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Note as of August 2017: This is going to get pretty femdom oriented for a while, although not exclusively. Also, I'm not into consensual misogyny/misogyny kink anymore, and haven't been in years. I hope you like my archive, but there won't be any new stuff like that.

Mostly about my sex life and about me being and becoming a little feminist bitch.

I'm into people of all genders.18+ only.

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2018-12-17 05:20:57

    me: do you want to cum

    him: yes fuck please please can I cum please

    me: do you need to cum

    him: yes I need it so bad baby please

    me: do you deserve to cum

    him: *sobs* no

    me: yes you do baby, you’ve been so good and I want you to cum for me, you deserve it :)


    I'm in bed with The Anarchist Economist, and we read this and he's super turned on now and humping my bed like a pathetically desperate boy.


    Hey, so what's another way to see any content you put out since tumblr is donezo

    Ooo, good question. I created accounts a couple of places, although I haven’t started using either of them yet. I haven’t decided exactly how I’ll use them. 

    Twitter: LFBtweetsReddit: littlefeministbitch

    I’ll probably also make some accounts on some of the NSFW platforms that are developing/expanding, and maybe on some extant ones, as well. My username will be littlefeministbitch anywhere that’s possible. I’ll post here if I add other places.

    This whole thing sucks. Even though I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I like knowing I’m able to, and I’ve met awesome people through the communities here.

    Long time no see, tumblr! Anyone still here? :)

    Thought I’d share my latest - fruit and vegetables re-imagined as watercolor characters. 
    There’s an amazing greengrocer near my London home, and for the last few months I have been going over there and picking green foods I found interesting and inspiring to create characters based on those. 

    Hope you like it!
    And if you could spare a second to upvote my Bored Panda post that would be very nice of you ^_^ 

    Happy last day of February!

    My boy begged me to post these screenshots of what he’s paid me today and write about how pathetic he is. How could I not?

    Of course, he only did this after writing me multiple stories about how desperate he is for his colleagues’ cocks. I responded to him and told him how much that turned me on, and he was so fucking desperate that he asked to pay me for the privilege of sending me a picture of his pathetic excuse for a cock. I let him, even though it’s really not worth looking at.

    He also begged me to leave him a voicemail while he’s at this professional conference. He asked for one of me laughing at him, but then, when I asked if he wanted me to say other mean things, as well, he jumped at the chance. He’s so eager for any attention from me. Of course, he paid me $50 for this voicemail. Maybe I’ll leave it for him. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll make him pay me more.

    Not only was he sending me these perverted messages while he was at a work conference, he got so turned on by me being mean to him and by paying me, that he had to go play with his dicklet in a public bathroom. What a fucking slut.

    All of our exchanges became quite distracting, so I made him pay me and edge himself as punishment. He asked if there was any amount he could pay for the right to cum at the end. I told him there was not. Of course there wasn’t. It was a punishment. If I barely let him cum when we’re together having fun, I’m certainly not going to let him cum from a punishment edging.

    I teased him throughout the day, including making random requests for money. I told him to say something humiliating in the message. I suppose “I’m a useless dirty whore and a Capitalist pig” is humiliating enough. It’s also just true.

    Oh, and throughout all of this, including in the stories about his classmates, he kept talking about how he wanted to get pissed on. By the two men he’s staying with, and by me. What a filthy, disgusting little pervert.

    Well, up until this line, this was at 375 words. Let’s make it an even 400 words and an even $100. How’s that, pay pig?

    Little life update

    I have a new job and a new apartment and the sun is coming out and I'm doing SO much better, mental health wise. I’m doing super well a New Job, and the place I just moved is literally a FIVE MINUTE WALK from work. So that’s my commute now. Yeah, be jealous.

    Also, my boy is away at a conference this week(end), and I'm apparently starting to get my sex and kink drives back, because today we were sexting a bunch while I was at work. See, I'm super in to him talking about how much he wants his classmates/colleagues to fuck him and humiliate him and use him. Right now he's rooming with two of them, and there are only two beds, so they're alternating who has to share a bed each time (which is totally the set up for a porn, right?!) I had him send me a couple of stories about what he wished would happen and what he wanted them to do him, and the results were super hot. Also, he's been paying me money and begging me for things like a voicemail of me laughing at him, but I'll say more about that in my next post.


