Little Baby Jess

40+ sissy adult baby girly who loves her nappies and plastic pants, but also things that are girly and mature

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2022-06-26 13:17:06

    Being a sissyboi means no 43: That She's no longer your Wife and Her Boyfriend is no longer Her Bull, their Mommie and Daddy now, and your wardrobe choices now reflect where you sit in the relationship


    Couple of things wrong with me wearing this outfit and yes i would love to be wearing most of it

    Firstly don't make it in my size ,

    Secondly . No way will i wear diapers

    I love wearing nappies and plastic pants and do not , will not stop wearing them.


    Totally love this, would love to have someone lay this out on the bed and then tell me that is what I am wearing all day


    The mommies all got together and planned a play date for us three boys—and we were so excited about it—but then they said they had decided we would all have to dress as girls. We all said we didn’t want to, but the mommies said we all had sissy tendencies and would be much happier this way. Lyle’s mommy got online and found a website that sells custom-made dresses, along with panties, slips, socks, shoes and all the rest. The mommies sure seemed to be having fun making us look totally girly.

    When it was done, they told us how to stand and made us pose for pictures. I was so embarrassed. But Lyle and Damian said it was fun and that they hoped we could stay like this forever. Lyle and Damian told me that I looked super cute. I had to admit, they looked cute too. I felt more comfortable after that.

    That afternoon we had a tea party and we all practiced holding our teacups like girls and ate dainty little “finger foods” like girls do. The mommies called us “young ladies” and treated us like real girls. It was way more fun than I expected.

    After that we played beauty salon. The mommies set up chairs and gave us makeovers. They even did our makeup and hair and nails. And gosh, so much perfume! I liked smelling pretty and I was really enjoying being feminine. It was fun to experience what the mommies called pampering and primping. It took almost two hours to get everything just right, and we “young ladies” had such a nice time.

    Later on, the mommies took us shopping. I never really liked shopping before, but we found such cute clothes in the girls’ department that I decided maybe it was ok. And everyone thought we were real girls! So fun!

    When we got back to Lyle’s house, we all got to wear the new nightgowns our mommies had bought us, and Lyle, Damian and I got in a beautiful princess bed big enough for all of us. The mommies tucked us in and said good night. They said the day’s activities had stirred up feelings and they needed to “take care of each other’s needs” and that we could do the same. I didn’t know what that meant… until Lyle explained (oh my gosh!) and started snuggling with me, rubbing my bottom and kissing me. Damian started kissing and rubbing me too. I thought I’d never want to kiss boys, but none of us looked like boys at the time, and it seemed ok. Well, better than ok. I loved it. Lyle said he was very, very excited to be in bed kissing me and Damian, and he showed me how excited he was. 😳 Damian said he was very excited too, and they took my panties off and Lyle asked me if I had ever heard of a game called “spit roasting.” I said no, and he said he and Damian would demonstrate. The demonstration took kind of a long time and seemed like something that might get me in trouble, but Lyle and Damian said this was the plan all along. Good thing Lyle had put a plastic sheet on the bed! After that we all fell asleep.


    Just got to choose now which one I would prefer to be