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    Hey there! As social media becomes more and more inhospitible for the local user, I wanted to post some useful/fun links to just about anything I can think of! Enjoy! Also, if you'd like an invite to the P!rated Games discord, lmk! ^_^

    I AM CURRENTLY STILL UPDATING THIS POST AND I WILL REBLOG IT WHEN I ADD TO IT! Feel free to comment things I've missed, I'm sure there's way more than this came from!

    EDIT 1: Here's the link to the google doc! Link it on your webrings and sites! Share on twitter! <3 be free my little links!


    CURLIE: THE COLLECTOR OF URLs (Curlie strives to be the largest human-edited directory of the Web. You can save sites and create your own mini webring!)

    Internet Archive (A collection of over 818 Billion websites, books, movies, music, and more. Hosts the Wayback Machine, which can be used to access a multitude of sites, given they were indexed in time.)

    Wiby (Human submission search engine for older webrings, as well as a how-to guide on how to develop your own search engine)

    Unicode Text Converter (Easy way to make your text illegible to Google but be warned, it will make screen readers malfuction)

    Embed Responsively (Easily convert links and embeds to work responsively within your site - perfect for neocities!)

    Generator Land (Generate a list or prompt for just about anything!)

    GifCities (Part of the Internet Archive, a special project done as part of the 20th anniversary in an effort to save data from GeoCities. Find a gif for just about anything!)

    Animated Images (Another gif repository, though this one is easier to search and includes small animations.)

    Gifs-Paradise (Another gif repository. I swear I collect these. Searchable and categorized.)

    ASCII Art Archive (Database of ASCII Art, also known as text art)

    Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection (Another, arguably larger, ASCII Art database)

    MelonLand (A web project and online arts community that celebrates homepages, virtual worlds, the world-wide-web and the digital lives that all netizins share, here at the dawn of the digital age. See their thoughts and the WEB REVIVAL they're starting.)

    Sadgrl Webrings (Webrings brought to us by Sadgrl.Online - 60+ different ones to be exact) and Sadgrl Links (70+ links just like the ones in this post)

    Districts at Neocities (Remember neighborhoods on Geocities? Imagine that but for Neocities!)

    Neocities Banners (Banners from all across neocities. Blinkies, banners and more leading all over the web. Mostly 88x31, though there are bigger ones too. Technically counts as a webring.)

    Blinkies.cafe (Site for blinkies where you can even make your own! I get most of my blinkies here and off DeviantArt.)

    88x31 Collection (Possibly the largest collection I've seen for 88x31 buttons)

    90's Cursor Effects (Want a funky cursor for your blog or website? Wanna be able to realtime preview what cursors would look like? Come get some code!)

    The Malware Museum (Interact with malware and viruses from the 80s and 90s through emulation! No nasty virus interactions needed :D )


    Library Genesis - LIBGEN (Scientific journals - dedicated to archiving every science journal and their articles in existence.)

    Information Mesh (A web platform celebrating the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web that explores social, technical, cultural and legal facts throughout different interactive timelines.)

    Web Design Museum (Over 2,000 sorted websites showing web design trends from '96 to '06.)

    The History of the Web (A twice monthly newsletter about web history, and the incredible people that built it. Goes from 1989 to present.)

    Field Guide to Web Accessibility (Principles and applications to every day web scenarios in order to make the web a more friendly place!)

    CARI - Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute (an online community and collective association of researchers and designers dedicated to carrying on the important work of categorizing "consumer aesthetics" from the late midcentury, when work on the subject somewhat trailed off, through today.)

    The Eye (Archive consisting of 140TB of books, websites, games, software, or anything else you can really think of.)

    The Uncensored Library (A project from Reporters without Borders, where they use a loophole using Minecraft to distribute information.)

    National Gallery of Art Public Domain (The National Gallery of Art has an open access policy for images of works of art in their permanent collection which the Gallery believes to be in the public domain. Images of these works are available for download free of charge for any use, whether commercial or non-commercial.)

    Library of Congress Public Domain (Features items from the Library's digital collections that are free to use and reuse. The Library believes that this content is either in the public domain, has no known copyright, or has been cleared by the copyright owner for public use.)

    Public Domain Review (an online journal and not-for-profit project dedicated to the exploration of curious and compelling works from the history of art, literature, and ideas.)

