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    Connection Interference (Part 1)

    DC Soulmate Au!

    Damian Wayne x Fem! Soulmate! Reader

    Synopsis: The person on the other end of your red string was supposed to bring you long life happiness and yet when you met Damian Wayne he rejected you and your soulmate bond. While everyone else met and bonded with their soulmates you did everything in your power to ignore the numbing coil of your red string after he broke your heart.

    “(Y/n) I just want to talk.”


    Not one person had a similar story of how they met their soulmate, each meeting was different thanks to the influence of the Red String. You’d always dreamed of meeting your fated partner, spending your life happily with them and doing everything you wanted to do. The moment your red string drew you to him, the moment you met his dark emerald eyes you knew Damian Wayne was your one and only but he didn’t seem to think so. It was the very last day of Junior Year at Gotham Academy, everyone was busy preparing for exams, colleges, scholarships, and yet you found yourself enchanted by the strange hue of your string. You followed it until you bumped into someone’s back, you wanted to apologize but the sheer beauty of the young man before you left you speechless. Damian Wayne was definitely an intimidating person to be around but never did you think he could be so heartless, he noticed his string glowing just like yours and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

    “Surely this must be a mistake.”, he huffed, hiding his balled up fist behind his back, “A plain girl like you can’t be my soulmate.”

    He hadn’t even realized the effect his words would have on your poor heart, the tears spilled slowly from your eyes at the rejection but a sad smile was all you could seem to muster up. You were so used to never being enough, you weren’t supposed to be at Gotham Academy, you weren’t supposed to be amongst the richest children in Gotham, you were just you.

    You stepped back, sad smile still on your face and simply sighed, “You’re right. Sorry for wasting your time.” Emerald hues could only focus on your heartbroken state slowly fading away into a sea of students. A strangling pain crushed Damian’s proud heart, his soul howling out for you after what he’d just done.

    That last day of Junior year at Gotham Academy, would lead to the worst summer of your life.


    “Ms. (L/n), the boss would like to see you in his office.”, Sandra called out to you, “Now.”

    You rolled your eyes in annoyance and stood from your work desk, ten long years had passed since the soulmate incident, now you were grown and matured. You were a top preforming sales associate at a small Technology company, it was a modest job. Friendly people, competitive work environment, it was great, you just wished your boss wouldn’t abuse you so much since she was your best friend.

    “You wanted to see me Kayla?”, you groaned dramatically, entering her office.

    A shit eating grin drew across her face, a stupid giggle falling from her lips, “That’s Mrs. Hernandez to you.”, she teased.

    You rolled your eyes in annoyance and began reading a file that she handed you, it was a serious deal between a huge technological company. The services your company could provide were exactly what they were looking for, only problem was that it was Wayne Enterprises that was reaching out for this partnership.

    Your left eye began to twitch with aggravation, “Give this to someone else, I don’t want it.”, you growled, tossing the file back Kayla’s desk.

    “(Y/n) please! You’re our best sales representative, if anyone can score this partnership it’s you. Please, I’m begging you.”

    Kayla watched you plop down into the seat in front of her desk and lean over, your forehead resting on your interlaced fingers while you stared at the ground contemplating the idea. Kayla was aware of your past with the youngest Wayne, she wanted to rip his heart out for hurting you but that was years ago. Time could heal if you would just allow it, maybe things would be different now if you two met again.

    “Just…think about it. I’ll look for someone else if you really don’t think you can do it.”

    You sat up, staring over at the full length mirror that sat at the corner of the office, your string had consumed you. The red thread now tangled all over your body, the knots of uncertainty and fear slowly taking hold of you until nothing remained of your heart. Nobody could see it besides you and frankly you didn’t want Damian to see you like this at all.

    “If I do this and if I get this, I want two week paid vacation.”, your sad expression melted into a playful smile.

    Kayla smiled back at you, standing up to hug you for your bravery. She agreed to your terms and called Wayne Enterprises to set up a meeting for the contract. If you were lucky maybe you wouldn’t even have to see Damian Wayne.

    The meeting was scheduled for the following week, you practiced your presentation for hours almost everyday. Kayla was confident in your skills and your team wished you luck for the meeting. Now you anxiously sat in the empty conference room waiting for the Wayne representative to appear.

    “Please anybody but him.”, you silently prayed to yourself, reviewing your files one last time.

    There was a knock on the door, an older man rushed into the room, practically tumbling over his feet. Frankly he looked like he barely woke up and rushed to be here, “I am so so sorry! I overslept knowing full well I had a meeting today, my deepest apologies.”, he panicked.

