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    Clay doesn't like bad players. The moment his brother began to insult him for cheating, he froze him under his sole and continued playing video games. " No need to shout... you will stay there until you understand that you are a loser! A word of advice: understand quickly! Because by tomorrow, I will have forgotten you! 😈"

    My dad is such a dick! So what if I get in a car accident for the third time this month, you don't try to eat your kid! He kept talking about how I was leeching off him and I'd be better off as his lunch than as a son. This bastard doesn't know shit about me thought, that why when he grabbed me and tried to hold me still, kneed him the gut and when he bent over, I engulfed his head in my jaws. I'd been a Pred for a few months, but only with catch and release, but there was no way I was going to end up in this asshole's stomach and I was honestly a little excited to not let him out of mine. I pushed my dad over and used the momentum to swallow his shoulders, working my way down his torso until his arms were pinned and he had no way out. I steadied my balance and lifted up my prey, tilting him up into the air and gulping him down with his weight pulling him to his doom. He cursed and trashed as he curled up in my stomach, but it was easy to ignore since eating my dad was my only goal in mind. I slurped the last of my prey's toes into my mouth and swallowed the last of my meal, proud that I had a tank full of my dickhead dad and he was not happy about it. I teased him about not arguing with me since he now lived under my roof and he started getting worked up again, but I smacked my distended gut and kept doing it everytime he acted up. It felt good to torture my dad-turned-lunch and I was having such a great time telling him how delicious he tasted and how good he'd look on me after I digest him into fat, and he never failed to get upset and it was even better to get to beat him up until he gave up arguing. But that's all in the past now and we got to a really good place together. Look, you can see all the wonderful parts of our loving relationship and how much he stretched out my stomach before I digested my dad!

    Oh, I look good! Hey! Ralph was right, I got nice and fat after gobbling up his tasty ass! When he suggested that this was a perfect way to fill me out, I thought he was crazy, but as soon as he put both of his feet in my mouth, I had to have him! Together. We worked him down my gullet as I moaned and drooled over how gluttonously erotic it was to eat a person alive. The feel of his legs entering my stomach sent me into a frenzy and after Ralph's hands had gotten past my lips, I lifted him up vertically and reached up to his shoulders, forcefully pulling him down into my throat with voracious intent. The more of him I ate, the more I wanted him inside my gut and I wasn't going to be done until he was fully devoured as my prey. In his last moments, Ralph tried to tell me something, but I wasn't going to waste anymore time that I needed to and I put a hand on his head, ignoring him and stuffing his head in my mouth. I felt the lump he made in my throat right before I did my last swallow and felt him slip down, completely entering my stomach and becoming nothing more than my food. From time to time, I'd here Ralph make some noise, but I couldn't understand him clearly and just rubbed our belly to soothe him until I fell asleep while digesting him. All in all, these perfect love handles and soft moobs are the perfect way to remember my prey. This way, he'll always be with me as fat on my sexy Ralph Belly!

    Take a look! This is what happens to gainers that don't want to listen to their feeders! My pig Derek decided that he wasn't going to finish his second dozen of donuts and when I told him he needed it to break the 400 plateau finally, he started talking crazy about being "big enough" out of nowhere! He said that we should focus on "us" more and not just how big he's growing! I wasn't gonna listen to Derek throw all our progress away and I knew what needed to be done. I quickly stripped my feedee naked and sized up my fat masterpiece, stomach growling in anticipation to finally become what I've always wanted. Derek must've thought we were gonna have sex, but as soon as I popped my jaw and shoved his head inside, he started reacting to being my next meal. His big body was always a little slick with sweat and it worked wonders in getting his shoulders between my lips, but my quick-ticket to fattown stood up while panicking and I was dragged along with him entering my esophagus. I used his panic to my advantage and did a handstand over him, using gravity to gulp down my meat like a snake all the way down to his waist. After having half of Derek in my mouth, I bent over and stood up to switch out positions as I threw his legs over my head while the heft of my prey slid further down into my already distended gut. My meal tried to kick and struggle, but the first rule of gaining is to never spit out your food and I wasn't going to let all this delicious fat go to waste. Ignoring his protests, I fed Derek's thick legs down my gullet as I felt the glorious addition he was adding to me and how incredibly full he was making me. After a few more gulps, I had nothing but his toes left and I slurped them down with my final swallow. I did it. Derek is nothing but my food now and I'm gonna digest him into the perfect belly full of fat like he should have wanted! I don't need him anyway, I just need his fat and I helped make it so it's just reclaiming my property. Hear that Derek?! I'm gonna be the hog you could've been and you're gonna be there with me the whole time as my belly!

