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Sissybaby from Norway. Loves humiliation and be treated as a little babygirl. Also likes to be humiliated and used in more adult ways 

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2021-09-09 14:24:30

    Baby's Line Writting Challenge Rules

    500 times by 10am eastern today. "I will do as mommy says without complaining or whining."

  • Baby must complete all her lines within the time limit I have set.
  • Baby will have partial pictures posted while writting her lines to serve as motivation for her to complete her punishment on time.
  • If baby does not complete her lines on time, her partial pictures will be then be replaced with the full version of her pictures.
  • If full version of her pictures are posted, the remainder of her punishment will be based on how many people reblog her pictures.
  • 1 person reblogs = Baby will be kept in diapers for the rest of the day.

    2 people reblogs = Baby made to sit in the backseat of the car wearing only a diaper and t-shirt, while Mommy runs her errands.

    3 people reblogs = Baby will be made to return 1 of Mommy's shopping carts 5 rows of cars away, while wearing a cute little dress or skirt.

    4 people reblogs = Baby will be made to return 3 of Mommy's shopping carts 5 rows of cars away, while wearing a cute little dress or skirt.

    5 or more people reblog = baby will be made to walk 12 miles home wearing one of the three outfits mommy post a picture of that gets the most votes.

    I will post pictures of baby doing whichever punishment baby ends up with. If baby does not follow through and have me post pictures to prove it. Then everyone should try to submit those baby pictures to as many AB Tumblr blogs as possible, so baby will be guaranteed her pictures will be on the internet forever. Her full pictures will be left up until Noon today to be reblogged.


    This deserve a reblog


    Lets try this.....

    For everyone who reblogs this, I will go through your blog and then I will put a detailed description in your ask box of what kind of person I think you are based on YOU and YOUR posts and YOUR blog.

    And I do mean EVERYONE. I’ll do them all, promise 


    Ok I’m in


    What kind am I ?


    OK what am I


    Wow!  I can’t wait to find out what kind of person you think I am!!!


    I need to know what you think of me


    I will try anything more than once


    Me too PLEASE


    I like to play


    Sure why not I’m game!


    Let’s give it a shot.


    Boom! Do me


    okay lets see




    Sounds interesting


    I’m open to it


    Please and thank You


    ok - i’m ready for the examination


    Okay what the hell, give it a shot!


    OK…. so what am I , other than a masturbator?


    Don’t know if you’re still doing this, but if so, I’d like to know what you have to say.


    Yes Ma’am!


    I just want to see what you come up with


    I give it a try




    Definately A for sure


    A, The pretty pink one.


    oh I will wear the top pink set.. although they are all lovely


    Definitely the pink set, xx


    C, by choice but daddy would tell this good girl what he wants , I always listen to Daddy! ❤️❤️

    50 things to say to your diaper wearing little!

    1. I’m glad you’re home from work sweetie, why don’t you tell me about your day while I put you in your diapers.

    2. Come over here little one, I thought I smelled something stinky and I need to check if it was your diaper!

    3. Is your diaper squishy baby? It looks like you’ve already had an accident.

    4. Behave baby, there’s only 2 ways that diaper is coming off: when mommy/daddy needs to change you, and when they need to spank you.

    5. Let me check your diaper honey, I need to make sure I put enough powder on you so you don’t get a rash today.

    6. I think this store has a family restroom, let’s go inside and do a quick diaper check to see if you’re going to leak prince/princess.

    7. You can’t sit on the couch baby, sit on daddy/mommy’s lap. Your diaper has more than enough padding to keep you comfy.

    8. I hope your hungry baby, because you’re not getting out of that diaper until you make stinkies for me.

    9. Bend over baby, I need to check the leg cuffs of your diaper, otherwise you’re going to leak with how much pee pee you make!

    10. I think you’re just too little for pull-ups baby, let’s try again later. For now, let mommy/daddy put your diaper on and we can forget about the potty for a while.

    11. Uh-oh, I think I smell poopies! Did you make a messy in your diapies baby?

    12. Up on the changing table little one, you know the rules, it’s either a padded bum or a paddled bum in this house.

    13. Now that’s a thick diaper you’ve got on baby! I guess you’re just going to have to crawl around the house now.

    14. Do you want daddy/mommy to hold you while you make a pushie baby? It’s okay, mommy/daddy will help you get comfortable.