    You stood up and extended your hand as a greeting, the man smiled and shook your hand firmly.

    “My apologies, I’m Timothy Drake-Wayne but please feel free to call me Tim. I’ll be hearing your proposal for our partnership today.”, Tim smiled sincerely at you.

    “It’s a pleasure to have you today Tim, my name is (F/n) (L/n). I’m hoping for a promising future between our companies.”

    You handed Tim a copy of your proposal for him to review and got straight to the point. The details of the partnership, the benefits and the risks, were all perfectly organized and explained for him. He was heavily involved with the development department so seeing how detailed your blueprints were for the project won his favor. You were prepared for any questions he had and argued any concerns he may have. Tim liked you, you were direct and precise, he hadn’t seen that in one of these business meetings in a long time.

    “The project is a great idea, obviously your company has the sales team and public relations that Wayne Enterprises has been lacking lately but don’t you think the profits for your company are to little?”, Tim asked, reviewing the profit margins for the project.

    You smiled, knowing full well that the low profit margin was a decision your boss made, “This proposal was written up by the best in our company, frankly I think our portion of the possible revenue is far to little but this is technically something Wayne Enterprises will be distributing and we’re just a lowly little company that nobody will know. Unless you want to change that part of my proposal?”, you purred playfully.

    Tim looked up at you and smiled at your confidence, “I think a 55 to 45 ratio would be much more fair for the amount of labor and work your company will be providing us. If you can agree to those terms and of course attending our Wayne Gala corresponding to the launch of the new product than I see a bright future for both our companies.”

    A sincere smile graced your face, you’d done it, you managed to seal the deal. You shook his hand in agreement and thanked Tim for his time, he would forward the response to your boss via email. You walked out of the building with your head held high and a wonderful smile on your face, all while your string began to unravel and glow. Emerald eyes slowly focused on you as you walked by, a matured young woman with natural beauty was now on the other end of his string and for the first time in years Damian found his heart skipping a beat. You walked by him like nothing, completely unaware of him, and once again disappeared into the bustling city streets of Gotham.



    “I literally cannot believe you managed to score this deal! Seriously what are you a genie?!”

    “Nope, just your average ordinary everyday superhero.”, you joked, ripping open a tub of your favorite ice cream from the freezer.

    As promised Kayla gave you your two week vacation and now you were enjoying your time off work. Lazily lounging in your apartment in nothing but a tank top and dog print pajama shorts. Kayla laughed at you Smash Mouth reference and sighed with relief, this opportunity you’d given her would give the company a chance to grow and expand.

    “So what’re your plans for the next few weeks?”

    You stared up at your ceiling pondering the idea, “Honestly…I think I’m gonna give dating a try.”

    “Really?!”, Kayla screamed on the other end of the phone.

    “Yeah I mean…I’m not getting any younger. Might as well try to meet someone before I die an 80 year old virgin.”, you tried to joke but Kayla didn’t find that one amusing.

    You’d had a rough life ever since you were a little kid, you were reserved and found it hard to bond with people especially after your mother died. Your father left you at age seven after cheating on your mother, your mother was then barely home while struggling to provide for you and give you a happy life, then you experienced your first heartbreak after meeting Damian and life just got worse and worse after that. There was a strong sadness about you but maybe it was time for you to stop holding onto the past and just move on.

    “(Y/n), whatever you choose, I hope you know I’ll always be here for you. I just want you to be happy, I want to see you walk down an aisle in a gorgeous white dress and just have your happily ever after.”, Kayla sighed, “Just be ready to not find the one on the first try okay, and please cover your drink.”

    “Roger that Chief. I’ve gotta take Jasper for a walk I’ll talk to you later.”, you cheered, ending the call as Kayla said her goodbye.

    Your smile quickly faded, once again your monotone expression took over, it was always like this. You always wanted to do things but your lack of confidence would stop you from doing it. You were just so used to being alone that you weren’t sure how to get passed those feelings, but at least you had your dog to help you through it.

    “C’mon Jasper, let’s go to the park.”, you smiled, enjoying the booming bark that came from your big old 120 pound Rottweiler.

    Jasper was your emotional support dog, you’d adopted him when he was a puppy after your mother passed away. He was honestly your only true companion, your few friends were all married to their soulmates and started families already so you were mostly alone.

    You dressed yourself for the park and headed off with Jasper for a good old day in the sun. The park was always busy with kids and families and pets, you were glad you paid for the training classes and socialized Jasper when he was still little. You’d thrown his frisbee a little to far, and giggled watching him run for his life after it. While you waited for him to come back an unsettling feeling tingled up your back, a young man looking around your age wrapped his arm around your shoulder and smiled at you.

