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Just your regular feedee girl, 23, bi and fat. Send me a message, I don't bite (unless you're cake). If you would like to help me gain some extra pounds, I do have an Amazon wishlist for my favourite fatty treats 🐷

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2020-06-22 06:57:43

    I’ve been thinking about the anon who asked what my biggest fantasy was. I’ve decided that my biggest fantasy is to make someone submit to me and let me take over for them. I mean this in every sense. I want to be in control of deciding what, when and how much they eat even if that means tying their chubby wrists down to the bed and shoving it into their pretty mouth with my hand around their throat. They’d become so addicited to the junk I feed them that they won’t notice the new stretchmarks appearing all over and the shirts that have become crop tops. I’d especially love to take them to a buffet and pile their plates full of greasy, fattening food. I’d watch them eat until they’re breathing heavily and nearly at their limit so I can undo those jeans they’re nearly bursting out of to reach under their bloated gut play with them under the table. It’d be so fun to watch them deal with the mix of the pain and pleasure that comes from associating stuffing your face to getting off while they try to pretend they aren’t getting so turned on by getting so fat for my desires. I want the satisfaction of knowing I turned their once slim body into a round, hedonistic public display of gluttony that only lives to eat, orgasm and please me.

    <>I can't reach


    I've really done it this time.

    I need to be touched. To be fucked. Loved.


    You see, I've been eating so much and laying around for so long...

    I've gotten really fucking big. I mean...<>BIG.

    I can hardly get out of bed without being winded. When I am up and around I struggle to fit through doorways. Pathetic...I know.

    My belly has grown so much it slaps my thighs when I walk. My weight is truly out of control and slowing me down.

    And now...

    I just want to be able to touch myself..

    But my arms are so packed with fat and my body has ballooned into this colossal mess that it's nearly impossible now. I'm so...so eager to be fucked.

    Its difficult to spread my legs too. They're so thick with fat it makes it hard to move them.

    I'm far too fat to even hump a pillow for too long. Fuck. I really am out of shape.

    I need to be fucked. I need someone between my thighs. Grabbing me...kissing me...

    But most of all I need to be fucked.

    I really can't reach my own pussy now. My belly and tits take up so much space in my lap that I have to strain to even TRY to reach it, leaving me gasping for air and red in the face.

    How did it get to this point?

    Okay...I know how it happened...I couldn't stop stuffing my fat face. Guilty. Whatever.

    I just need someone to <>fuck me! Bend me over and push my face into a big creamy cake while they <>pound<> me!

    My pussy is in dire need of attention..the more I think about it the more I ache.

    I'm wet all the time and can't do anything about it. All I can think about is sex and food.

    I really am a pig. An 840 pound pig eager to be fed and fucked. Force feed me and fatten me up until I really CAN'T leave my bed.

    Strap a hose in my mouth and fuck me while I grow nice and big for you. Make me your dirty immobile piggy. Your obese little slave!

    Force my fat legs apart and fuck me deep and rub me so fucking good. <>FUCK. I need it!

    I'm always so wet and ready..if only I were a couple hundred pounds lighter I might be able to do it myself but I love food too much! I can't give it up and it's far too late! I'm way too huge to try to lose weight I might as well keep on going...

    I'll do anything at this point. You can use me and experiment with me. Feed me until it hurts to breathe. I don't care. As long as I get mine...my pussy needs it!

    So...help a girl out?




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    Pretty NSFW but what a dream 😍

    I'm going to make you so fucking fat.

    Obese won't be an appropriate word to describe you. Hell, even morbidly obese wouldn't come close. Every waking hour of every day I'm going to leave you so stuffed that getting out of bed would be far too taxing on your body. I mean, it's gonna take a lot of energy for your body to churn and digest the greasy, disgusting, carb-laden diet I'll be shoveling into you. And quite frankly? You won't be very comfortable being so full all the time.

    Every day your body will swell a little bit more with soft, luscious fat, and you know that's my weakness. As your body grows and your fat cells fill up with grease, I'll be right there to fill you just a little more. Hour by hour, day by day, you'll become more obese. It'll become harder to tell what you used to look like through the excess lard that encases your entire frame. And I'm not going to stop. I'm going to bury you in your own fat, your own greed, your own body. You'll be totally helpless to stop me, even if you wanted to.