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2021-04-11 17:36:14

    Ever since they arranged to see each other again next Thursday, I feel like my horniness has sky-rocketed and I’m constantly wet and throbbing thinking about them fucking and enjoying each other. She’s so hot and petite and sexy and he’s so hard and hungry for her tight little pussy. I’m so excited for them that they will be reunited. I hope she enjoys feeling his married cock ploughing into her again after so many months and I know he’s going to enjoy having her gripping his shaft with her cunt. I bet they’ll both cum so hard!

    In answer to all 3 questions:

    The youngest my husband would consider is 18 and that’s also the youngest I’d feel comfortable with. There’s something really horny about a fresh 18 year old who’s happy to be corrupted by an older married man. Even better that she knows his wife gets off on it. As for the oldest - good question! I don’t know if there’s a strict number to be put on that as it’s so much about the person and their sexiness, but I’m thinking around 50 maybe?

    Lockdown has got me having weird dreams whilst I’m deprived of being properly cucked. The other night I dreamt we were walking down the street and this really hot, big fitted, fake looking bimbo passed us and he told me he’d fucked her and seeded her pussy full of babies. Given that in real life he doesn’t know about my impregnation fantasy, it was so hot to hear him say that.... even if it was only in dreamland.

    I’d been edging for days and so was a hot, wet mess by the time we got to bed that evening. As we lay there side by side, we started to talk about her - his Babygirl - and about how he’d love to have her stay over for a whole weekend. He told me that she’d sleep in our bed with him and that I’d be banished to the spare room, alone. He said if I was lucky I might hear the bed creaking as he ploughed her tight, little pussy too. Then he said “I could send you a picture of my cum dribbling out of her pussy”. Hearing him talk about barebacking her tipped me over the edge and I wound up begging him to fuck me. He’d gotten rock hard talking about her so climbed on top and began to pound me hard, all the while thinking about her....

    I love our life!

    I’m still waiting on him to write about what he got up to with his Babygirl last time they met. I’m going to have to badger him about it again as I love having something to read about their exploits. He was meant to see her last night too but she’s unwell at the minute so had to postpone. But, next Thursday is on instead so I’ll have to wait until then to be cucked again.

    As soon as I get the writing from him, I’ll share it here. 😊


    I think you should let him go have some nice tight young pussy while you stay home eat ice cream and rub grind and hump that fat cunt on furniture.

    He’ll definitely be going to see her whether I’m in the mood or not. He did actually buy me some yummy stuff for dinner and dessert. I’m having a burger with bacon and cheese followed by apple pie for afters. 🐷


    I’m not really in the right mood for him to go out and see his slut tonight. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m usually more up for it when it isn’t happening 🙄. I’m hoping I’ll get into it later when he’s actually out enjoying her.

    In the meantime, I’ll have to find some some Cuckquean porn to edge over and get myself wet. Or feel free to send me messages that you think might help 😉