Cronch Hoe #2

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2020-06-13 17:01:24

    If anyone ever thinks that nobody will remember you or miss you if you die:

    Today I read about a 17 year old girl who died recently. I didnt recognise her name, but I recognise her face.

    I used to work at Subway, and I remember her. She would come in every Friday with her friends and order a tuna sandwich, double cheese and toasted. I knew her order off by heart because it was all she ever ordered, and she would always be very polite. I never knew her name until today.

    I haven't seen her since I quit working there, 3 years ago. But I remember her and I remember her voice and her order and how polite she was and how I was always jealous of her hair. Now she will never order another 6 inch tuna sub and that is really upsetting me.

    Somebody will miss you. Someone will remember you. The cashier at your local shop. The woman who always likes seeing you walk your dog. Your next door neighbours. A fellow school pupil who always admires your makeup or your hair. You will be missed.