    What’s going on? I don’t feel my hands, but I feel like I’m touching you, no, it’s not touching, it’s a strange feeling I can’t describe. He whispered in my ear: let yourself go, you are entering me, your body is dissolved in mine. I didn’t understand anything, a little tingling started running through my arms that made me stutter, I don’t understand. He reassured me, relax, it’s a pleasant feeling, soak in me, soon you will become part of us. Us? Yes, I am a group of men united in one body, we resonate in harmony, we enjoy pleasure and we always seek to be more, now you have the possibility of being of this group. I didn’t want to refuse, I was being the best experience of my life. Little by little the caresses made my body get inside him, my arms inside his back, our pecs were united, a feeling of fire ran through me, a desire to remain there forever. I began to feel other voices, all feeling at the same time, with choppy breathing, flooded in desire. Suddenly I felt my arm take my head and lead me to kiss him, but in reality, it was his arm, somehow I was aware of the movements of him and my body at the same time. We started kissing, I felt like I was 2 people kissing at the same time, one human being, slowly, without control of me, I disappeared completely within him. Everything was dark for a second, when I opened my eyes, my old body was gone, now we were the body that turned me on too much a few minutes ago. My consciousness reached unexpected limits, now I was them and they are me. I cannot wait to invite others to our group.

    Request for Fartmufflerr

    It would be the evening time as Lewis would be at home lying on his bed. Fumbling at his his phone as he talked with his friends from the Giant's club. The conversation would be just as normal he mingled amongst them about there day. Though as the conversation went on, the group started to change the subject.

    Butt60: Man today has been a long day, but boy would it feel great to have a little here right about now.

    Outgrowtheworld: You said it, played with earlier during the day,but he tired out to soon"

    Butt60: I'd be too if I was in there shoes. All those videos of your stomping around, Im surprised you haven't sent one flying yet

    Outgrowtheworld: Hah! Careful now, your getting me getting me ideas. Speaking of, hey lewis, you tried having fun with one yet?

    Hotseat99: Hmm? Oh no, I haven't had one on my end, never really got one before

    Outgrowtheworld: Your kidding, all the tinies in the world and haven't had one?

    Hotseat99: I don't know I haven't thought about it as much. Besides, even of I did get one I wouldn't even know what to do with them.

    Butt60: Oh there's plenty to do with them. Butt scratcher, mouth cleaner, arm pit scrubber

    Outgrowtheworld: Foot rubber

    Butt60: Right...anywho, there a whole variety of things you can try. What are you think interested in?

    Hotseat69: That's the I have to figure unfortunately

    Butt60: Ah well there's plenty of ways to do it. Try something out and see what ticks

    Outgrowtheworld: Or kicks :p

    Hotseat99: Hehe I'll think about it, thanks guys. Im a head off for the night but catch ya later

    Butt60: Chow

    Outgrowtheworld: See ya


    Moving away from his computer, Lewis felt his stomach begin to turn as it released a low groan. "All that sitting's making me hungry, let's grab something" he said to himself. Lifting off the chair he was sitting in as he made his way into the hallway. Along the way, he couldn't help but ponder on the conservation he had from his friends. What was it like to have a tiny of their own? How exactly does one go about on doing? These questions raced through his head as he felt his body react.

    His shaft sending a light pulse through his shaft, but was interrupted by his stomach as he gave its surface a soft rub as he reached the end of the hallway. Making his way into the kitchen as he fetched a bowl and spoon. Pulling out a can of jalapeño chili. "This should slay that hunger" he joked to himself. Pouring the food into the bowl as he set it into the microwave. Closing the door, he heard a sudden rustle near below him as he looked to see what it was. But seemed to find nothing as the clear floor was spotless. Shrugging he went to fetch his drink for his food as he went towards the fridge.

    Opening it as he went to reach in, but halted as he saw something dash from the corner of his eye. Turning to look at it, he only an empty chip bag as it layed across the floor. "Hmm.." He said puzzled. Slowly closing the fridge door as he tip toed towards the bag. Lowering himself in the process as he loomed closer. Peaking at the bag's opening as he noticed a shadow zip back inside. Not saying anything, he lowered a hand slowly toward the corner of the back as he yanked it upward.


    "Gotcha, I thought I heard something in here" Lewis said triumphantly. Inserting his fingers inside the bag as he went to retrieve the figure inside. His fingers fumbled around their kicking limbs for a bit as they managed to slip through his pinches. But grabbing at them with his full hand, the figure was consumed by it as it was dragged out. An item following behind it as it fell to the ground. "Hey, that's my gold ring! I've been looking for that!"

    "Give that back" the little voice yelled from the balled fist. The fingers soon wrapped tighter in response as it was brought closer to Lewis's face. There head popping out from the side as there gaze met.

    "What were you doing with it?"

    "What makes you think I'd tell you?"

    "I..er" Lewis pondered at the thought as he wondered what to do. But the microwave bell would ring as an idea "I think I have a hunch" he responded heading back to his room as he carried the little with him.