    “Hey sweetness, don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here. What’re you up to all on your own?”, he purred, obviously looking for a hook up.

    You glared at him and stepped aside, getting him off your shoulder, “Playing frisbee.”, you growled sternly.

    “Oh come on, don’t play hard to get in just trying to be nice.”, he sounded irritated, slowly reaching his arm out to grab your hand.

    Another hand grabbed his wrist forcing him to stop, you looked down at the string entangling your body and noticed it glowing. Then your heart skipped a beat, you turned to see the intense emerald gaze of a man you almost didn’t recognize and felt your cheeks burn with a deep red blush.

    “Back off.”, he growled to the creep, twisting his wrist till he pulled back in pain.

    “Yo you got a problem or something? I was just chatting with the girl.”, the creep hissed, he took a step forward only to be scared back by the huge black Great Dane that settled at Damian’s side.

    Damian’s gaze slowly turned to you, an obvious softness to his features melting at the sight of you. You glared at him, despite the crimson painting your face from ear to ear. “Well she obviously doesn’t want to chat with you, stay in your lane you creep.”

    Before the guy could say anything else a deep booming growl sounded behind him, he nervously turned around to see a huge Rottweiler growling behind him. The frisbee long forgot on the ground, “Oh did I mention that I was playing frisbee with my dog? Yeah he’s great at playing fetch, do you wanna see?”, you smiled, watching Jasper creep closer to the man as he continued to rumble with a deep growl.

    The guy panicked and ran away, being chased a few feet by your snapping dog until Jasper returned to your side by your command. You were quick to leash him, trying to get away before Damian could say anything but then you felt his hand gently wrap around your wrist.

    “(Y/n) wait.”

    “You’ve got me confused with someone else.”, you sighed, looking at the ground ahead of you.

    Damian frowned at your cruel words but deep down he knew he deserved it, “(Y/n), you’re the only person who could be on the other end of this string. I just want to talk, please?”


    “Here’s your order, please enjoy.”, the waiter happily smiled, placing your meals before you.

    You’d somehow been persuaded to come eat lunch with Damian at a nearby Café that allowed dogs. Jasper happily enjoyed his kibble with carrot and pumpkin purée, while Titus enjoyed something with sweet potatoes and peas in it.

    Damian cleared his throat, hoping to say something but every time he met your gaze he suddenly fell speechless. “I-It’s been a long time. You look good-I mean great, I mean stunning.”, he choked out.

    “Thanks I guess.”, you replied, flicking your food around your plate with your fork.

    Damian couldn’t help but wonder what happened to you all these years, he never saw you again after Junior year, almost every night when he was on patrol he had the urge to follow his string just to see you again. Now that he’s met you again he can’t help but wondered what happened, and why your string was all bundled and knotted around you. To everyone else you looked like an average woman but in his eyes you looked sad, defeated, lonely, swallowed in a sea of red that tied you to him.

    “I…Drake told me about your presentation. He wouldn’t shut up about how professional and confident you were. I’m glad you were the one to represent your company.”, He hummed, enjoying his meal.

    “Frankly I didn’t want to be there. I only preformed well since it wasn’t you.”, you admitted bluntly.

    Damian almost choked when you said that, we’re you still upset with him about what he said all those years ago? He’s changed, time allowed him to mature and reflect on his actions of the past.

    “What do you mean? Surely you would’ve presented your proposal the same way…right?”

    You avoided his gaze and stared down at your dog, “I don’t know maybe…honestly I’m sure I would’ve choked. Just being near you makes me feel self conscious.”

    Hearing that hurt Damian, he didn’t realize how much his first impression had scarred you. He could only hope that you’d allow him to earn his place in your heart, he fell in love with you at first sight but even now he couldn’t seem to verbalize his true feelings.

    “I see…well hopefully you’ll be able to see how much I’ve changed with the start of this new project. I’ll be happy to see you at your workplace tomorrow when I come to visit.”, he smiled, you glared at him and shook your head.

    “My boss will be taking the lead on this project, I’m off on vacation anyways and my job is already done. Thanks for lunch but I’ve got a date to get ready for, Jasper let’s go home.”

    Once again Damian found himself staring at your back, growing ever smaller as you walked away from him yet again. He hadn’t noticed until now just how tight his heart felt the farther you walked away from him, and what’s worse you had a date tonight. What would he do if you fell in love with the bachelor entertaining you tonight?