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2021-04-11 17:36:14

    Catsuits (again)

    So as I’ve mentioned - once or twice before 🙈 - I’m rather partial to a woman in a pvc/latex catsuit. It’s something I’ve loved since I was a hormonal and horny teenage girl when I saw a woman wearing one on some soft core porn on latenight tv. I remember feeling so excited and turned on by it. I think that’s when I realised I was bi. Anyway, eve since I’ve been a cuckquean I’ve been keen for my husband to fuck a catsuit-clad woman. I’d be more than happy to buy one for one of his girls so I’m hoping that with his Babygirl’s enjoyment of kitten play, she’ll be open to the idea. Here’s hoping!

    This was the first time they let me into the same room.

    “We’ve decided you’re allowed to touch today” my husband told me. “Don’t be shy - go ahead”.

    I marvelled at the sight before me. He knew women in latex catsuits were one of my biggest weaknesses. I coyly reached out and stroked her beaufitul, wet slit.

    “Feel how superior her pussy is. Now do you understand why I enjoy fucking her so much?”

    “Yes” I replied.

    “Good! Now off you go. You can listen at the door as I plough my cock into her perfectly tight cunt”.