    "Where are we going" the little guy demanded. Lewis didn't respond as darted into his room. Grabbing some clear tape as he headed back toward his chair. Lowering his hand down towards it, he pinned his hand down along it as held the little guy underneath. Placing a strip of tape along the center of his body and the along his legs. "Being taped to a chair, what do you think this will scare?"

    "not of itself at least" Lewis replied, heading back into the hallway as he went back to the kitchen. Returning with his bowl of chili a he sat it along his computer desk. "Last chance little guy, I wouldn't want to have to force it out of you. What were you going to do with my ring?"

    "Im not telling you anything" the tiny snapped.

    "Alright, don't say I didn't warn you" Lewis replied as he undressed himself. Dropping his shorts to the ground as his underwear slipped off with them. His body was free to breath as his muscles wobbled loosely. Stepping over the chair, he stood over it as he aligned his rear above. Its round form jiggling with each shift, before his hands went to part it open. Revealing the slightly puckered star as a crust line marked around the crater. "Get ready" Lewis said to the tiny below, but more to himself as he prepared himself to indulge into one of a fantasy that he pondered about.

    Spreading out his legs more, he then squatted down as his cheeks made contact with the chair's cushion. Feeling their flattening against it as he applies his weight, but filled at the same time as he felt the little guy under lodge into the plump muscle. "Ugh, it feel like im sitting on a rock" he said to himself, shifting his cheeks around the cushion of the chair as it twisted with it.

    "Hey, Im no stool you that. Tone down on the twisting"

    "My ass, my chair" Lewis retorted, shifting his rump more as he pulled the left cheek over the chair. Its muscles wall flattening against the the cushion, as the crater between consumed the space between the little and his hole. Applying his weight into the back of the chair, he could fell the flesh contact them as his ass finally settling. Feeling a slight kneading against the folds as something round plunged into.

    "Get..off of me!" The little guy demanded. Their voice seeming softer as Lewis felt constant shuffles underneath the orifice.

    "You gonna tell me what you were doing?"


    "That's fine, we'll try again in an hour" Lewis replied back. Placing his weight entirely into the chair as he scooted up the chair towards his desk. The voice now rebuttal to a light muffle as the squirms stirred around his asshole. The feeling alone sent a shiver up his spine as the sensation underneath was peculiar. His shaft giving out a light thump as it beckoned for pleasure. But lewis decided to wait, grabbing his bowl of chili along the side of the bowl as he clicked on youtube on his computer. Chowing down on his meal all the while shifting his body around to get comfortable.

    An hour later:

    The night would pass on as the Lewis sat in his chair. His full bowl of chili now almost empty as he scooped the remaining meat into his mouth. Savoring the spicy pepper and beans along his tongue before he swallowed. "Well this stream seems to be pretty much over" Lewis said as he moved hus mouse. Closing the window on the screen as he scooted the chair partially away from the desk. Adjusting himself, his shifted his weight along the left side of the chair as he grabbed a handful of his right cheek. Scooping it upward as his ass lifted. The little guy underneath soon gasping as they took in the fresh air. There clothes now partially stained as sweat glistened of their face. The tape seeming to come undone as fog now shrouded its surface. "Think you've stewed long enough, gotta make sure I don't over do it. Are you ready to tell me yet bud?"

    "Forget it!"

    "Still? Man your stubborn to crack"

    "It'll take a lot more than some sweat and pressure to make me talk" the tiny retorted. Flaring his nose at the open air as the foul ass sweat lingered off the chair. But before he could take in another breath, the ass above crashed down onto the chair as they were buried once more between the fleshy cheeks. The hole above now kissed at his forehead as the sweat covering it made its fold release sicking squelches as they pushed closer. "Like I said before dumbass, I won't be easily broke-mph" before they could finish the sentence, the hole above pushing as it pressed their face into its surface. The orifice partially softened their rebuttals as they reduced to soft muffles.

    "That's fine with me, I can sit in this. Chair all night if have to" Lewis replied back. Surprising even himself at what he said as he pondered on the thought. This was something that he's never done before. Granted he thought about it when viewing it through stories online. But the real thing, this was the very first time he embarked on a fantasy like this. And as the night went on, it made him feel exhilarated.

    As his ass began to settle, Lewis took slow turns as the the rim of the seat. The wheels along the chair occasionally stirring with it, sinking more of thr thick muscle into the chair as the hole spread wider around the little one. Theur light muffle slowly returning as Lewis felt the little kneads of his kicks underneath his balls. "Gch..mm..ah" he moaned, his back almost straightening as the kicks heightened the sensation in his balls. With the increase movement beginning to touch at his hole, he leaned into the chair bring the feeling closer. The hole now captivating the space as he could pick out the little ones muffles between the ring. Embracing into its sensation as he closed his eyes in ecstasy as he as dropped his weight fully. His hand reaching hesitantly for his shaft, but succumbed to the urge as his palm wrapped around its girth. Stroking it slowly at first as he relished in the feeling, but soon began to speed up its pace.

