what was this movie even 


    A cinematic masterpiece.

    I CANNOT stress enough that in the Spy Kids films, Danny Trejo is literally playing his titular character from the Machete movies, who happens to be the kids’ uncle, because the movies have the same director

    what this reply misses is that Machete originated *in* Spy Kids. the Machete movies are Spy Kids spinoffs

    I think it’s important to make clear that Robert Rodriguez, the director, says that Spy Kids and Machete are alternate universe versions of each other , while Danny Trejo, the actor, says that what happens in Machete is just what he does when he’s not hanging out with the kids

    What I don’t get is... why people who go on anon and talk shit to creators on here about how much they suck and how their writing is trash and they aren’t talented blah blah blah do that like??? If you don’t like it, then SILENTLY hit that unfollow button and mind yo DAMN BUSINESS. Nobody is forcing you to read that, and there is no reason to try and bring someone down especially after all the hard work they put into their creations. Grow the fuck up.

    Billy is too scared to say “i love you” so instead he starts tapping Steve on his chest over his heart or just like lightly punching him over his heart and it takes Steve a while to figure out what he’s doing but without saying anything he starts doing it back

    like Billy just starts doing it all the time and Steve is so confused and then one night Billy is leaving to go home and he kisses him really soft and then taps Steve’s chest before getting in the car and it suddenly hits Steve like oh