She had not eaten much at all aside from a small amount of bread for the past 3 days, so she was very hungry that night… The full moon was about to come out… She decided it was time to strip, which she always does before transforming into a wolf. As she was about to take off her red cloak though, suddenly she felt super sleepy, as if she was just hit with a powerful instant sleeping pill. She collapsed onto the grass, eyelids coming together… When she awoke, she found herself in some sort of prison cell with stone walls around her, and bars on one side. As she tried dashing towards the bars, she suddenly felt a tuck to her neck, before she realized she's been tied around the neck with a strong and thick rope that's attached to the wall. She has considerable area to move around, although she still couldn't get too far. Additionally, her hands were tied at the back by another rope that goes around her waist. "Alicia!" a voice boomed from above. Lurlina hastily looked up. There she was, Agnes, looking down at her, smirking, from above the top of the cell, which had metal bars arranged in a pattern similar to a cage, although with bigger holes. “Agnes!” Lurlina shouted, anger being heard in her voice. “So, you’re a werewolf, am I wrong? The fake wolf ears on your hoodie, getting close to someone who you’ve never met so quickly only to ask them out to a new place we’ve never gone to together before, which happens to be a deserted, open space, on the night of the full moon? Did you really think I wouldn’t figure it out?” Lurlina gritted her teeth… She was starving, she would have had eaten her by now, although the people she has tempted before had never attacked her, and everyone were normal humans too, so she never ran into trouble before. “Fine, you win! Those wolf ears are put there as a hint anyway, as well as my whole Riding Hood attire. I just wanted to see if people could figure it out.” “And if they don’t, they pay for their life? That’s a bit much for just ‘wanting to see if people would figure out’, wouldn’t you say?” “Nnn…” Lurlina mumbled, displeased. “So what are you going to do with me?” “Well, I’m going to punish you of course~!” the magician said teasingly. “However, since I haven’t really suffered any harm and you actually offered to listen to and provide comments on my tale, which no one else has really done before, I’m greatly appreciative of you~ Therefore, I’ll let you go, if you would get rid this pesky little so-called hero for me…” From the ceiling, Agnes dangled a tiny naked guy on what looks like a gummy worm. The gummy worm seems to be super long, and was tied to the guy around his body, with his hands being tied behind him. “Wait so… If I get him, you’ll let me go?” “Yes indeed, for he’s wanted to foil my plans for way too many times, and finally, I have him captured. And I thought, instead of just outright killing him, I thought I’d have some fun with him~ And so I tried my hand at the size-manipulation spell on him and now he’s an adorable tiny~” Agnes returned her attention to Lurlina. “So! You may agree to get rid of him and be freed, or I’ll keep you imprisoned here for all eternity, or maybe you’ll be my slave or guinea pig, what do you say?” The choice felt obvious to Lurlina, although she wanted to know. “And you aren’t just killing him because… you think it’s fun to do this?” “Absolutely~” Lurlina hesitated for a while, wondering if there’s any catch. “Very well! I accept your deal, but you better be true to your word!” “I promise~” “You’re insane! Let me go this instant!” the tiny hero shouted in protest. “Oh you’ll go… Slowly!” Agnes began lowering the hero, letting go of the gummy worm bit by bit as the hero slowly descends. “I’ll leave the rest to you, Alicia, do whatever you want to get rid of him!” Lurlina’s stomach growled loudly, and all 3 of them heard it clearly. Agnes smirked as she continued to slowly lower the hero. “Well this should be interesting to watch…” she thought. Lurlina looked up expectantly. “Umm… Are you going to keep at this speed? I’m… quite hungry now…” The thought of getting eaten sent shivers down the hero’s spine. He was not expecting this was the way he was going to be killed, and tried struggling, hoping he could tear through the enormously long gummy worm. However, his tiny strength was not able to break the gummy worm. He kept struggling, swinging the gummy worm a bit. “Well, that’s your punishment for starving yourself and trying to eat me! In fact, I’ll probably just leave the gummy worm by itself…” She cast a floating spell so that the gummy worm was now floating in mid-air and descending on its own, at the same super-slow speed down. Lurlina’s stomach growled again… She was getting frustrated. Looking at the naked flesh of the tiny guy, he did look quite appetizing, and she licked her lips as she examined the descending hero, who at this point was panicking and shaking the gummy worm more. “Come down already…” Lurlina made a sad face as she jumped a few times towards the ceiling and trying to bite at him. However, she was not able to reach the tiny hero, despite the rope she’s tied to not limiting her jumped height in any way. Lurlina stood there, her head up, expecting the prey… Somehow it feels like torture more than if there was no promise of food, but this was precisely what Agnes wanted. Lurlina can’t do much aside from keep her gaze on the more and more delicious-looking flesh of the tiny as she gets hungrier and hungrier… Not shifting her gaze at all, the hero feels embarrassed to be constantly looked at by a girl, even though he can tell it’s not the kind of thing that normally would have caused him to feel embarrassed when he’s being stared at. He struggles more, to no avail. A while has passed and Lurlina’s stomach growled once more as the prey draws nearer and nearer… The distance feels more and more reachable as she began salivating, wondering how he’ll taste… She licked her lips again and again, her gaze not leaving the soon-to-be food, so much that the saliva on her lips is reflecting the torch fire lighting up the room clearly. Still, she kept licking her lips, seriously wishing the food was down here now… After some more time, Lurlina began pacing around the room around the area below the hero, still keeping her gaze up expectantly at the appetizing food as it continues shaking the gummy worm lightly. She feels so hungry… Without warning, Lurlina pounced up, her tongue outstretched… “Almost there…” she thought. The hero was panicking really hard. “Set me free!” he ordered, as “let me go” and “release me” seemed ominous. Agnes, who was clearly enjoying it above as she watched while biting on an apple, replied “nope!” Lurlina did several passes of her tongue against her upper lip, and jumped again, stretching out her tongue as much as she could, and her tip touched the hero’s head, which was slightly lower than the rest of his body. Lurlina marveled at the taste… He tasted… Extremely good! She licked her upper lip with 2 slurps as she ran her tongue back and forth loudly against it, and jumped up again and again, getting more brief tastes of the hero, making the gummy worm shake more. “Dang it… Please don’t eat me…” the hero teared up and begged. “I’m sorry but, I need to eat you in order to go…” Lurlina jumped up and licked at the hero’s face again. “Besides, I’m…” she jumped and licked. “… super hungry and…” and jumped and licked again, making a loud slurping noise with her tongue as she licked her lips again, going from one direction on the upper lip to the opposite direction on her lower lip. “you taste… so good!” she said between jumping and licking the tiny hero, who was fearing so much for his life at the girl below with glistening lips. The saliva started to drip down one corner of her lips as there was simply too much saliva… Yes… she has been salivating a lot at the food tease, and is salivating even more at the tiny naked man’s taste. Lurlina hungrily kept jumping and licking… Yes… she was beginning to be able to taste his chest now… “Ah… more!” she thought, licking her lips again as she salivated, making both her tongue and lips very wet. She kept frantically jumping up, trying to reach higher and lick more of him, getting more of that absolutely delicious taste off of his flesh… She started panting a bit. “I want to eat you… NOW! No more!” she yelled before continuing, as her stomach growled again. Agnes continues watching and eating her apples, pleased. She kept tasting the hero more and more, covering the front portion of his body, from the head working down towards his legs, in her hungry saliva. Since she was salivating a lot, the man’s front also glistened from the lot of saliva Lurlina smeared onto him. Finally, the tiny hero was lowered enough that Lurlina was able to bite off the gummy worm that he was dangling from, and, giving his body a brief final taste as he protested and yelled inside her mouth, she swallowed him quickly. “Mmm…” Lurlina licked her lips one more time in satisfaction. “Hm.” Agnes chucked from above, before casting the rope-severing magic onto the ropes tying Lurlina together. “As promised, you’re free to go. Finally, I can practice in peace…” Agnes said as she left the ceiling of the cell. Lurlina ran over to the cell door, which she hadn’t been able to reach before, to find it unlocked. She exited, and saw that the cell was… peculiarly only one cell in the midst of the rest of the ordinary-looking buildings, and the cell soon vanished after she exited anyway. She wondered where that magician came from for a bit, but then decided she was satisfied to have had a small snack that was so tasty… Yeah the bread she had been having wasn’t particularly tasty so that was a good snack… And with that, the werewolf girl, who had not had the opportunity to transform under the moonlight, as the sun was coming up by then, decided to head home and get some food to satisfy the rest of her hunger…        



