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    Ever since they arranged to see each other again next Thursday, I feel like my horniness has sky-rocketed and I’m constantly wet and throbbing thinking about them fucking and enjoying each other. She’s so hot and petite and sexy and he’s so hard and hungry for her tight little pussy. I’m so excited for them that they will be reunited. I hope she enjoys feeling his married cock ploughing into her again after so many months and I know he’s going to enjoy having her gripping his shaft with her cunt. I bet they’ll both cum so hard!


    After what has felt like a lifetime, plans are afoot for him to go and see his Babygirl again next week and I cannot wait to be cucked again! To be honest, I don’t quite know how he’s held off for this long so I’m sure he’s going to explode an absolutely massive load of his married spunk deep into her perfectly tight little hole and fill her right up! Roll on next week!

    I’d been edging for days and so was a hot, wet mess by the time we got to bed that evening. As we lay there side by side, we started to talk about her - his Babygirl - and about how he’d love to have her stay over for a whole weekend. He told me that she’d sleep in our bed with him and that I’d be banished to the spare room, alone. He said if I was lucky I might hear the bed creaking as he ploughed her tight, little pussy too. Then he said “I could send you a picture of my cum dribbling out of her pussy”. Hearing him talk about barebacking her tipped me over the edge and I wound up begging him to fuck me. He’d gotten rock hard talking about her so climbed on top and began to pound me hard, all the while thinking about her....

    I love our life!

    After edging for two days and turning into a dripping mess of horn, last night he gave me some much-needed relief. He started by stroking my clit and feeling my wetness with his fingers as he told me how much he’s looking forward to playing with his new girl. She’s calling him Daddy and he’s named her his Babygirl. Hearing that made me so much more hungry for him. He continued explaining how he was going to enjoy her tight, young body and that he couldn’t wait to taste her sweet pussy. With that, he moved between my thighs and began to lap at my throbbing clit. He’s so good with his tongue and knows exactly how to get me off. I writhed and moaned as his mouth expertly worked my pussy and I told him I couldn’t wait for him to fuck his Babygirl. He slipped a finger into my dripping hole and began to tease it in and out, in rhythm with his tongue. I thought about how in a weeks time, he’d be doing the same thing to his Babygirl and how tight she’d feel around his finger. That thought tipped me over the edge and a big, shaking orgasm ripped through me. I held his head against my pussy as I came and I tried to savour that feeling - I probably wouldn’t get to feel his tongue again for a while. I so desperately wanted to return the favour but he was content to cuddle me to sleep instead. I’m sure he’s saving himself for his Babygirl.