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    This our forever

    Since I’d been edging for three days and was dripping with juice, he thought he’d tease me last night. He told me more about how he’s looking for a really petite, young slut with perky little tits and tight holes. He said “I want her to still be in her teens. 18 would be perfect”. He’s planning to train her ass to take his big married cock. He also said “I love it when they’re really small because it means I can throw them around like a fuck doll - I can move them into any position I want”. As if I wasn’t already horny enough, hearing him talk about his desire for a tiny slut made me even wetter. My clit throbbed as I imagined his big hands on her little body. I’m not petite, so knowing thats what he’s lusting after is deliciously humiliating. He then went on to add “and even when I’ve got a few girls on the go, I’m still thinking about the next pussy I can fuck. It’s addictive. I’m always wanting another and another. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting that”. And it was right then that I realised it… this is our forever.