    "Hey, im some tool to be jerked on. Get off of me" The little yelled out. Softened underneath the weight of the muscle as the cheeks laid flat on each side. The hole starting to intrude on the remaining space it laid on top of his face. "Peh! Hey! Are you even listening to me up there" they yelled once more. Shifting their face around the hole as they fought muscle the tender ringed with his face. Giving out small kneads into the folds as they headbutted it to try Lewis's attention.

    Sitting in the chair, Lewis would almost be in a trance as he focused on the rhythmic pumps along his shaft. The flesh sending out a slight clap into the atmosphere as his moans followed with it. But his attention drew downward between his legs as he focused on the sensation being created underneath. The headbutts barely felt like headbutts as the ring absorbed their blows. Transforming it into a blissful sensation as Lewis's body tightened up. "Mmm that feel good" he said in a enthusiastic tone, caught in the moment as the his body started to get hotter. Cupping the right side of his glutes, he pulled it up off the chair he hovered it above the little one. Exposing his hole fully to them as he felt the ring wink with anticipation. A low gurgling sound echoing within it as slowly became louder. His anus jittering in place before contracting its muscles inward. Holding in whatever was behind it grasp as the crater around it swelled. Without warning, it suddenly unclenched. His soon gaped open as a rush of carbon and sweat bursted out the hole. The little one caught in the crossfire as Lewis could feel his little legs wiggle. "Aah.."

    "Are you serious right now!" The little guy coughed "Ugh some of that got in my mouth!" They claimed, another burst hurtling into them as them as they placed their arms in front to block. But the wind wouldn't stop as the ass loomed closer. Crashing back down on top of them as the frowsty smell carried up to Lewis.

    "Sorry man, the beans just went straight through me" Lewis admitted. The gas continuing to blow out from his ass as it heated the entire cushion of the chair. "Gch, but I did warn you" he grunted as he squeezed the rest of the air out. Feeling his hole seal back as he slumpt his back into the chair. Feeling a slight ooze dripping onto hus palm as he looked at the mess he made on the floor "Man, I think that's the first time I've jizzed like that" he said to himself. Grabbing a box of tissue off his desk as he wiped the goop off the carpet.

    "You really are something little guy" Lewis said as he got up from his seat. "You're the first tiny I ever-" He looked back towards the chair, but found that there was no one there. Just a strip of tape would be left there as it peeled of the edge. But a sudden knead behind him made him look back as he gazed at the mirror along the wall. Seeing two pairs of feet dangling out from the bottom of his glutes as an arm stuck out from the center. When he did, he thought that his reaction would be to help him. But something else came instead as he let a satisfied smile. "You're the first tiny That's ever made me feel this way. And to be honest, I kinda like it. But there's still figuring out why you were trying to steal it" He mentioned as he started to walk. Intentionally taking slow steps as his as jiggled behind. The arm slapping around its surface, but was restrained by a single clench. "I'll make you a deal little guy, when you decide to tell me what you were going tondo with my stuff, your gonna be my new seat cushion. Sound fair?"

    "Mmmph!" Their voice muffled, Lewis soon clenching in response.

    "I thought you'd agree. Oh I can tell you and me are gonna get along just fine" Lewis assured, standing proudly at the mirror as he pointed his backside towards it. Toying with the little guy between his cheeks before laying down in his bed.

    The Next day:


    Butt60: So how exactly did you lose your little guy again?

    Outgrowtheworld: Don't know really. Was too busy stomping around. Stepped on a spoon and whoosh gone.

    Butt60:Pfft, can hardly imagine what its like to be catapulted like that. Probably flew out the window

    Outgrowtheworld: they're around here somewhere. Probably underneath some of my sock

    **Hotseat99 has joined the chat**

    Butt60: ayy buddy

    Outgrowtheworld: Glad you could make it

    Hotseat99: Same, got a lot that went on last night

    Butt60: Do tell

    Hotseat99: well, someone tried breaking into my stuff

    Outgrowtheworld: For real? Are you alright?

    Hotseat99: oh im fine, was just a little guy I found snooping around my kitchen.

    Butt60: what did you do with them?

    Hotseat99: well, let's just say we made a deal with each other. A new seat in exchange for information.

    Butt60:Damn, now I gotta try

    Outgrowtheworld: you and me both. Reminds of the time I put a tiny in my shoe. Felt like one of those comfort balls.

    Hotseat99: now that's definitely a place to put them big guy. Speaking of, I'd best check on things on my end. I'll be back on later.