    New York Public Library Public Domain (Our digitized collections are available as machine-readable data: over one million records for you to search, crawl and compute.)

    Official articles from NASA (PubSpace is NASA's designated public access repository. It is a collection of NASA-funded scholarly publications within the STI Repository, aiming to increase access to federally funded research in accordance with NASA Public Access Policy.)

    Universal Hint System (Wanna get some vague help for an older video game without getting spoiled? Check out these awesome hints!)

    Smithsonian Open Access (Download, share, and reuse millions of 2D and 3D digital items from their 21 museums, 9 research centers, libraries, archives, and the National Zoo.)

    Instructables (Wanna know how to make just about anything? Check here!)

    QZAP Zine Archive (Archive of LGBT+ Zines, began in 2003 with zines dating back all the way to the 1970s. NSFW AT TIMES, BROWSE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

    P!racy Masterpost (Tumblr-based masterpost of game piracy, last updated 2021. A bit old but some of the stuff there is still good. If this link breaks, please contact me.)

    P!rated Games Megathread (masterpost created by r/P!ratedGames includes required components as well as anything else you need. NOTE: PLEASE HAVE SOME SORT OF PROTECTION WHEN NAVIGATING THIS SITE)

    Geocities Gallery (A website hosting a working archive for many abandoned Geocities Sites.)

    Snipplr (Code Snippet repository. Great for coding issues.)

    GeoCities (Archived) (Great for searching ancient webrings for gifs and website ideas. Not so great for downloads.)

    Freeware Guide (Archived) (The Freeware-Guide died sometime in 2021 [we think March] but it's still full of VERY valuable information. Links are broken pretty much all the way through, but the names of software as well as what they do can be useful in finding them elsewhere thru some google searching)

    Peelopaalu (Where I got a good handful of these links - AND THERE'S MORE!!!)

    The Simple Site (More links to so much more cool stuff!)


    Untitled - Paint (An in-browser version of classic Microsoft Paint!)

    KidPix (In-browser version of classic KidPix for the public domain!)

    Pixel Logic - A Guide to Pixel Art (Comprehensive guide to making cool art for $10 USD, updated semi-frequently and you get all new versions for free)

    SAI - Bootlegged (A version of SAI with a multitude of brushes and textures pre-installed. Quite literally the only thing I use to draw aside from Clip Studio Paint.)

    Stripe Generator (Need some easy stripes for an art piece? Can't be bothered to try and space stripes evenly? This is for you!)

    Photopea (Free online photo editor supporting files for Adobe Photoshop, XCF, Sketch App, Adobe XD, and CorelDRAW, as well as many more!)

    blender (A FOREVER free and Open Source software for 3D Modeling, full of tutorials and assets. I feel like most people don't know it's completely free to play with)

    Vertex Meadow (A web-browser tool that renders 2D images as explorable 3D terrain. With it you can create detailed and unusual 3D environments to explore using a 2D paint-program-like interface.)

    OpenGameArt (Need art for your game but you're not an artist? Consider checking here first [or just hire a real artist looking for work on here!])


    BandLab (Social music platform that enables creators to make music and share their creative process with musicians and fans. Completely free with an option to set up stripe where you get 100% OF PROFITS. Available for apple/android/desktop)

    JummBox (Free online beat-maker with a very simple interface that runs on your browser)

    Mydora (Mydora is a continuous streaming player that gives you a deep dive into the lost archives of Myspace Music, based on some recovered data called the Dragon Hoard, with some additional metadata (most notably the locations and genres) from a different scan of Myspace conducted back in 2009. Contains 490,000+ songs, only a fraction of what was wiped out.)

    Radiooooo (A place where people are able to play hit songs from the decade of their choosing from whatever country they wish.)

    WFMU (Independent freeform radio broadcasting. Currently ongoing.)

    Gnoosic (A sort-of music search engine that finds you songs/bands based off of your music taste.)

    Khinsider (3.1 TB worth of video game soundtracks)

    Radio.garden (Listen to thousands of radio stations all around the world.)


    FrogLand (The purpose of Frogland is to show that the Internet can indeed provide a wealth of useful information and still be fun. Mainly, this site is dedicated to the many teachers out there who are finding new uses for the Internet as a tool for educating youngsters. Hopefully, it will inspire some young minds to find new interest in herpetology, biology, and environmental issues...not to mention providing some inspiration for young future computer "wizzes"! No longer active but still useful.)

