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    A playful 24 hours with Belle.

    We were also able to fit in electro-play with friends and Belle’s first public beating.

    The view was always impressive!

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    And my mind is like that's hot then my OCD takes over and is like clean that room


    female orgasm is unnatural

    There are articles now saying telling females having orgasms is always normal and telling men they should focus on making sure she cums too, is not a good thing.  i agree.  New articles are focusing on telling females if you don’t orgasm, then you can still enjoy sex and the world won’t end.

    More females should be taught female orgasm is not a big thing and ultimately, not desirable.  It takes far too long to happen, unlike with Men.  It would seem taking so long and all the effort that has to be put in would be nature saying this isn’t normal or natural for females.

    i think Boys should also be taught not to worry if she cums, that it is better if she doesn’t actually.  i can imagine all these Fathers giving their Boys the sex talk and telling them, “actually, you know the best sex you will ever have is when she doesn’t cum. ‘  Nature did intend for Men to orgasm because it happens to every Man (unlike with females) and happens relatively quickly (also unlike females).

    Around 30% only of females can orgasm with a Cock fucking her cunt.  That’s 70% of females who can’t.  That alone tells me female orgasm is not normal.


    i agree, not that my opinion matters.


    Thankfully I can't orgasm anyway so yay lol my body won't even accidentally be naughty. Just an object to serve.