    Butt60: chow

    Outgrowtheworld:See ya

    Logging off from the chat, Lewis pulled away from his desk once more as he gave his body a little stretch. Sinking his weight into the computer chair as its structure creaked. After he finished, squirming underneath caught his attention as tilted his ass to the side. Revealing the sweat drenched tiny underneath as their form was tied to chair with gorilla tape. "Break time, little dude. That was some excellent wiggles under there."

    "My efforts are not for your pleasure, release me!"

    "You know I can't do that, at least not until you tell me what you were doing"

    "Never" they snapped back, the ass soon crashing back down

    "Then, I suppose I'm afraid that you're stuck as a seat for now" Lewis said as he spun in the chair. Lifting his heals into the air as he hopped off. "For now though, I gonna let you get some fresh air. You'll need it, tonight's taco salad day. See you soon little dude" Lewis said as he left the room, leaving the tiny stuck to the stuck as the seat continued to spin.

    Do you want to lose fat and build muscle? Have you tried many ways and get no results? I can help you, just a few hours in my tank and all your fat will disappear. You just have to rest in my warm and comfortable belly while I sculpt your muscles and digest all your fat by making it part of my body. I want to be a massive man so this is a win-win. When you come back, you will be a new man, happy with your new figure. All my users end up satisfied and want to repeat. What do you wait for?


    Good, you finally got here! I’ve been waiting thirty minutes for you to get here, now let’s get this going so I can get on with my day. Go on and crouch so I can sit on you, my hole is hungry and I got an itch you better scratch. Ugh, you’re slipping in nice up my muscle butt and I can already feel my body taking you as I’m cramming you deeper and deeper into me. Putting you in my guts and having you slide across my prostate has me getting rock hard, but I’m focusing on getting your butt and crotch stuffed in my anus. After getting through to your thighs, you just slid up my ass until I had to sit on your legs to push them in the rest of the way. As soon as I felt the cold floor, my cock started shooting as your toes were sealed behind the sphincter and you were all mine. I rub the shifting form of you in my lower intestines as I get back in my truck, ready to get back to work while you spend the rest of my shift stewing away until I let you out when I’m ready.


    Piggy drinking directly from the gallon. Oink.


    Well, I guess we finally came to a conclusion. Right, Mark? Or should I say, Dinner! My ex-roommate Mark had been nagging me for being a bit of a slob. So what if I leave a few donut boxes on the floor or if I keep passing out drinking melted ice cream tubs, that's no reason to call someone a pig. That's why I decided to give him a much better reason to call me a pig and I put him on the menu. I waited until he was done complaining while he cleaned our apartment and once he was tired from finishing, I took off my shirt in preparation for my hunt. Not giving him a chance, I tackled him from behind and threw him to the ground. In his confusion, I yanked off his pants and greedily stuck his feet in my drooling maw. I excitedly slurped and swallowed my soon-to-be prey, living the fantasy I've always had of having a living Mark inside my stomach. I got past his knees and started forcefully swallowing him while I pulled him in, knowing it was only a matter of time before my dinner regained his senses. I wish I could savor my meat, but securing my prey took priority and I grabbed the flailing wrists of the man hanging out of my mouth, pinning them to his waist as I kept taking powerful gulps until I had his butt on my tongue and his hands pinned in my jaws. At this point, Marl was able to understand the impossible feat of gluttony I was doing to him and tried to fight out of me, but he was too late and I proved it by ripping off his shirt, then pushing in his shoulders until I had his chest surrounded by my lips. I was so lost in the ecstasy of finally devouring Mark that I could barely hear his pleas as I took a few more swallows and had his head sitting in my mouth. I put a hand on my neck and took the final gulp, blowing a load in my pants as I felt his face form a bulge in my throat and feeling it sink down into my body, then finally fully deposit my meal inside my belly. Yeah! I was right to dream of eating Mark, he was delicious and it felt so good to pig out on my rude roommate! Wait, now that you're in my stomach, you're kinda like a forever roommate since you'll be fat on my stomach! Guess we were both kind of right, I am a huge pig and you're better off as my food!


    You were doing sit ups when you suddenly saw this ass appear above you. Before you could say something, he sat down hard on your face and you could hear him moan a little. One of his friends goaded him to take you in the middle of the gym and you could suddenly feel flesh instead of cloth. His hole started lowering onto your nose and pretty soon, you were neck-deep into his anus and he had no intentions of stopping. You tried to pull your head out, but he grabbed your arms to hold you in place and took a position above you. He took a powerful squat and you felt your shoulders slip in his ass as his body was pulling you deeper into it. You couldn’t fight back while your body was being forced up some jock’s butt and you could hear people outside cheering the guy on as he takes you. It only took a few more moments before your toes slip inside and he tightens his hole, fully capturing you in his body and leaving you as nothing more than a bulge on his torso. You could feel multiple hands rubbing you and congratulating the sated jock, who was set on making you his cheat meal. Accepting your place as future assfat, you melt away deep in the intestines of a not-so hungry ass pred as he absent-mindedly rubs you to sleep.