    Windows 98 icon Viewer (Want clear jpgs of all the Windows 98 symbols and icons? They're all here!)

    GifyPet (Create your own embeded pet that people can play with and feed when they visit your page! See my version HERE [only works on desktop tho])

    Ultimate Mushroom (Like the idea of picking mushrooms in your area but no idea what to look for? Check out this info hub!)

    Gif Gallery (Another gif repositiory, only sorted by being numbered 1-100,000. Fun and silly, not so much useful unless you're looking for random gifs. Part of the MelonLand Webring)

    Interesting DOS Programs (A host of DOS programming, guides and links.)

    Internet Archive: MS-DOS Games (8,000 games right in your web browser! Your browser can play DOOM!)

    Tiled Backgrounds (Need some small jpegs for easy website bg tiling? Browse this collection sorted by color.)

    cOOl & EMO tEXt cOnVERTer xXX (Flashing warning. Wanna type like you're in the 2000s? Need a funny Green Day lyric as a caption? This is probably the best place for you.)

    0x40 (Flashing Warning. Anime images synced with music. Fun for parties, lol)

    WebGL Fluid Simulation (In browser fluid simulator, great for art backgrounds and desktop wallpapers.)

    Flashpoint (The biggest collection of preserved Flash Games and Animations)

    NCase (Free games and open source projects from Nicky [THESE ARE REALLY COOL AND FUN, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND])

    Your World of Text (A huge interactive text doc that anyone can add to anonymously.)

    Text To Speech (TTS in more than 30 languages and over 180 voices.)

    ASCII Art Generator (Make ASCII Art from any image.)

    Petit Tube (Random Youtube videos with less than 10 views)

    Noclip Website (Noclip around various video game maps in your browser!)

    Monster Mash (Create and animate some monsters in browser! You can also download their files.)

    Italian SF soldier Antonio Metruccio in Afghanistan after a firefight with a 1000 yard stare.

    A Vietnam vet tells his story of why he thinks many of the men who served there suffered from PTSD. WARNING: he uses very graphic descriptions of the atrocities of war that he witnessed.

    Why do some war veterans, even if they return home, continue to psychologically relive the tragedies of war for many years?

    Soldiers, from ancient history to modern times have had memories they wish they could forget keep popping into their minds every so often. PTSD has been around before we knew what it was.

    Can you imagine the Roman Legionary? Hand to hand combat with swords, face to face. They had no one to talk to to help them out.

    Like paramedics, police and firemen and first responders, combat troops have seen things, at a very young age mind you, that stays with them and although buried in a ‘safe’ vault in their minds, sometimes those memories do surface at the most inopportune times or a sound or smell triggers them.

    The following are mine. I was a tank crewman with the 11th. Armored Cavalry and we had seen a lot of action in III Corps in Vietnam. We had a black rearing horse as a shoulder patch, we were known for being hard chargers and yes, we were cocky bastards. We knew we were good and good morale is an important thing in a combat unit. I was eighteen, nineteen.

    I write the following taken from the chicken scratches in my journal because people ask the same questions over and over. Why did Vietnam soldiers have such bad memories and PTSD? Caution, these stories aren’t pretty and writing them, I’m reliving them again. I’m going to a have a very big glass of scotch when I’m finished and watch a comedy movie.

    We were in actual combat much more than our WWII and Korean War brothers. We always seemed to be out there patrolling, on search and destroy missions, thunder runs, on troop support and Army grunts, Marines, Brown Water Sailors and pilots were forever, or so it seemed, in combat.

    The only time you were out of it was when your DERO’S came around and you went home. For a year or two depending on how many tours you took, you were in continual combat with the VC or the NVA.

    Here are some of my memories:

    Some have a hard time for the rest of their lives because of memories. Others seem to be able to handle it. As an Armored Cavalry tank crewman, I have seen some bad things including watching the ACAV that my best friend was driving blown to bits. He was carrying ammo and an RPG ripped into its aluminum hull like a hot knife through butter. I had to keep operating my tank after seeing that. I had a job to do but later I could see him in his hatch before we pulled out punching his fist into the air with a big smile on his face as he looked at me, and I can also see the fireball consume his ACAV just to the left and ahead of my tank.

    I have written about some of the things I have seen and some of those things, no man should see. They made the beginning of the movie Private Ryan look like a cake walk.

