My name is Alexis.

I had a different account here but Tumblr deleted it, it was Alexisbound. So I made another. I'm a 35 year old trans girl. I'm extremely kinky and submissive. My only hard limits are me topping and dominating others. I'm looking for my forever Owner.

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2022-05-14 20:00:40

    Poor Lexi. She’d planned to spend the summer before college backpacking across Europe but life had different plans, as did her stepfather who had her drugged and taken to be trained by a group of slavers while he told everyone she’d left early in the morning to avoid a fuss. Over the next few months her mind will be slowly fucked away as she learns to obey as the perfect slavegirl for the man who raised her.

    The only rule he insisted upon was that she never be allowed to cum.