    Matthew aime exposer les restes de ses adversaire pendant ses parties de jeu en ligne. Quiconque le défi devra s'assurer de ne pas perdre la partie sous peine de rejoindre la collection de Matthew.

    Matthew likes to expose the remains of his opponents during his games online. Whoever the challenge will have to make sure not to lose the game or risk joining Matthew's collection.

    Well fuck bro I don’t know what to tell you. UUURRPPP you are kind of stuck in there. Once my belly gets ahold of its food that’s it. I told you all this before..... I told it’s a one way trip.... UUURRPPP you really pushed my gut to the max tho, just look my belly button is even jetting out. UUURRRPP I do enjoy all your squirming. So keep that up for a bit longer I get really horny with an active meal so might as well pop a load while you’re still kicking. UUURRPPP thanks again, I know you’re mad but in a few hours you will just be a dump in the restroom.

    My best bro Nick had been having quite a lot of trouble with the ladies recently, every failed first date after another starting to take its toll on him. I invited him round to my place for some gaming and drinks to try and lift his spirits. To be honest, he was about as great at video games as he was talking to women, so I had to let him win a few times. Fortunately, after knocking back enough beer he was delusional enough to think it was his own skill.

    Later in the night we were daring each other to do dumb shit, and I came up with and idea that I would deeply regret. We were to make out with each other until one of us chickened out, the loser having to do whatever the winner wanted for an hour. Knowing Nick for years, I thought there was no way he’d do that with a guy for longer than I could tolerate it, so it was a sure victory for me…. right?

    After awkwardly grinning and chuckling as we walked closer to each other, my lips suddenly met Nick’s as he grabbed my shirt and tugged me towards him. Despite the blonde being shorter and skinnier than me, he seemed to be trying to assert some dominance to try and throw me off. I responded by wrapping my arms around his shoulders and hugging him tightly, but he just slipped his own around my back and kept increasing the passion with which he was kissing me.

    Something I didn’t account for was that Nick’s lack of dating success might have made him desperate enough to get the physical contact he craved from anywhere he could. That paired with the alcohol meant that he didn’t care at all about the repercussions of using his straight guy friend for his needs. After about 10 seconds, Nick snuck his hand under my shirt and began rubbing the small of my back with his thumb. Soon after I felt his tongue attempt to enter my mouth for the first time, which immediately caused me to shove him away.

    I had no idea he would get so intimate to win the bet, but what he wanted from me as a reward was even stranger. Nick told me to strip down so that he could swallow me easier, as it was his desire to feel me squirming around inside his gut for an hour. I got naked and offered up my hands for him to start with, fully believing that there was no way he’d fit me inside his small frame. I expected him to just taste me for a bit to fulfil his little fantasy, but to my surprise he managed to send my arms sliding down his throat with his first gulp.

    Everything quickly went dark as my head followed down Nick’s ravenous gullet, his internal muscles kneading my body towards his stomach while his tongue lubed up my skin with his saliva. He slowed down after reaching my knees, his gut struggling to handle the large man being stuffed inside. I thought from how uncomfortably packed I already was inside his stomach that he wouldn’t be able to continue, but he forcibly shoved my legs past his lips until his belly stretched out to accommodate the rest of me, sighing loudly after he swallowed my feet and finally sealed me away.

    Nick couldn’t stop talking about how tasty I was while he felt around all the bulges I was making in his swollen gut. I wished he wasn’t getting so much out of this experience, but had to respect the bet and let him have his fun. With the air gradually thinning inside his sweltering tank, I passed out way before the hour was over and I was supposedly to be freed from my prison.

    However, what I never realised was that Nick knew I wouldn’t last that long right from the beginning. He had always intended to keep me inside him all night, refusing to let his first delicious prey go to waste. He lay back on the sofa and fell asleep, letting his stomach digest me through the night until all that was left of me was a thick layer of pudge around my best friend’s belly.

    My roommate during my first year of uni was a friendly beefcake who I got along with very quickly. He could be a little dense at times, which led to him making an intriguing request that most people would think twice about asking someone they’ve only known for less than a month. He bluntly said he thought I was cute, and was hoping I could add to his pleasure by filling out his stomach while he jerked off.

    I was pretty flustered by the very sudden and forward move he made, but I had to admit that I found him incredibly hot right from the moment we met. And although being swallowed by another man is never something I’d considered before, I found myself daydreaming about what it would feel like to be packed away inside his thickly padded gut.

