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2020-09-25 19:53:24

    The film Enola Holmes is bristling with flower symbolism, so it seems important here that the Viscount Tewskbury, Marquess of Basilwether gives Enola a pink rose. Sure, he’s high-key flirting, but most importantly, pink roses are more gentle than red roses, which explicitly symbolise romantic love. Pink roses symbolise gratitude and joy, they’re seen as a token of admiration and appreciation when given to someone.

    Which very much makes sense given that the conversation prefacing this present involves Enola admitting she’d tracked him down because he’s in danger.

    “I’ve come here because I’ve grown to like you more in your absence, and because, as it turns out, your life is still in danger.”
    “What’s made you like me more?”
    “Really? That is your question? Not ‘Who is tryi
    ng to kill me?’”

    Meaning that despite his blasé attitude, the Viscount Tewskbury, Marquess of Basilwether is grateful Enola is going through all this trouble for him; and he makes his appreciation known in the most Victorian England way possible. I just think this is a neat detail to include.

    enola holmes had no business being as good as it is. feminism? a black woman calling out sherlock for “politics is boring” being a privileged as fuck take? enola’s companion is a teenage little himbo-in-training who likes flowers and plants? mycroft is a bitch? extraordinary. academy award worthy.