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    Could I get Aropan (Aromantic Pansexual) with Liu, Toby, Grinny Cat and Benny Boy? Please tell me if that's too much in one ask!! I'm just really pumped!!!!

    sorry no grinny this year, heres all your other requests though! hope you like them, i know youve been waiting for this for a while!!

    Yusss ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


    Dynamic is Dumbass X Dumbass, Isabel and Denki ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    oh my,,,, dumbass x dumbass,,,,,, my favorite trope,,,

    โ<>• title : a little too much

    โ<>• summary : isabel is obsessed with ua. she has no quirk, but she always wanted to become a hero. to save people and have them look up to you like you mean something... sounds pretty cool, huh? she was ready to do anything to enter the popular 1-a. okay, maybe faking a non-existing quirk and cheating on the entry exam was a little too much but hey! nobody noticed! and if things goes south she could always run away! at least that's what she thought until denki kaminari skateboarded his way into her life and her heart in heelies. now there's no turning back, and the life at ua will not give her one second to rest. and her big small crush neither.

    โ<>• tags : morons to morons in love, isabel being confused for 20 chapters straight, denki being clueless for 20 chapters straight, they're both in love but its complicated, denki is a goddamn flirt and isabel is a dumbass in love, they can't confess their feelings to save their life, spoiler: isabel realize she doesn't need a quirk to be a hero and her and denki share a cute kiss in front of ua yard



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    Alright... I was a bit bored at school and I thought about this and... I don't know, maybe someone would like this and maybe it would be a nice way to interact with the community or get to know others and their f/os... It's a bit chaotic but I hope you like it;

    Basically; you tag a selfshipper and one of their f/os and they reblog with them and their f/o answering the following questions (or you can just reblog this and just answer them for any f/o you'd like):

    • Introduce yourselves. Who are you? What do you like to do?
    • How was your first meeting like?
    • How did you get together? Who confessed first?
    • What are your thoughts on PDA?
    • How do you show your affection towards each other/what are your love languages?
    • Who's more introverted and who's more extroverted?
    • Who's the big spoon and who's the little spoon?
    • What do you like doing together the most?
    • Tell us a fun fact about the other!
    • Tag other selfshippers and their f/os.



    • I'm Isabel! But I also go by Justice or Mina, I use She / Her pronouns and I'm AroPan. I like Reading, Writing, Drawing- I also have an interest in Abnormal Psychology!
    • Oh it was a Mess. You see, my Ma's not really a... <>good person<>. It got too the point where I couldn't be left alone, so they stuck me in <>Hawks apartment... But I'll tell that story another time.
    • <>Hawks<> did! It was actually only a <>little<> while ago haha! So it's new and scary, but we can handle it. He asked my out <>super<> casually, we were just <>chillin' on the roof top, me complaining about being cold and him laughing at me, the usual, when he just paused, he went really quiet and looked at me with this really weird, unreadable expression. Then he,,, uh,,, <>straight up kissed me..<><>
    • His love Language is <>Quality Time, mine is <>Acts of Service!
    • I'm a <>HUGE Introvert. But <>Hawks<> is a total extrovert. He tends to want to go out alot, but understands that I just don't have the energy, he sends me pictures, gets me things, if I decide to go with him he goes out of his way to make sure I'm okay. And even takes me home if he notices I've gotten too tired. He's a real life angel. โ™ก
    • Because of his wings, he's always the big spoon. Which kinda makes me jealous... ๐Ÿ˜…
    • <>There's alot of stuff!!! But I especially like this one; I'm usually just chilling around the house when he comes home, we do this thing where as soon as he walks through the door. We look at eachother, I silently open my arms and he comes crashing down into them. We cuddle while he vents about his day. It's safe, and comfy. Like a hot cup of coco after a long day. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
    • Don't tell him I told you this- but he likes to borrow my eyeliner. Though I honestly don't mind! It was gift from my sister, but turns out I'm allergic- plus he looks cute in it.
    • I don't really know that many people, I'm pretty new! So I'm gonna tag random people I think selfship- sorry if you have done this or don't! @dazaaaai @iivvyy-selfships @anveiru @kittyandco @one-piece-dumpster-fire @selfshipping-and-otps @selfshipsafespace

    Heya! I'm one of the mods for arostuck and I just wanted to clarify your request so I can draw it accurately, you requested a greyromantic and greysexual dave strider and karkat vantas - does the greyro/grey ace part apply just to dave, or to karkat too? Thanks in advance!

    Preferably Both! But anything works!