    I stripped off and lay next to him on his bed, offering up my bare feet to be devoured first. Since he was more interested in achieving a feeling of fullness than tasting me, he wasted no time cramming them down his throat and swallowing hard. I could tell he was rushing from the loud, wet gulping and gasping sounds he made as he feasted, his cock growing longer and firmer as he felt his stomach stretch outwards. The final gulp that sent my head sliding down his tight throat was followed by a heavy sigh of pleasure.

    Despite getting shaken around a lot once he started jerking off, I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of his stomach walls slowly kneading at my body. The mental aspect of my situation was just as hot, being fully dominated by this handsome, beefy man who was using me purely for his own enjoyment. After he blew his load, he tensed his gut to squeeze me back up his gullet and out into reality once more, giving me a big bear hug as thanks for helping him out.

    We repeated this experience fairly regularly at first, but once I got deeper into my studies I told my roommate that I’d probably need a break from our fun to focus on my work. However, now that he’d developed a taste of what his self-pleasing sessions could be like, he refused to let me have a say in the matter.

    Whenever he gets the urge to jerk off and I’m also in the room, I’ll get a slobbery lick across the face and be swallowed headfirst, where I’d be unable to complain as the thick, slimy walls of his throat smother me and keep me quiet. Sometimes he keeps me inside for hours after finishing, either lying there blissfully rubbing his belly or even knocking out a second load.

    Once the year is over I’ll be able to apply for a new room, but then I’ll feel bad for the next poor sucker who bunks with him and has to face the same treatment.

    I’d been trying to find a guy to spend the night with for a few hours, but it was a complete failure tonight. Eventually I gave up and sat at the bar, trying to drown my sorrows with some strong stuff to forget I even tried. I stayed so long that it was just me and a single bartender left, who didn’t at all mind listening to my troubles.

    We ended up getting along really well, and after staring at him for a while I began to feel like he was more attractive than any of those idiots who rejected me. Although he was a little chubbier than what I’d normally go for and hadn’t kept his scruffy ginger hair in check, his cute smile slowly won me over. I made one last attempt to get lucky tonight and found myself walking back to his place after he locked up the bar.

    Despite my concerns with his size before, it was actually pretty fun rubbing his soft belly while I rode his thick cock. I could feel my legs fully stretched around his wide frame as he thrusted in and out, both of us sweating and moaning until he finally pumped his load inside me. I stayed on top of him for a moment trying to catch my breath, his hands working their way up my smooth body from my hips. Once he reached my chest, he took a firm grip either side of me and pulled me towards him.

    He gave me that same cute smile I saw at the bar, but with an added lick of his lips his expression became a little more devious. I was too tired and drunk to tell what he was about to do, and probably planned to the whole time he was serving me all those drinks to win over his prey. He opened his jaws and wrapped them around my head, absorbing all my flavour-filled sweat with his tongue before taking a strong gulp.

    From his loud moans throughout my journey down his throat, he wasn’t subtle about how tasty the rest of my body was. He was free to savour me without any resistance, as I’d practically passed out before my head even entered his stomach. I might have resisted if I had more wits about me, but I was happy to drift off with my last memory being the best sex I’d had in a while.

    The moment his lips were tightly wrapped around my waist, he no longer needed to guide me with his hands and shifted them down to his belly, feeling it grow bigger and bigger as he swallowed my legs. The bartender let out a deep, wet belch after gulping down my feet and rubbed the underside of his stuffed gut. He loved it when his prey couldn’t fight back, letting him fall asleep without disturbance while his stomach digested his late night meal.


    Oh, you looking for your boyfriend? I caught the little pervert sneaking behind me in the parking garage and decided to put him in the body he was lusting after. Yeah, you heard me. I ate your boyfriend and I'm gonna keep him in there until he learns his lesson. I won't digest him, I don't want pervert trash in my system, but he'll get covered in all my meals everyday. Whenever I chug a protein shake, I'm gonna drown him in my nutrients and keep getting bigger with him as a prisoner in my body. Hot, right? He'll get jostled around everytime I workout, get cramped whenever I'm doing cardio and he'll feel it when all my gym buddies rub my belly. Yeah, this'll be good for him. But I'm willing to let him out if you take his place! Unless you'd like to just join him instead and I'll use both of you as gut slaves!!

    Truth or Dare

    Heres a fun little story from a prey and bystander perspective.

    My roommates and I were playing truth or dare. Someone suggested we write a bunch of truth prompts on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl, then a bunch of dares and put them in a separate bowl. This way we could play through the game without getting slowed down by everyone taking a long time to come up with stuff.


     We took turns going in a circle who picked up a paper. I went to the dare bowl first and read my paper "Take a shot of maple syrup." I went to the pantry, got a clean shot glass and the bottle of maple syrup. In a few seconds I shot my bead back and swallowed. It was surprisingly easy to do. My pals giggled and cheered.


