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    1. Start edging on your knees in front of him while telling him in explicit detail* how you should be treated.
    2. Slap yourself on the face, tits and cunt
    3. Fuck your throat with your hand 
    4. Spit on your hand and lick it off.
    5. Spit on your tits and let it run down your body
    6. Bend over in front of him and fuck your ass with your fingers
    7. Hump his leg
    8. Show him how wet your cunt is with your fingers, then lick them off
    9. Write degrading and humiliating messages on yourself
    10. Throat fuck a dildo harder and messier than he ever fucks your face.

    *This is important. If you haven’t done this and have complained that your man won’t use you right, it’s like complaining that your computer isn’t working before checking if it’s plugged in and the power switch is on.