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2021-04-11 17:36:14

    The one that got away

    About 5 years ago my husband started chatting to a hot girl (let’s call her L) who was into bimbofication. He and L would get quite horny together online and wanted to meet, but various circumstances stopped that from happening. They eventually lost touch. Fast forward to yesterday: he found her on Facebook and they’ve reconnected. She said she’d been thinking about him too so was glad he got in touch. Fingers crossed they’ll finally get to meet after all this time! She’s looking incredible with her blonde hair, fake tan, fake lashes and fake nails. 😍

    At my husband’s request, I am showing you all my fat, saggy boobs so that you can see why he goes elsewhere to fuck superior women with perky tits and hot bodies. I will be pumping my nipples daily to make them longer and I will be wearing this harness under my clothes all day, instead of a bra. We are expecting a delivery later so I will be answering the door with my saggy tits only covered by a thin tshirt. I wonder if the delivery driver will notice?


    To the wimpy bitches strumming along at home

    Yes you. I’m sure you’re comfortable, sitting there with your hand down your sweatpants and granny panties. You might at well get comfortable as your boyfriends and husbands run off one after another. Falling for the women you could only dream of being.

    What excuses do you tell yourself? That your man ran off with a dumb bimbo blonde because he was too intimidated by your intelligence and success? Well I’ve got bad news. We’ve got your intelligence, your success, and the bodies to match. You just don’t cut it, and your man knows. That’s why they are with us now.

    I hope you like masturbating home and alone; because, we are always going to put your in your place. You might as well start masturbating to the thought of that like the good little losers that you are ; p


    ~Miss Mandi


    This, this and so much this! 🔥🤤😈

    Hands up who sits at home like a pathetic edge-dog while her husband is out fucking superior women? 🙌🏻

    Fake Tits

    I already know that my husband loves big, perky fake tits and that my natural, sagging tits just don’t compare. And in order to ensure that he will always want to seek out superior boobs, I sometimes don’t wear a bra around the house to make sure I stay sagging. He’ll have no choice but to fuck around to fulfil his needs for perfect tits.