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    Wounded Earth: Biawak’s story - prologue… thing

    [This version of Biawak is based on the version used in our Savage Worlds campaign]

    Biawak the Komodo dragon girl leaned against a tree, which provided a good shade from the moonlight, keeping her hidden.

    “He ought to be here any time.” She told herself. It wasn’t her first time dealing with bandits. Perhaps she isn’t good enough to deal with a gang, but a single one should be no problem. Lately, different robbers have come to this town trying to rob the villagers of geodes. The villagers were poor. Most barely had enough to buy enough bread for a day. The robbers knew this and still come regularly to rob them. “These people, they want geodes and power…” Biawak shook her head as she watched and waited.

    Computers are a luxury only rich people or institutions could afford. Since the fossil fuels were depleted and the advancement of renewable energy has not been able to catch up, electricity has become scarce, and society has been effectively plunged back into medieval times in terms of technology. Houses are lit by candles or oil lanterns, and there was not really any sort of machinery in anyone’s home. Yet, the bandits still throw away computers every year as if they were nothing. “Unbelievable…” thinks Biawak. She can’t trust the authorities either, as the bandits have bribed them with geodes, and claimed that they were the descendants of Ishtar, and would be rightful candidates for power. That’s why she’s decided to take matters into her own hands, to take down all the bandits that rob this town.

    After a while, she saw it. The light of a lantern and the person carrying it, riding the horse along the street. He stopped as he neared the houses. Biawak clutched her sword and licked her lips with her forked tongue, moving in for the kill. The bandit got off the horse and headed away, out of view. Biawak quietly moved through the trees, careful not to draw attention. She flicked her tongue in and out, tracking the bandit’s taste to pursue him. “You’ll make a fine meal.” Biawak said to herself as she drooled.