    I have watched as a grunt got the bottom half of his body blown away at the waist, then try to crawl forward on his elbows a few feet before falling dead. I had to steer my tank to 10:00 o’clock so I wouldn’t run over him.

    I have seen a trooper get cut cleanly in half, the top part of his body landing standing up on the ground looking like he was buried waist high in the dirt like at the beach. He wasn’t. I saw his head looking around before he died. That image I can’t get rid of. What was he thinking? Did he know what happened to him at that instant?

    I saw a tank commander get hit in the tank just in front of us from an RPG round that hit him squarely in the head. I remember seeing the gunner and loader pull the body out of his cupola and lay his body on the back deck of the tank. The gunner then got into the TC’s cupola and took over his job as the loader jumped back down into his hatch. What the hell else are you going to do? You have to keep going.

    I saw body after body after body of young GIs torn apart and covered with ponchos.

    I have seen new guys who just got up to the line cut down because when the enemy AKs opened up, instead of getting down, they looked around to see where the fire was coming from. I remember seeing two bodies laying under ponchos, one had no boots sticking out of the poncho as he had no legs and the other had wispy blonde hair sticking out of the end of his.

    I got immune to death. I was an old timer at eighteen years old. I saw death and my first thought was always, ‘Christ, I’m glad it wasn’t me.’ All I cared about was getting home in one piece. I saw lots of men die but I grew callous and it didn’t seem to bother me, until I got home.

    Then I saw the young faces, the torn bodies, and the actions they died in played out in slow motion. As a tank driver, these are the sights I saw through my scopes.

    I can still see a lieutenant’s face grimace in pain as he was shot in the legs twice and fell in front of my tank about twenty five feet away. I can still feel the urgency I felt as I jumped out of my hatch with my TC screaming at me to get back in and I can still feel the heavy weight of the lieutenant’s body as I pulled him to safety with rounds cracking around me, one hitting the bottom of my flak vest. It was the look on his face as he looked at our tank. We must have seemed a mile away.

    He got home ok, so did I. But the horror I relive is what might have happened, I could easily have died there and been one of the guys covered in a poncho in a strange, wet, stinking jungle. My parents and sisters would have to live on without me. That’s the thought that haunts me even today. What if?

    I remember as an M48A3 was being pulled out of the muck as it had sunk up the the support or return rollers. Two M48s were double heading as they pulled. One of the steel lines snapped. Like a buzz saw, it caught an unsuspecting trooper who was standing a little too close and cut him cleanly in half. It was his time, that’s all. In war whether you were in combat or not, it comes down to fate and luck, that was it. His buddy who was standing just behind him was fine. It wasn’t his time. The stricken trooper was still alive and the medic kept comforting him and telling him he will be okay. He died in the medics arms. I’m sure that medic has dreams of that event.

    But strangely enough I lived my life with little effects of PTSD, though I do believe I have some. Dreams are what I had. I did not ever feel like killing myself. Once in a while the sights come back. The dreams or nightmares have subsided thank God, but loud sudden noises still make me jump. I was told. Y another vet not to feel embarrassed when that happens, that’s what kept me alive.

    The feelings sometimes come back when watching movies. Happy feelings of camaraderie watching Fury or horrific feelings as in Private Ryan when their medic gets hit and they are kneeling around him trying to keep him alive. They couldn’t.

    I went through that exact thing on the back deck of my tank when we were loading up with wounded as the Slicks could not get in. I tried plugging the big gaping wound of a very young red headed GI who was gasping and trying to reach out to me. I promised I’d get him back alive telling him to take it easy. I promised him and I didn’t keep my promise. He died with me trying to stop the flow of blood from his stomach with my fatigue shirt. I remember the last words I said to him. “Take it easy man, we’re going to get you home to your Mom.” He was taken off our tank to make room for more wounded and he had a poncho draped over him.

    These are the stories I keep to myself but am telling them to let out some of the pressure. It feels good to let it out and to show young people that there is no glory in war. I live with it. I can do that. Many combat veterans have written books and many others talk about their experiences on Quora so that others will understand what they went through. I read their stories. They’re good. Some have written books.

    Some can’t talk about it and I feel very, very bad for them because I know exactly what they are seeing. They are seeing things no man should have to see.

