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2021-04-11 17:36:14

    Last night I finally got my much need release. 🙌🏻😆💦

    There’s a supermarket we stop into every day on our way to work (to buy lunch food) and there’s a girl that he’s been flirting with whenever we go in. She’s about 20, short, very naturally pretty and has mousey brown hair. It’s impossible to tell exactly what her figure is like under her work uniform, but she looks like she’d be fit and perky. As he teased my hard nipples and my dripping, throbbing, needy pussy, he told me about how much he’d love to fuck her. He likes the idea of me having to see her every day knowing that he’s enjoyed pounding her sweet, young holes. Every day I’d be reminded of his lust and need for younger, hotter girls.... after weeks of denial, it didn’t take long at all before I was writhing and bucking with a delicious orgasm. I’m a happy little cuck wife! 😊

    And so begins anoher day home alone, ravenously horny and denied. He knows I’ll spend the day dripping and throbbing and winding myself up with tumblr filth. He doesn’t even need to actively tease me as I take care of that myself... something I do need to get back into though is pumping my nipples as I’ve been bad at doing that. But that’s not going to help my plight since it feels so good. And I’ve been getting an inordinate amount of messages and asks too; all adding to my excitement and torment. You guys are awesome and cruel in equal measure! 😫😘

    Woke Up Horny

    This morning I woke up with an aching wetness between my legs. I don’t recall my dream from last night, but obviously something had got me excited! I’ve since spent the last couple of hours surfing Tumblr and getting even wetter; looking at other hot cuckquean posts and fantasising about wearing a chastity belt (because we all know that edging is fun!). I love the idea of being a chaste wife. My husband would only ever fuck other women and I would never feel his cock inside my pussy again. All of his sexual desires and lust would be satisfied by others… After all, other women are superior anyway, so it makes sense.


    This was as close as his wife ever got to sex anymore. Catching the drips of his girlfriends pussy in her mouth as he fucked her in the ass above her. After 10 years in chastity…she would take anything she could get!


    Love the idea of becoming a chaste wife, with my husband only ever fucking other women. 🔥🔥🔥