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    My pussy was already throbbing and dripping wet when he touched my thigh. My heart was racing in my chest as my nipples stood erect, anticipating his next move. My clit was burning with desire, so desperate to be stroked and I could feel my breathing become heavier as he started whispering in my ear. “Tell me what’s got you so excited”, he asked. His hand edged closer to my pussy and brushed my mound, falling short of my swollen clit. “I...”, before I could finish my sentence his hand lunged at my clit and squeezed it gently. I gasped in delight and felt my chest heave with lust. “I can’t wait for you to fuck Babygirl again”, I continued. “I miss knowing you’ve been enjoying her body and pounding her tight little cunt”. By this point, his fingers were expertly circling my throbbing clit and I was hanging on his every move, like an obedient little cuckquean. “I miss fucking her too”, he purred. “She’s so hot and tight and petite. She’s going to look incredible in that catsuit”. I felt myself blushing at how I had ordered my husband’s girlfriend a pvc catsuit earlier that day. “Mmm, I’m so excited that you’ll get to fuck her as she wears that”, I admitted. He knew how much I’d always loved women in pvc so it made sense that his Babygirl have one to wear while he fucks her. “Perhaps I’ll make her send you some pictures of my cum dribbling out of her pussy while she’s wearing the catsuit”, he said, as his pace quickened on my juicy clit. The thought of seeing my husband’s seed trickling out of the sweet little hole of his Babygirl drove me wild. “Mmmm, yes!” I exclaimed, feeling myself close to the edge. My whole body felt sensitive to the rhythm of his fingers. “You want me to fuck her bareback, don’t you? You want your husband to pump her full of cum”. He hungrily asked. “Yes! Yes I do. I need that!”, I moaned, as a huge orgasm emanated from my clit, through my aching pussy and up to my chest. I writhed and moaned as he continued to stroke my slit until I put my hand on his, signalling him to stop...

    Since his Babygirl no longer has a covid bubble (and we never had one ourselves anyway) we’ve decided to bubble up with her starting next week. Which means I will finally get to be cucked again properly and I CANT WAIT! 🙌🏻

    When we talked about it last night, he told me how he’s missed teasing her perky little tits, tasting her wetness and feeling how tight her pussy is around his cock. Obviously that made me drip with excitement so he stroked my clit and made me cum so easily as he talked about filling her with his married seed. I so desperately wanted his cock afterwards but he wouldn’t let me have it! I guess he’s saving it for her.

    “Honey, I’m home!” she sung as she arrived back from Christmas shopping. Putting her bags down in the hallway, she could hear strange noises coming from somewhere in the house. “Baby?” she called out, hoping for an answer. “Where are you?”. Still nothing. She checked the kitchen, but there was no sign of her husband there. As she headed towards the living room, the noises became louder. She pushed open the door and there on the sofa, was her husband and some girl she didn’t recognise. For a second, she stood transfixed on them; her husband’s cock was rock hard as this stranger slid her tight little pussy up and down his shaft. They had been kissing passionately this whole time and hadn’t flinched to acknowledge her presence. “I, uh, I’m sorry for interrupting” she coyly said. “I didn’t realise we had company”. Still they continued to fuck and kiss. “I’ll make some dinner, shall I?” and with that, she returned to the kitchen to begin cooking for her husband and his guest, who would inevitably be hungry after their session. She was becoming used to her place in their marriage now and whilst her heart twinged with jealousy, her pussy ached with excitement. “Just as well our sofa is wipe-clean” she thought to herself, as she prepped the dinner.

    She was so obsessed with her new married lover that she’d do anything to please him. Which included wearing a tight latex catsuit to show off her tiny body and perky tits - something he could never enjoy at home from his chubby wife with her sagging boobs. She also agreed to let him fuck her ass, even though his cock was huge and it hurt at first. But she’d do anything to make sure he kept coming back to fuck her.