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    activities to do with your little/caregiver

  • play a relaxing game, like minecraft
  • cook or bake something together
  • play dress-up!
  • play with toys or stuffies
  • cuddle and watch a disney movie together, like bambi or bolt
  • dance around to your favorite song!
  • teach your little/get taught by your caregiver to slow dance
  • go on a walk around the neighborhood
  • go to the park!
  • go swimming at your local pool! (but be sure to wear sunscreen and a floatie!!)
  • go shopping and buy gifts for each other! (littles: just make sure to hide your gift when your caregiver takes you to checkout!!)
  • watch your favorite cartoons together!
  • if you’ve taken the steps to recover, whether you started 10 years ago or yesterday, i’m so proud of you. recovery is hard and messy, and a long road filled with twists and turns. sometimes you’ll backtrack and find yourself crying in the shower or spending the whole day in bed - and that’s okay ! nothing worthwhile is without its hardships, and recovering is the one of the most worthwhile things you can do.

    no matter what point you are in your recovery, you’re so brave and strong. one day you’ll see the worth and beauty that has existed in you all along. until that day, please know that i and everyone around you already sees it.