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    I think you should let him go have some nice tight young pussy while you stay home eat ice cream and rub grind and hump that fat cunt on furniture.

    He’ll definitely be going to see her whether I’m in the mood or not. He did actually buy me some yummy stuff for dinner and dessert. I’m having a burger with bacon and cheese followed by apple pie for afters. 🐷

    His new girl

    He’s got himself another new girl and I’m so happy about it. She’s 28, very petite, brunette and a bit shy. However, she’s very keen and wants to explore loads of nasty stuff with him. She’s into Daddy/little stuff, as well as being spanked and degraded. I’m so pleased for him that he’s found a new hot slut to play with a potentially a new Princess. They’ve fucked twice so far but he hasn’t yet spent the whole night with her, though this will happen soon I’m sure. He’s told me he can’t wait to spend a weekend fucking the whole time. It’s really handy as she has her own place and lives in a nearby town - that’ll enable him to see her often and pop over there whenever he’s feeling horny for her tight, little holes. He told me she struggled to take his big cock but that she’s eager to take it all. I can’t wait to buy her presents and sexy lingerie that I know he’ll love to see her in. I love to treat his other girls well - it turns me on so much to do it, especially when the lingerie is so small and pretty for their slender bodies.


    Do you ever fantasize about your husband getting another woman pregnant?

    Absolutely! It’s a massive taboo and I’d never want it to happen really, but as a fantasy it turns me on so much! I love the idea of being made to look after their baby while they continue enjoying each other. She’d introduce me to her friends and family as the Nanny and they’d have no idea she had stolen my husband’s spunk.


    “Tell me how much hotter I am than your girlfriend. Tell me how much bigger my tits are than hers. What are they, four times as big? Six times? Huh? My pussy’s tighter too, isn’t it? Will you ever want to fuck her again after fucking me?”


    One of the hottest things ever was when he told me that his Princess’s pussy was tighter than mine. I came so hard and I still think about it when I’m edging. Delicious!


    For me, I love humilation in cucking but what kind of effect does it have on your marriage that you don't have sex with eachother? Don't you miss that connection? Also, is your husband even attracted to you, since you said you keep yourself fat so that he'll keep fucking other women? If my man actually preferred other women that much, I would probably lose interest in him since personally, I need to feel attractive in a relationship. What are your personal feelings on this?

    Thanks for your ask. This is actually a really important thing for me to answer. My husband and I have an incredibly intimate relationship, despite not often having sex. We’re constantly touching, hugging and kissing and we’re incredibly playful together. Our relationship is about so much more than sex so that’s why we’re able to remain so deeply in love. In terms of attractiveness, he tells me all the time that I’m beautiful / gorgeous / pretty etc so he does find me attractive. However, it’s for me that I make myself look a certain way. He always makes me feel wanted, needed and loved so there’s no feeling of “missing out” when it comes to not having sex. Instead, it’s incredibly horny to us both.

    I’m really tired and should be going to bed as I’ve got to get up early for work tomorrow, but I’m just too horny wondering what he’s getting up to right now. He’s left me at home with my imagination, saggy boobs, chubby body and wet pussy while he enjoys the tight, young, perky body of a girl I’ve never met. I’ll only find out what happened when he tells me tomorrow. And even then it’ll be what he chooses to share. I’ll never know if there was something they did that he wanted to keep to himself or if they overstepped any of our boundaries. But that just makes it all the more exciting.

    Going to bed alone tonight while he’s in a nearby city with his newest fuck toy (yes, she’s black. How did you guess?! 😆) She’s also younger, thinner and sexier than me. Lucky him! And lucky me for being put in my place and reminded of how he needs to fuck around to fulfil his true desires 🔥💦

    Early Start

    I got up at 5am this morning and since then, I’ve been edging. Something tells me this is going to be a long day.... especially since I’m at work now and can only secretly wriggle in my chair and sneak to the Ladies to tease my nipples and feel my wetness. I’d give anything to be rammed up against the wall and pounded hard right now while being told other women were hotter and sexier. 😍


    I can’t quite express properly just how much being a cuckquean turns me on. It’s not just a slight interest or a mild excitement; instead it consumes my whole body. My mind is alight with salacious, deprived and delicious thoughts while my pussy throbs and drips juice down my leg. My underwear soaks through and my nipples grow to be rock hard. My breathing deepens, my pupils dilate. All I want is to be cucked. To be humiliated. To be dominated and put in my place. I crave cuckqueanism. I need it. I live it. I love it.

    My challenge

    He’s going away on a business trip tomorrow for a week and he’s set me a challenge for whilst he’s gone... instead of being denied, he wants me to make myself cum twice each day, while thinking about him fucking younger, hotter, tighter girls (that won’t be a challenge for me as that’s what I usually think about anyway 😆). I’m also really excited to find out what he gets up to on his trip...

    Supermarket Blonde (again!)

    This morning I needed to use the facilities at the supermarket so told him I’d meet him after, by the main entrance to the store. I return to find him flirting with the hot blonde again. She’s laughing and throws her head back as she does, his eyes are fixed on her perfect body. As I approach, neither of them notices me or alters their gaze. I’m by his side and still neither of them acknowledge me. It was only because another customer arrived and asked her a question that their exchange halted. I felt a bit humiliated and deliciously turned on. I wish he’d hurry up and fuck her already!


    It doesn’t usually take much for me to get excited about cuck stuff anyway, but at the minute I feel like I’m in heat. I’m waking up each day already so horny and excited and wet and I just want to be put in my cucky place. Today is no exception... I’m looking forward to a day of teasing and humiliation as he tells me all about why his Babygirl is sexier than me. Yum!

    You couldn’t believe it had come to this. As you sat tied up in the corner, gagged and helpless, your husband’s girlfriend showed you who was boss. “Look at this bitch, I don’t even need to use my hands. Look how big and hard his cock is! He told me he can’t get it up for you anymore, you saggy old cow. But don’t worry, I can take care of his needs and make sure he doesn’t waste any of his cum on you. It’ll all be going down my throat, or on my superior tits, or in my ass or better still, deep into my tight little fertile pussy. That’s right - we won’t be using any protection. Aw, don’t cry you pathetic little cuck! You’ll still have a role... in 9 months time you can look after our baby so that we’ll be free to keep fucking. Now shut up and watch how hard he cums!”