Sapphics - A Colouring Book & Art Anthology byMayticks

    Each of these 50 pages is covered with full-colour art, poetry, or lineart for you to colour yourself! With each page being a whopping 210gsm, you can have at it with any medium you wish - pencils, markers, copics, watercolours.. go crazy on these high quality pages with minimal bleed-through. Even better, each book comes with an exclusive Sticker Sheet AND a bonus Shiny Pin (One of my all time favourites) - In Sappho We Trust!! Not only can you wear the pin, you can colour the lineart and decorate your home! 

    SFW Resource List for Caregivers

    Here are some resources for the Caregivers out there with Age Regressers to care for!

    <>Caretaking: How-to/Tips/Ideas/Advice

    Bed Time Routine

    Loving-Kindness Practice

    Get Rid of Playroom Clutter


    Internet Safety

    Sleep Tips

    20 Alternatives to Punishment

    The Seven Intelligences

    Controlling Kid Clutter

    Building a Firm Foundation for Education

    Quirky Discipline Rules

    101 Affirmations for Kiddos

    Hygge Oath

    Kiddos Learn what they Live

    Journalling with Kiddos

    Accommodating Imaginary Friends

    Social and Emotional Development

    Keep your Kiddo busy while you cook

    CDC Positive Caretaking tips

    Improve Kiddo Behavior

    5 Important Values

    50 Ways to be a fantastic Caretaker


    Caretaking Tips

    Kiddos with ADD/ADHD

    10 Tips for Better Behavior

    Kiddos with Anxiety

    Inspiring Play

    <>Printables: Worksheets/Charts/Activities

    Reading and Spelling Worksheets

    Free Educational Worksheets

    Memory Match Printable

    Dr. Seuss Printable Bookmarks

    Printable Activities

    Free Printables

    Portable Activity Kit

    Printable Grocery List

    Printable Responsibility Book

    Planes & Fire Rescue Activity Sheets

    Printable List

    Free Worksheets

    Worksheet List

    Jump Start Worksheets

    KidZone Worksheets

    Worksheets for Kiddos

    Kids Pages Worksheets

    All Kids Network Worksheets

    Kiddos Learning Station

    Handwriting Practice Worksheets

    Printable Charts

    Charts for Kiddos

    Stickers and Charts

    <>Recipes: Edible Crafts/Lunch/Snack ideas

    Have the Kiddos Help

    Kiddo Recipe Lists

    Teeth Friendly Drink Recipes

    Pink Princess Sprinkle Popcorn

    Golden Graham Squares

    Goldfish ‘Carrots’

    Cute Food for Kiddos

    Healthy Edible Craft Ideas


    Chocolate Covered S’mores on a Stick

    Fun Shaped Sandwiches

    Bento Lunch Ideas

    New Twists on Old Recipes

    Cheese Platters

    Peanut Butter and Jelly ‘Gem’ Sandwiches

    15 Kiddo Recipes to make Together

    20 Healthy Snacks

    Sandwich-free lunch ideas

    Adorable Edible Craft Ideas

    16 Recipes Kiddos will Love

    Bear themed Snacks

    24 Creative Breakfast Ideas

    27 Weeknight Dinners

    Cupcake Recipes

    10 Refreshing Drink Recipes

    Very Berry Popsicles

    <>Things to Do with the Kiddo(s): Activities/Crafts/Experiments

    Template Maker

    Rock Candy Experiment

    40 DIY Gifts for Kiddos

    Indoor Activities for Kiddos

    Hungry Caterpillar Craft

    10 Cool Science Experiments

    Rain Cloud in a Jar

    40 Indoor Activities and Crafts

    20 DIY Science Projects

    Hand Print Trees

    40 Activities to do with your Kiddo(s)

    Homemade Soap Crayons

    DIY Rainbow Cloud Wall Flag

    Build a Monster Kit

    Homemade Stickers

    Busy Bee Crafts

    Quiet Boxes

    Outdoor Activities

    Water Gun Art

    Creative Pretend Play Props and Ideas

    DIY Slime

    Homemade Slime

    6 Fun Science Experiments

    Over 50 Music Activities

    Frozen Gelatin Fossil Excavation

    Crafts and Activities

    Small World Play

    Play Recipes

    10 Easy Craft Ideas

    10 Ocean Activities

    Color Sorting Activity

    Fairy Garden Ideas

    Hundreds of Activities

    10 Paper Crafts

    Bubble Recipe

    Over 25 Rainbow Crafts

    20 Paper Plate Crafts

    Beach Themed Activities

    Toilet Roll Mermaid Craft

    Hand Print Crafts

    Fruit Loop Lip Polish

    Sand and Plaster Beach Molds

    Rainbow Rice Sensory Activity

    Dramatic Play

    <>Humor: Jokes/Pranks

    50 Funny Jokes for Kiddos

    17 Pranks to play on Kiddos

    31 Pranks Kiddos will fall for

    40 Pranks to play on Kiddos

    Kiddo Jokes

    20 Silly Jokes

    Jokes and Riddles


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