    My worst dream is being in my tank and it’s on fire and I can’t get out because for some reason there are no hatches. I wake up with my wife holding me trying to calm me down and telling me it’s ok, and I feel so embarrassed about it after because I’m supposed to be the strong one protecting her.l not the other way around.

    Anyway, I handled it with family. My wife, sisters, parents, especially my dad who was a WWII combat vet. They didn’t ask stupid questions, didn’t pretend to understand. They were just there when I needed them.

    Writing and staying in touch with my crew helped the most. Brotherhood. Being a professional drummer helped, my band was now my brothers and being on stage playing was my high that took the place of combat.

    Grisly sights. There are no words in the English language to describe those sights to someone who has never seen them.

    There is no use talking about them to someone who has never seen them. But maybe if they read them, they can picture it. Picture the horror.

    I have opened up on Quora because I want it to be known what we saw and experienced so that we won’t again hear the question, “Why do you Vietnam vets have so much PTSD?” We did because we were in a hell of a lot of combat. More than our WWII brothers.

    Many of us came home changed. Many experienced the ‘thousand yard stare’ after combat and still had it when they got home. Got home too fast, too quickly without a pause between. Left young, came home old.

    (Sorry folks. Writing this I just got into a groove. Had no idea how long it was until I finished).

    - RJ Rolland

    [Chapter 0] [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Ch 6] [Site]

    This is the last chapter! I'm a little behind schedule, so I'm going to start posting new pages one more week from now, next Friday!

    This chapter will be updating until early November, new pages on Tuesdays and Fridays like always. The crowdfunding campaign for the full book will be running right after that, from Nov - December! 

    Thanks for reading, everyone. <3 🌸


    Icewind Dale Saga

    Baldur’s Gate Saga

    Zeus Master of Olympus

    Earth 2150

    Heroes of Might & Magic 3


    Age of Empires

    Metal Fatigue



    Shogo MAD


    Knights of the Old Republic


    Roller Coaster Tycoon

    Age of Empires 2

    Mass Effect


    Mount & Blade Warband

    Knights of Honor


    Medieval 2 Total war

    Imperial Glory


    Halo 2

    Urban chaos: riot response

    Star wars: battlefront 2

    Medal of honor: European assault

    Fusion frenzy

    A general cane guide for writers and artists (from a cane user, writer, and artist!)

    Disclaimer: Though I have been using a cane for 6 years, I am not a doctor, nor am I by any means an expert. This guide is true to my experience, but there are as many ways to use a cane as there are cane users!

    This guide will not include: White canes for blindness, crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs as I have no personal experience with these.

    This is meant to be a general guide to get you started and avoid some common mishaps/misconceptions, but you absolutely should continue to do your own research outside of this guide!

    [Image text] Arm bends a little. Cane height at hip joint. Many canes have adjustable height. Cane sits within the natural center of balance. Causes stress on: Triceps, upper back, wrist (pressure) fingers (grip). Helps with: Joints (lower back, hip, knee, ankle, foot), weakness, balance, pain.

    The biggest recurring problem I've seen is using the cane on the wrong side. The cane goes on the opposite side of the pain! If your character has even-sided pain or needs it for balance/weakness, then use the cane in the non-dominant hand to keep the dominant hand free. Some cane users also switch sides to give their arm a rest!

    A cane takes about 20% of your weight off the opposite leg. It should fit within your natural gait and become something of an extension of your body. If you need more weight off than 20%, then crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair is needed.

    Putting more pressure on the cane, using it on the wrong side, or having it at the wrong height will make it less effective, and can cause long term damage to your body from improper pressure and posture. (Hugh Laurie genuinely hurt his body from years of using a cane wrong on House!)

    (an animated GIF of a cane matching the natural walking gait. It turns red when pressure is placed on it.)

    When going up and down stairs, there is an ideal standard: You want to use the handrail and the cane at the same time, or prioritize the handrail if it's only on one side. When going up stairs you lead with your good leg and follow with the cane and hurt leg together. When going down stairs you lead with the cane, then the good leg, and THEN the leg that needs help.

    Realistically though, many people don't move out of the way for cane users to access the railing, many stairs don't have railings, and many are wet, rusty, or generally not ideal to grip.

    In these cases, if you have a friend nearby, holding on to them is a good idea. Or, take it one step at a time carefully if you're alone.

    Now we come to a very common mistake I see... Using fashion canes for medical use!

