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    Today is one of those days in which I'm home all day, making myself less attractive in order to make him crave other superior girls more. I'm bra-less so that my drooping tits will sag further and I've also got them tied up to keep them flat. I'm stuffing my face with snacks too to stay chubby and soft so that his sluts will always be thinner and prettier than me (they already are, but I'm making it even easier for them now).

    I thought it was high time I showed a bit of flesh on here. This is me at work, at my desk, feeling horny because my husband had taken the day off to spend it fucking one of his gorgeous 20 year old fuckbuddies. In the seediest fashion possible, he had booked a hotel room for day use only just so he could sink his cock deep into her tight little cunt. And all the while I was stuck at work, only able to imagine how much he was enjoying feeling her holes wrapped around his shaft.

    Tight little 20 year olds...

    My husband seems to be a magnet for hot young women at the moment. His latest fuck buddy is a petite little 20 year old with perky tits, a tight ass and a pussy that can barely accommodate his huge dick. And unsurprisingly, he’s loving it. Tonight he’s out on a date with yet another 20 year old. This girl has big tits and a wild nature, so I’m looking forward to hearing about what they got up to.