    15. Of course you need to wear a diaper to the park baby, a little one like you isn’t going to want to stop playing to go to the bathroom!

    16. Let’s practice counting by seeing how many diapers we have left before we buy you new ones baby, I think we’re running low!

    17. Well, I could put a plug in your bottom if you aren’t going to go poopoo, it’s your choice baby.

    18. You’re waddling again prince/princess, mommy/daddy knows that means your diaper is full. Come over and let me check.

    19. I’m putting a booster in your diaper baby, and don’t fuss over it, you know you can’t control yourself on long car rides.

    20. Sit next to me baby, that way I can check your diaper under the table during dinner.

    21. I can’t believe I have to change you in the backseat! You must be just a little baby if you can’t make it through a car ride without a diaper change.

    22. I love how these jammies have a flap in the back baby, perfect for checking for stinkies before bedtime!

    23. I think I’m gonna put you in the crib for nap time baby, but not before I put a nighttime diaper on you, you’re such a heavy wetter when you sleep.

    24. Hold still for your diaper change little one, mommy/daddy needs to put cream on your bottom so you don’t get a rash from your stinkies.

    25. Don’t make me tie you down during nap time baby, you know not to try and use the bathroom. Mommy/daddy will change you when they come to wake you up.

    26. If you’re such a big girl/boy, why did mommy have to change your diaper when you woke up wet today?

    27. Baby, you haven’t made poppies in nearly 2 days, does mommy/daddy need to give you medicine to make it better? Let’s go to the changing table and put a suppository in your bottom little one.

    28. I think it’s time to go honey, you always get fussy right before you have an accident in your diapers.

    29. It doesn’t matter that you don’t want to wear diapers baby, I want you to wear them and what mommy/daddy says goes.

    30. Don’t hide from me baby, I can smell that stinky bum all the way from here!

    31. Did you just leak through your diaper into your pants? Okay, come over my lap baby, you’re getting a spanking for not telling me you were already wet.

    32. Now that your home let’s lock up all your big boy/girl clothes, I think you need baby time for this whole weekend. Changing table, now.

    33. Look at how cute this onesie is baby! It’s for crotch snaps so mommy/daddy can clean up your messy bottom, and it would go great with your pink diapers!

    34. Don’t pretend like you don’t like your diapers baby, mommy/daddy sees how excited you get down there when they change you.

    35. It’s been almost 2 hours since I changed you baby, are you sure you aren’t wet yet? I think we need to do a diaper check.

    36. Cry all you want baby, maybe that’ll make you feel better for having an accident in your panties yesterday. It’s diaper time for you from here on out.

    37. Hush baby, daddy/mommy will change you when you fully use your diaper. One wetting doesn’t cut it when they’re that thick.

    38. I love it when you wet your diapers baby, it’s so fun to squeeze and squish your soggy bottom!

    39. That’s your third cup of juice today baby, you must really like wetting your diapers since you’re definitely not using the potty today.

    40. Don’t touch your diaper baby, if you need something come to mommy/daddy first, they know how it needs to fit best.

    41. I’ll check on you during the night to make sure you don’t leak baby, so don’t be afraid to have an accident while you sleep.

    42. It’s too bad you can’t touch yourself like mommy/daddy, you’ll just have to rub the front of your diaper if you want to cum.

    43. I love the way these tights fit you baby, they really show off the diaper you’re wearing!

    44. Don’t move a muscle baby, I can smell that poppy diaper from a mile away! Let’s get you changed in the nursery right now.

    45. Don’t you love your diapers baby? They’re so soft and thick, perfect for mommy/daddy to pat your bottom over.

    46. You’re not leaving that bouncer until you wet your diaper baby, end of story.

    47. Oops, I think I put too much baby powder on you little one, I can’t wait to see it poof out the back of your diaper when you sit down!

    48. Shhhhhh it’s okay prince/princess, daddy/mommy knows you can’t control yourself, that’s why you had your diaper on. Come on, let’s check and see the damage.

    49. Rise and shine baby, let’s get you on the changing table right now, mommy/daddy knows that you can’t wake up dry.

    50. Mommy/daddy loves you little one, diapered bottom and all!

    What’s your favorite thing to hear while you’re wearing diapers?