    It’s like yeah I wanna be told what to do and held down and punished. I want to be your fucktoy and your property. Get collared and teased. But I also wanna be your cuddle buddy that you binge watch shows with and eat some junk food then fall asleep together. And when we wake up we just stare at each other knowing that we are so adorable and I can make you breakfast.


    I have this with someone and I feel really lucky. I still haven’t made her breakfast though. I should look up some vegan breakfast recipes.


    This made me smile so big.

    And yes, you should. <3

    I have the best little paypig

    Some context: For a while now, he's been giving me money regularly. Sometimes for permission to come, sometimes to earn the right to get me off, and sometimes just as tribute to his lovely dom. I've even used his wallet to provide myself some extrinsic motivation to accomplish tasks that I can't manage to find any intrinsic motivation to do.

    I spent time with my boy, The Anarchist Economist, earlier this week. Some of my favorite moments came out of the findom we did and intense d/s we talked about.

    When he came over on Tuesday night, we had dinner, and then he did work for school, and I tidied up my apartment. I had a list of tasks and for each one I completed, he sent me a dollar. After a few hours, we took a break. We cuddled, I teased him, he licked my cunt and told me stories while I used a vibrator, I came and he didn't. You know, the usual. Then we went back to work. At some point during our conversations, I asked him how much money would be the max he would give me for a blowjob and permission to cum. He said, "It depends on my budget. Right now? $500." and said that once he has a job, it would go up to something like $3,000. I was surprised at how high the number for the present was, but figured I would never actually take that much from him. Once it was time for bed, I wanted to get off more. I was having a more difficult time than usual, unfortunately, and I started to get frustrated. We hit on just the right fantasy (one of his close friends fucking me in the ass and then TAE using that guy's cum as lube) and I managed to get the orgasm I had been chasing. When I recovered, we started up with some intense future-focused d/s dirty talk with a findom theme. We talked about if we were to get married, and he brought up the doctrine of coverture, where once a woman gets married, her legal identity is subsumed under her husband's. My boy suggested a reversal of that idea, so that once we got married, he would basically give up his identity, his paycheck, and his life to me. I started teasing and touching him while describing how thoroughly I would own and control him then. How his salary would go directly into my account and he would have to take on extra work to earn money if he wanted a privilege, like being allowed to come or having time out of a cockcage. I switched to masturbating as we exchanged fantasies about this version of the future, told him to stroke himself, and reminded him not to come. He talked about the power I would have over him and I said that I would make recordings of him talking about various fantasies as insurance that he wouldn't try to leave. It was some of the most intense d/s talk we've had, and it was such a turn on. He had to stop touching himself several times to avoid going over the edge and getting off. Unfortunately, one of these times, while he was barely touching himself, if he was at all, he came untouched. It. Was. So. Hot. He was worried I would be mad, but it just turned me on and made me feel quite accomplished with my dirty talk.

    I told him I was getting another orgasm, though, and we went back to our co-fantasizing. He started stroking himself again, and I guess the partially ruined orgasm from minutes before hadn't been enough for my hopelessly horny boytoy. He was so desperate that he finally begged, "May I please pay you $600 to come, sir?" I was surprised (especially since that's a full $100 over what he said was the most he would give), but I was also quite turned on, so I gave him permission. He jumped up and went over to his phone. I heard the cha-ching from the notification, and felt myself getting close to orgasm.

    I moaned and asked him what the note said. He got in bed and told me "permission to come." I gasped out an order to tell me what he'd just done. "I paid you $600 for permission to come," he said. I told him to say it again, and then again, and as he did, I came without needing to fantasize about anything else. A moment later he came all over himself for the second time in five minutes.

    As we cuddled and did aftercare, we talked and joked about what happened. There were some econ jokes and I told him it was good to know he doesn't actually have a max he'll pay me just to be able to get off. Honestly, I never thought I'd be into findom and definitely never thought that I would get off on it. Apparently I just needed a perfect little paypig to come along.


    I wanted to have The Anarchist Economist help me get off over the phone, but a friend of his is visiting and sleeping in the room next to him, so he (reasonably) didn't want to have phone sex.

    I figure out a workaround by having him talk econ to me while I masturbated. At the end he was like "Thanks for letting me go over what I learned today with you."

