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    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    wtf mom pick me up I’m scared


    Crap I’ve looked at it again… Sorry to the people who follow me…


    Abandoned Disneyland in Beijing China.

    It’s as if you hopped off of your flying elephant and walked straight into an apocalyptic wasteland, surrounded by scrubby grass, empty buildings, and the shell of a Magic Kingdom. This is the ghost of a Disney World-style amusement park in China, abandoned partway through construction, and now a hauntingly beautiful scene of decay.


    Rudy Eugene, 31, the naked man also known as The Miami Zombie who viciously attacked a 65 year old homeless man on the MacArthur causeway in Miami Saturday. He was caught trying to eat off the other man’s face, police fired one shot into the man after ordering the Rudy to stop. Rudy only gave grunts and growls back. It took 11 more shots to kill Rudy. The victim, whose identity has not been released, is still listed in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Miami Herald reports. The shocking incident occurred near the off-ramp to Biscayne Boulevard on the causeway. Police believe LSD is behind this act of cannibalism.

    Other “zombie” related incidents

    5/16: McArthur High School HazMat situation: Students and Teachers Decontaminated after breaking out in rash.

    5/19: No confirmation on chemical at For Lauderdale International Airport.

    5/21: Police: Man bites woman in Westchester.

    5/23: I-285 re-opens after HazMat incident.

    5/23: Man bites cousin’s nose off.

    5/24: Second Broward school reports mystery rash.

    5/25: HazMat called after kids exposed to pesticide on bus: HazMat and EMS respond to Lake County, FL School.

    5/25: Disoriented passenger subdued on flight in Miami.

    5/26: Naked man allegedly eating victim’s face, shot and killed by Miami Police.

    5/26: Florida Doctor spits blood at Highway Patrolmen after DUI arrest.

    5/27: Georgia contractor bites Lowes emplyees, resists arrest.

    Look up the reports though.


    holy fuck his face is fucking gone…i literally yelped when i saw it. the cops shouldve shot the dude sooner.