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    My pussy was already throbbing and dripping wet when he touched my thigh. My heart was racing in my chest as my nipples stood erect, anticipating his next move. My clit was burning with desire, so desperate to be stroked and I could feel my breathing become heavier as he started whispering in my ear. “Tell me what’s got you so excited”, he asked. His hand edged closer to my pussy and brushed my mound, falling short of my swollen clit. “I...”, before I could finish my sentence his hand lunged at my clit and squeezed it gently. I gasped in delight and felt my chest heave with lust. “I can’t wait for you to fuck Babygirl again”, I continued. “I miss knowing you’ve been enjoying her body and pounding her tight little cunt”. By this point, his fingers were expertly circling my throbbing clit and I was hanging on his every move, like an obedient little cuckquean. “I miss fucking her too”, he purred. “She’s so hot and tight and petite. She’s going to look incredible in that catsuit”. I felt myself blushing at how I had ordered my husband’s girlfriend a pvc catsuit earlier that day. “Mmm, I’m so excited that you’ll get to fuck her as she wears that”, I admitted. He knew how much I’d always loved women in pvc so it made sense that his Babygirl have one to wear while he fucks her. “Perhaps I’ll make her send you some pictures of my cum dribbling out of her pussy while she’s wearing the catsuit”, he said, as his pace quickened on my juicy clit. The thought of seeing my husband’s seed trickling out of the sweet little hole of his Babygirl drove me wild. “Mmmm, yes!” I exclaimed, feeling myself close to the edge. My whole body felt sensitive to the rhythm of his fingers. “You want me to fuck her bareback, don’t you? You want your husband to pump her full of cum”. He hungrily asked. “Yes! Yes I do. I need that!”, I moaned, as a huge orgasm emanated from my clit, through my aching pussy and up to my chest. I writhed and moaned as he continued to stroke my slit until I put my hand on his, signalling him to stop...

    Ever since they arranged to see each other again next Thursday, I feel like my horniness has sky-rocketed and I’m constantly wet and throbbing thinking about them fucking and enjoying each other. She’s so hot and petite and sexy and he’s so hard and hungry for her tight little pussy. I’m so excited for them that they will be reunited. I hope she enjoys feeling his married cock ploughing into her again after so many months and I know he’s going to enjoy having her gripping his shaft with her cunt. I bet they’ll both cum so hard!

    Lockdown has got me having weird dreams whilst I’m deprived of being properly cucked. The other night I dreamt we were walking down the street and this really hot, big fitted, fake looking bimbo passed us and he told me he’d fucked her and seeded her pussy full of babies. Given that in real life he doesn’t know about my impregnation fantasy, it was so hot to hear him say that.... even if it was only in dreamland.

    I’d been edging for days and so was a hot, wet mess by the time we got to bed that evening. As we lay there side by side, we started to talk about her - his Babygirl - and about how he’d love to have her stay over for a whole weekend. He told me that she’d sleep in our bed with him and that I’d be banished to the spare room, alone. He said if I was lucky I might hear the bed creaking as he ploughed her tight, little pussy too. Then he said “I could send you a picture of my cum dribbling out of her pussy”. Hearing him talk about barebacking her tipped me over the edge and I wound up begging him to fuck me. He’d gotten rock hard talking about her so climbed on top and began to pound me hard, all the while thinking about her....

    I love our life!

    I’m still waiting on him to write about what he got up to with his Babygirl last time they met. I’m going to have to badger him about it again as I love having something to read about their exploits. He was meant to see her last night too but she’s unwell at the minute so had to postpone. But, next Thursday is on instead so I’ll have to wait until then to be cucked again.

    As soon as I get the writing from him, I’ll share it here. 😊



    We’re going to an engagement party tomorrow and there will be lots of hot, young women there - no doubt wearing figure hugging dresses to show off their perky tits and round asses. I can’t wait to see my husband flirting with these girls, undressing them with his eyes. I’m sure when we get home he’ll tell me all about who he wanted to fuck and I’m looking forward to seeing how hard his cock gets as he thinks about them and their tight, sexy bodies. There’s no way I can compete with them. I hope he gave some of them his number…


    Wouldn’t you rather he sneak away with one or two for a quick fuck. Then let you suck his dick clean after you get home as he tells you all about their tight holes?


    Oh absolutely! I’ve always wanted to be at a party, not able to find him, and then discover that he’s been fucking the other guests.

    Me- “Excuse me, I don’t suppose you’ve seen my husband have you?”

    Party guest- “I just saw him heading that way with a beautiful, young girl”


    His new girl

    He’s got himself another new girl and I’m so happy about it. She’s 28, very petite, brunette and a bit shy. However, she’s very keen and wants to explore loads of nasty stuff with him. She’s into Daddy/little stuff, as well as being spanked and degraded. I’m so pleased for him that he’s found a new hot slut to play with a potentially a new Princess. They’ve fucked twice so far but he hasn’t yet spent the whole night with her, though this will happen soon I’m sure. He’s told me he can’t wait to spend a weekend fucking the whole time. It’s really handy as she has her own place and lives in a nearby town - that’ll enable him to see her often and pop over there whenever he’s feeling horny for her tight, little holes. He told me she struggled to take his big cock but that she’s eager to take it all. I can’t wait to buy her presents and sexy lingerie that I know he’ll love to see her in. I love to treat his other girls well - it turns me on so much to do it, especially when the lingerie is so small and pretty for their slender bodies.


    How you doing?

    I’m well, thank you! Feeling quite horny today thinking back to last Wednesday night when he cucked me again (second time fucking his newest slut). She lives fairly close by so he’ll be seeing her a lot more and hopefully quite regularly. I’m excited to see how their relationship develops.


    Do you ever fantasize about your husband getting another woman pregnant?

    Absolutely! It’s a massive taboo and I’d never want it to happen really, but as a fantasy it turns me on so much! I love the idea of being made to look after their baby while they continue enjoying each other. She’d introduce me to her friends and family as the Nanny and they’d have no idea she had stolen my husband’s spunk.