    [Image text] 4 Major Handle Shapes (significant variation and uses). Tourist/Crook/Hook. Classic shape, fashion and medical, easy to hook on things (arm, door, chair, etc), generally solid wood (stronger, heavier). Offset. Newer design, not a fashion handle, only handle for quad-bases, generally better balance, usually aluminum (light + cheap), soft handle, adjustable (rattles/clicks when swinging). Derby/Fritz/Anatomical/Contour. Classic medical shape, many fashion variants, some fashion + medical, varies in many ways, sometimes contoured to hand, comes in foldable styles, many aluminum styles, many customizable styles. Knob/Decorative. Fashion exclusive, knob shape hurts the hand after prolonged pressure (especially with designs), tend to be heavy,

    (These are 4 broad shapes, but there is INCREDIBLE variation in cane handles. Research heavily what will be best for your character's specific needs!)

    The handle is the contact point for all the weight you're putting on your cane, and that pressure is being put onto your hand, wrist, and shoulder. So the shape is very important for long term use!

    Knob handles (and very decorative handles) are not used for medical use for this reason. It adds extra stress to the body and can damage your hand to put constant pressure onto these painful shapes.

    The weight of a cane is also incredibly important, as a heavier cane will cause wear on your body much faster. When you're using it all day, it gets heavy fast! If your character struggles with weakness, then they won't want a heavy cane if they can help it!

    This is also part of why sword canes aren't usually very viable for medical use (along with them usually being knob handles) is that swords are extra weight!

    However, a small knife or perhaps a retractable blade hidden within the base might be viable even for weak characters.

    [Image text] 4 Major base shapes (significant variation and uses). Adjustable base. Aluminum, standard modern medical, adjustable height, rubber base, wears down over time. Tripod/ quad base. If you need extra balance. Terrain attachment (varies, this is for ice). Removable, helps stop slipping on ice/snow/sand/etc, some canes have a retractable tip for ice. Classic base. Non-adjustable, custom only, modern standard still has a rubber base.

    Bases have a lot of variability as well, and the modern standard is generally adjustable bases. Adjustable canes are very handy if your character regularly changes shoe height, for instance (gotta keep the height at your hip!)

    Canes help on most terrain with their standard base and structure. But for some terrain, you might want a different base, or to forego the cane entirely! This article covers it pretty well.

    Many cane users decorate their canes! Stickers are incredibly common, and painting canes is relatively common as well! You'll also see people replacing the standard wrist strap with a personalized one, or even adding a small charm to the ring the strap connects to. (nothing too large, or it gets annoying as the cane is swinging around everywhere)

    Two canes side by side. The one on the left is painted a light pink, and the one on the right is painted black with a fire/lava pattern.

    (my canes, for reference)

    If your character uses a cane full time, then they might also have multiple canes that look different aesthetically to match their outfits!

    When it comes to practical things outside of the cane, you reasonably only have one hand available while it's being used. Many people will hook their cane onto their arm or let it dangle on the strap (if they have one) while using their cane arm, but it's often significantly less convenient than 2 hands. But, if you need 2 hands, then it's either setting the cane down or letting it hang!

    For this reason, optimizing one handed use is ideal! Keeping bags/items on the side of your free hand helps keep your items accessible.

    When sitting, the cane either leans against a wall or table, goes under the chair, or hooks onto the back of the chair. (It often falls when hanging off of a chair, in my experience)

    When getting up, the user will either use their cane to help them balance/support as they stand, or get up and then grab their cane. This depends on what it's being used for (balance vs pain when walking, for instance!)

    That's everything I can think of for now. Thank you for reading my long-but-absolutely-not-comprehensive list of things to keep in mind when writing or drawing a cane user!

    Happy disability pride month! Go forth and make more characters use canes!!!

    These are some of my HC for what happens in the three years between the battle at Quiet Zero and the epilogue. You obviously don't have to read them at all, this is your official TL;DR warning. I just wanted to get them on paper so to speak. These are just some of my initial thoughts in the few days since the finale, I will probably add more if I think of any.