     I had actually written that particular prompt. I had written a few that pertained to swallowing and gaining actually. I had recently been experimenting with how much I could eat and chug, and thought it was extremely hot when I saw other guys pack away so much in their guts. I was particularly hoping my pal across from me, Mike, would get a dare I wrote about swallowing an impossible amount.


     Mike always beat the rest of us in drinking competitions, and the first to clean his plate anytime we made a meal together as roommates. He had a rather rotund gut compared to the rest of us and he wore it like a badge of honor.


     "Hey man, you're up!" I heard Mike call to me. I had been daydreaming, staring at his chest as it rose and fell with his steady breathing.


     "Oh sorry, must've zoned out." I reached for a truth this time. It read "Give 3 compliments to the person across from you"


     Responses of "Aw that's super sweet!" And "who wrote that?" Were heard around the circle. Mike, directly across from me jestingly made a bashful look at me.


     "All right, Mike. I love how you help us all keep the apartment so clean. Especially the fridge..." Everyone laughed along. "You are always there to listen and so empathetic, always reading my mind... And you have the hottest dad bod I have ever seen."


     My roommates and I have always flirted with each other for fun, and for most of them it was simply just a bro kind of way to build each other up, but Mike didn't realize how attractive I actually thought he was.


     Mike got up and gave me a huge hug after my compliments to him and I could feel his big belly cushion against me and I felt so comfortable in his embrace.


     The circle went around a few times. By this point a few articles of clothing were missing, including half of the boys shirts, including Mike's, and everyone had taken a shot of something.


     The dares were running dangerously low and I thought mine might get picked up by someone else, but it came to Mike's turn and he picked up the paper I hoped he would.


     "It saws 'Swallow someone in this room whole.'" There silence for a moment while we all looked around at each other. I was nervous someone was gonna ask who wrote it, but then my bunkmate, Chad, chimed in "Well if anyone could do this dare, it's Mike." Everyone laughed and joked about it. "So who's it gonna be, Mike? Who you gonna eat tonight?"


     "How about you?" Mike asked Chad jestingly. Chad responded by licking his palms and rubbing his shirtless chest in joking, sensual manner, "Swallow me daddy."


     "Legit how much do you think you get in your mouth, Mike?" Someone asked.


     Mike shrugged and got up to meet Chad. Chad was taking this all as a joke, until suddenly his arms were halfway down Mike's throat.


     "Woah, you can really deep throat, man!" I said in surprise.


     Chad looked a little frightened but then a little curious, "How far does it go?"


     Mike shrugged again, then grabbed Chad by the waist, hoisted him up onto his belly and swallowed hard. Chad squirmed in a dive like position deeper into Mike until just below his waist was dangling outside Mike's overextended maw. I got up and lifted Chad's legs up to help gravity slide the rest of Chad into Mike's gurgling belly.


     Chad's feet went zooming into Mike's belly as Mike fell backwards onto the couch.


     Everyone was in a mixture of awe and surprise at what had just occured. We sat there for a moment as we watched Chad squirming inside Mike's distorted, fat belly.


     The next person in the circle decided to keep the game going, nonchalantly taking another truth and saying "Mike you can let out Chad for his next turn." Sure enough when it got to where Chad would be in the circle, Mike got on all fours and we helped push on his stomach to help Chad get regurgitated out. Chad was a bit slimy, so he was grateful to get the final dare paper which read "dive into the neighbors pool."


     We finished the game out like normal, but I just kept staring at Mike's gut. It had shrunk down a little back to its normal size but still looked a little stretched.


     While cleaning up the papers and roommates were heading off to bed, Mike asked me "Do you like my belly? I mean you've been staring at it all night?"


     After a little nervous laugh I replied "I mean it looks pretty cozy. I... I wrote that dare. I didn't think anyone could actually do it, I just wanted a laugh, that's all..."


     "You wanted me to swallow you, didn't you?"


     "Ummm... maybe a little... maybe a lot."


    Mike gave me a sly smirk, "Well I'm feeling a bit hungry after letting my last meal out..."


     I took off my shirt and pants. "I'm bigger than Chad, would I even fit?"


     "Oh I think you could fit... might be harder getting you out later though..."


     I thought for a minute, "I'm willing to take that chance."


     Mike's gut rumbled for me. He slapped it and opened his mouth like an invitation. I stood on the couch and put my hands together to dive in. Mike grabbed my waist to stabilize me, just like he did with Chad.


     I knew Mike gave the best hugs, but I had no idea his throat gave even better squeezes, pulling me strongly and gently down into his stomach, which kneaded and massaged me as my entire body cradled inside. I felt Mike fall back on the couch and rub his gut from the outside. I rubbed back.


     "Man, thanks for the dare, buddy, I had no idea I could so this... and no idea how good it felt..." I heard Mike say as his voice rumbled all around me.