    This weekend I learned that I like being called daddy so that's fun

    I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine with The Anarchist Economist is and we were agreeing that Captain Holt is sexy as fuck. The Anarchist Economist had previously told me he wasn't interested in daddy kink or incest play, and I obviously respect that. But I did comment that Holt is a "total daddy."

    My boy thought for a moment and then agreed. He didn't seem put off by the idea, which pleased me. We laughed a bit and went back to watching, but I couldn't stop thinking about him calling me daddy. I wasn't necessarily going to say anything, though, since he'd told me he didn't like that kind of thing.

    A few minutes later, he turned to me and said he thought he would like to call me daddy. I got super excited clapped my hands and told him that I thought that would be really hot. I checked in, though, to make sure he wanted to, and he said, "Apparently I just needed to associate it with Captain Holt. And you."

    He called me daddy several times over the course of the weekend and it was ridiculously hot and I fucking loved it. Especially when he said shit like, "I can't wait for you to fuck my ass, daddy." Goddamn I enjoy this boy.


    I am a desperate little whore

    I haven’t cum in a week. My last orgasm was a ruined orgasm I accidentally had last Friday, when I got too zealous edging for my dom’s amusement. She offered to let me cum this Tuesday, but I was feeling subby and begged her to keep me teased and denied longer.

    I adore her and I am so lucky she teases me so well. Serving and submitting to @littlefeministbitch feels so amazing and makes me feel so lucky.


    Look at this adorable, pathetically desperate boy.

    He didn't get to cum all weekend because he came without my permission last Friday. He's a good boy, so at least he ruined it.

    On Tuesday I asked him if he'd rather cum or be denied longer. He chose denial.

    I cannot wait to see him again so I can tease him for hours, getting him oh so close to the edge, then backing off over and over again until he's a delicious desperately begging mess.

    Once I've wrecked him so he's whimpering and barely coherent, that's when I'll let him cum.

    As Pleased As Punch

    Not A Tumblr Dom just left after a fantastic date. We got pizza, watched Zoo, and then, while we were still cuddling on the couch, he started punching the fronts of my thighs. He hit both of them at first, and then switched to primarily focusing on the right thigh, which was at a better angle for him. He punched me hard and really pushed me. At one point he told me, "I'm not holding back." He wasn't using his whole body, of course, since we were sitting, but he was hitting me with a lot of force. He had me tense my muscle and punched that, which was even more painful, and then he had me stand up while he punched, which meant my leg couldn't be relaxed. I had to hold onto his shoulder while he hit me, since there were several times I definitely would have fallen over from the impact if I hadn't been supported by him. We moved to the bed and he hit my thigh with the bike tire jack I have, and then said he could hit me win the sweet spot. So I flipped over and he started hitting right where my ass and thighs meet. With a good rhythm and the right angle and strength, that jiggles all the right bits and it's super sexy and it's the sort of thing that I could maybe cum from, if I got my mind and the sensations all lined up right (and maybe with a little clit action, too). I asked if he wanted to hit my cunt from the front, and he did, so I hopped on the bed and turned over. He started hitting, and told me I could tell him if he should hit harder or softer, so I did. I think sometime maybe I could cum from that, too. He switched back to hitting my thigh, and also used the knife straightening steel I bought for that purpose. It's thuddy! He hit me with that, switched to the jack, and then went to punching again. The impact on the already reddened and raised area was a lot to handle, but I held out and took more than I thought I could. We cuddled for a while after I couldn't take any more, and then he headed home. My right thigh is super messed up. Where he was punching is red and really raised and engorged with blood. It hurts quite a bit to move my leg, and it's even more painful to bend my knee or walk on it. I'm really pleased with that, especially since I'll be doing quite a bit of walking over the next few days. He's so much fun! Also! During the really intense punching on the couch, Not A Tumblr Dom told me he was proud of me for taking so much for him! That made me grin and do a happy little butt wiggle. I'm proud of me, too. I took a lot of pain and I was such a fucking champ about it!


    On Saturday I got my pap smear results and I’m clear to do all the kinds of sex I want! 

    The Anarchist Economist was here and I’ll write up a real post about it at some point but long story short he went down on me and gave me two orgasms and then before bed he was all “May I eat you out?” and gave me another orgasm.