    My Sulemio/WFM Headcanons

  • The first 6 months to a year after the battle at Quiet Zero are ROUGH! Suletta spends a lot of time essentially catatonic, and when she does wake up, she can't speak and is very obviously very weak. During the first couple of months especially, there's a lot of thought as to whether or not she'll ever be able to truly lead a normal life. Elnora is in a similar boat as her daughter, but recovers much quicker than Suletta does in some aspects (obviously in the epilogue she isn't walking, but I think that's more choice than it is her being unable to. Maybe because she is older? Idk). It's obviously hard to guesstimate how long recovering from fictional permet related injuries could be in relation to real life stuff.
  • Miorine spends EVERY MOMENT POSSIBLE at Suletta bedside. Obviously the others from Earth House visit as well, but Mio might as well live there in the immediate aftermath of QZ. And she does this all while still working. Any work that can be done quietly is done in Suletta's hospital room. Anything that can't be done quietly is either done immediately outside Suletta's room or in one of the hospital's conference rooms. The doctors try to get her to leave, but she refuses. The hospital practically has to install a bench or chairs outside of the room in case they really do need Mio to leave the room for a minute, and as soon as the doctors are done she practically materializes next to Suletta again. Others have walked in on Mio holding Suletta's hand, or sleeping hunched over in a chair resting her head on the bed.
  • Ericht doesn't start speaking for a while after she takes over the Hot-san keychain. And the first person she does speak to is actually Miorine. Eri tells Mio to go home and actually a full nights sleep. This obviously freaks Mio tf out, as where could this voice possibly be coming from. Once Eri explains to the best of her ability what may or may not have happened at QZ, she puts her foot down and tells Mio to go home, that Suletta will be fine for a few hours alone, and almost immediately starts pulling the Sister-in-law card to get Mio to do what she wants. After this, Mio does start to spend less time in the hospital, but instead of being there 24/7, it's more like 16/6. Still most of her time, but now Mio is actually taking care of herself more.
  • The only day that no one comes to Suletta's room is the day of Nika's sentencing. Everyone knows what Nika did was wrong, but they all still love her so much that they can't not be there for her. Earth House visits her almost as much as they visit Suletta.
  • Eventually, Suletta really does come to, and thankfully Miorine is working from the hospital room when she does. There are tears. Lots of them. Suletta still can't really talk or move, but she is lucid and actively listening. Speech and Physical therapy start pretty soon after that. One day, after a particularly good speech therapy session, Mio comes to the hospital and Suletta has a surprise: "I love you" in the raspiest, quietest voice you can imagine. But it's been said. Mio can't help but run over and hug Suletta, sobbing tears of joy and relief, and obviously returning the sentiment. Slowly they start to have full conversations, and Eri is involved in most of these as well. From here on out, it's basically all sunshine and rainbows. Obviously it is still very very hard, and there are still blood, sweat, and tears being shed, but we all know Suletta. Once she starts truly recovering, her recovery happens relatively fast. We know she's still not walking without support, and tbh I don't think she ever truly will, but it doesn't take long to go from bedridden, to sitting up on her own, to learning how to walk again.
  • Once Suletta is sitting up under her own power, you basically always hear laughter and excited talking coming from her hospital room. Eri keeps Suletta company most of the time, at least in the beginning, until eventually she asks Miorine to take the keychain bound ghost with her. The others from Earth House visit often, though still not as often as the bride to be. They bring Suletta her class work, keep her updated on the happenings at school, and tell her of their plans after graduation, and so much more. Mio becomes very doting during this time, almost out of nowhere. She likes to feed Suletta, and gives her extra attention when the doctors tell Mio that Suletta had done particularly well at her therapy sessions that day.
  • Sulemio spend a lot of time looking at houses, or plots of lands where they could possibly build a house. Suletta sees a listing for a plot of land, a few acres wide, looking over a valley, and enthuses about how lovely it would be to live there. Mio builds a relatively, small cottage on the plot of land, at least in comparison to her wealth. It's big enough for them, plus all of their friends to share rooms if they wanted to spend the night. And a separate mother in law suite that's only about a minute walk from the house, so that the couple and the MIL can have their privacy while still being in close enough proximity to take care of each other. They move into this house the moment the doctors give Suletta the all clear. Mio decorated the house, but she lets Suletta pick some decorations "as a treat." Let's be honest, I don't think Suletta has a single bone in her body that would make her good at designing.
  • GUND-Arm Inc no longer exists, but Miorine has started a new company that focuses on more practical medicine and has done away with most Gundam/permet related technology. She still thinks it would be great to have that technology one day, but for now that's not much more than a side project. Once Suletta is out of the hospital, Mio starts a nonprofit that will give Suletta the capital to build that school on Mercury she's always wanted. It's obviously mostly funded but Mio and her company, but Guel is definitely strong armed by Mio into putting some capital towards the cause. Suletta mostly coordinates, since interstellar travel probably puts a huge toll on her body, but all of Earth House is on Mercury for the grand opening, where Suletta gets to cut the ribbon and welcome the first class of students.
  • Sulemio definitely get married at some point after Suletta is out of the hospital, but it's not really a formal wedding. It's really just their friends and family acting as witnesses, and then a small party at the house. They can't quite wait any longer to call each other "wife," but they just can't bring themselves to have a full ceremony without Nika there. Once Nika is out, Sulemio plan on having a real wedding ceremony, and plan on inviting not just friends and family, but everyone they can think of and really going all out.
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows about the Elan doppelgangers, except Guel, and no one has the heart to tell him because they know how stupid he'll feel.
  • At some point, Miorine is able to sit down with Elnora and Delling, on separate occasions, and finally get the full story about her mom, who I've personally always assumed was involved in some sort of permet accident, greatly reducing her lifespan, which is basically Delling's whole problem with Gundams, and eventually lead to Nortette's death. Eri is there when Mio is talking to Elnora, and guilt trips her mom whenever Elnora tries to dodge a question. Suletta is there for both conversations, but more as a shoulder to cry on and less of a present force. This is Miorine's moment after all.
  • In the beginning, Suletta had a really hard time coming to terms with her new scars. I don't think Suletta is one to be super concerned about personal appearance on an average day, but scars? That's a huge blow to anyone's personal image and self esteem. One time it got pointed out by maybe a kid or a stranger, and it really hurt Suletta's feelings. One day, Miorine walked up to Suletta, grabbed her face, and planted a kiss on every single one of her "whiskers," and told Suletta "you're the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. When I look at you, I can't see anything less than that." While this didn't fix everything, and Suletta still had some self esteem issues for a long while, eventually Miorine, Eri, Elnora, and all of her friends were able to assure Suletta that she is still absolutely beautiful, and that the scars are actually kinda cute. Miorine likes to kiss Suletta's whiskers even now, just to remind Suletta how loved and beautiful she really is. Suletta was able to eventually accept her scars, but sometimes she still has trouble with them and feeling confident.
  • Neither of them can cook. Like at all. But Suletta picks up a few tricks, and Miorine decides to sign them up for cooking classes one day. It doesn't really stick the way they hoped, but they don't have to eat out for every meal like they did at first.
  • Now for a few spicy ones. They're married, they have definitely had some spicy times.