    When she finally caught up to him, he was just done robbing the first house of geodes. Undoubtedly, he took almost everything from the house. He’d pay for that, Biawak promised herself. Stealthily, she followed the bandit between the houses. It was dark, and visibility was low, as the moonlight was blocked by the houses and people were asleep at this time, but it was not a problem for Biawak, with her tongue. She hid behind the corner leading to the path between the two houses, as she flicked her tongue in and out quickly to make sure she doesn’t lose him. Deciding it was the right time, she rushed for the bandit in the dark with amazing speed. It was almost pitch black between the houses, and the bandit turned back to see a figure moving, but quickly lost sight. He pulled out a gun, but Biawak stealthily used the darkness to her advantage. She keeps flicking her tongue in and out to track the precise source of the taste, continuing to drool. It wasn’t easy with the bandit turning different angles, and she had to circle him too, for safety. Finally when he did have his back turned and she was close enough, she went in and stabbed the bandit in the back. The bandit tried firing, but with his reduced vision, Biawak’s agility allowed her to dodge the bullets, predicting that he would fire to his back. She whipped a powerful whip with her tail at the bandit’s arm, knocking the gun over to the ground, before going in for a bite on his other arm. As the bandit cried in pain, venom is injected into his wound from Biawak’s teeth. Biawak’s saliva, teeming with toxic bacteria, also enters the wound. “Tasty,” Biawak thought, as the bandit threw her to the ground, before dashing over to his gun and trying to fire again. Biawak’s job is done, as she runs out of the area.

    After she’s gotten a fair distance away, deciding she’s safe now, she let out a sigh of relief, before licking her lips again. That was quite tasty indeed, she thought. The bandit doesn’t know it, but he only has less than a week to live, with the venom gradually weakening him over time. Despite medical advancements over the years, there still isn’t a cure for Komodo dragon venom, and the toxic bacteria wouldn’t make that any better. The bandit escaped… for now. But when he’s close to dying and extremely weak, he’ll lie there, helpless, and his taste will lead the Komodo dragon girl to him, to have the meal finished.

    Biawak closed her eyes and smiled to herself. “That’ll be another bandit gone from this town,” she thought as she walked into the distance, her saliva dangling from her chin…

    Biawak Dragoon bio

    Biawak Dragoon is a Komodo dragon girl character. She was initially conceived just a stand-alone original character, and years later developed through character creation for a game.


    Physical appearance


    Current Biawak picture edit


    Biawak Dragoon is a young adult around 20 years of age with long hair, with sidelocks falling down on both sides of her face. She’s mostly humanoid in appearance, no scales, and her skin is flesh tint (not green), though with a tail (which could be a potential weapon) and a forked, peach-coloured tongue. However, so as not to stand out, she can assume a fully human appearance. No found picture accurately captures her appearance, but this picture was generally provided as being decently close to the general idea of how she looks (before the current picture edit), though this picture is closer to her hairstyle.

    Abilities and other traits

    Biawak has venom that would gradually weaken its vicim over the course of a week and eventually kill said victim. Her saliva contains lots of bacteria (that she’s immune to) that can worsen the impact of the venom. Additionally, she could flick her tongue in and out to sample to air, which would allow her to detect people/animals that she can’t see. This could lead to her drooling a lot. With her forked tongue, she could also additionally determine the direction in which the people/animals are coming from, but this ability would be lost when she assume a full human form. Moreover, she is quite agile.

    She needs to eat a sufficient amount of food to keep her human instincts. The Komodo dragon genes (from an experimental antidote) in her would kick in more and more, making her behave more and more like a hungry animal rather than a rational human, as she gets more and more hungry. However, so long as she eats as a normal diet requires, that would not be an issue.

    She knows a bit of magic, most importantly size manipulation magic and magic to transform herself between the full human and her basic forms.

    Personality and interests

    Biawak is mischievous in nature, and enjoys pulling small pranks on others. She is rebellious to authority, having grew up in a place where power was abused by corrupt officials. She is in general caring to her friends.

    Biawak takes an interest to Linguistics, the study of language, and can also speak a number of languages herself.

    Background story

    One time, a young Canadian girl called Michelle went with her family to the island of Komodo for a vacation. There, due to lack of knowledge on how to react to animals, she was attacked by a Komodo dragon. Luckily, there was an experimental cure for Komodo dragon venom that was being developed, which involved Komodo dragon genes. With the alternative being death, she decided to agree to the experimental cure. The cure allowed Michelle to live, but it also transformed her, giving her Komodo dragon traits, like the venom, the tail, the speed, etc. Michelle decided to give herself the alias “Biawak Dragoon” to reflect her new self. 


  • It was previously thought that Komodo dragons kill with the many strains of bacteria in their mouths, but recent studies have concluded that the bacteria in Komodo dragon saliva is similar to those in other carnivores.
  • “Biawak” is Indonesian for “lizard”.