  • Suletta and Miorine just... Don't have sex for a pretty long time. And it's really not for any single reason. One time, during a girl's night at the house, Chuchu definitely asks if they've "done it yet" which causes some wild, and embarrassed looks from the, at the time, still engaged couple. They come up with a bunch of reasons as to why they haven't, all of which are true. The biggest reason is really just because Suletta can't handle it yet. She's barely able to walk with crutches for more than a few minutes without support from Mio or someone else. Mio wants it so bad though.
  • Eventually they finally do make love, and let me tell you, love is made. Mio is 100% a pillow princess, but one time she decides she wants to be on top, and absolutely LOVES the power and control this gives her over Suletta. I'd say 60-75% of the time Suletta is the top, and 25-40% of the time Mio is the top.
  • It doesn't happen very often, but every once in a while they have to stop in the middle because Suletta literally can't handle it. Not in a "you make me feel so good" way, but in a "I might literally fall over and pass away if you keep doing this" way. The first couple of times Suletta was really embarrassed, but Miorine assured her over and over again that it is absolutely ok, and that Suletta is never obligated to "finish what they started," to put it in kind of a crude way.
  • One time they accidentally got it on with Eri in the room. It never happened again.
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    btw I’ve found these stretches from the WAK blog very helpful when knitting a lot:

    Plus make sure to take breaks regularly - and stop if anything starts to hurt!

    especially with gift knitting I know it can be tempting to push through it for a deadline, but it’s really not worth causing long term injury. (And anyone knit-worthy should be understanding of that, imho.) Stay well :)


    Also good for artists drawing with pencils/on a tablet/with a pen!


    Also good for writers


    Make art, take care!