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    Summary: August sits alone in his office, thinking about the one he can’t have.


    Hi. hope all is well my darling. the idea of august fucking his fist with animalistic rage because he’s all alone is currently living rent free in my mind:)

    Pairing: August Walker x Reader (2nd person pov)

    Word count: 1K

    Warnings: 18+, male masturbation, lewd language, mentions of rough sex, degradation, anal and oral (both male and female receiving), depiction of bodily fluids and slight angst.   

    A/N: This is a bit different, I decided to write it from a 2nd person POV even though August is touching himself. It just felt a bit more erotic and intimate.

    Please leave a comment and reblog if you enjoyed it. Your feedback is my fuel.

    Title: Jerk

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    White Honey


    Summary: Waking up the morning after you lost your virginity to Henry, you muse of the night before while feeling hungry for more.  

    Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader

    Word count: 2K

    Warning: Smut, loss of virginity, mentions of blood, mentions and slight oral, unprotected sex, bodily fluids.

    A/N: Written by anon request. Slight, gentle-rough. Many thanks to @agniavateira​ for the beta!  Please remember to give feedback and reblog. 

    Title: White Honey.

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    Hi Freya! I’m taking so required online courses for my college atm about (trigger warning) sexual harassment prevention on campuses, how to identify it, report it, etc. One thing that stuck with me was how a person can change their mind after giving consent and although this was something already know , it’s never really thought about. I do t really read anything like that on hear, so I was wondering: How would August react if his girlfriend/wife/so changed her mind about having sex? Like maybe it’s her first time and she thinks she’s ready but realizes she’s not. Would he be soft! August? Understanding? I’m curious about your take on this. Thanks!

    Hi Freya! I’m taking so required online courses for my college atm about (trigger warning) sexual harassment prevention on campuses, how to identify it, report it, etc. One thing that stuck with me was how a person can change their mind after giving consent and although this was something already know , it’s never really thought about. I do t really read anything like that on hear, so I was wondering: How would August react if his girlfriend/wife/so changed her mind about having sex? Like maybe it’s her first time and she thinks she’s ready but realizes she’s not. Would he be soft! August? Understanding? I’m curious about your take on this. Thanks!


    Summary: It's your first date with agent Walker, and things get a little too raunchy, but you are not ready to go all the way...

    Pairing: August Walker x Female Reader (no mention of ethnicity or body type. Reader is a virgin, however)

    Warning: 18+, smut, vaginal fingering, groping, grinding, cock grabbing, virginity. SoftDom vibes. August is the big bad wolf, but he can be soft for the right woman.

    Please comment and reblog if you enjoyed my story. 🖤

    A/N: Not beta'd. First of all, I wrote something a bit similar with August's partner using the safe word - Ceasefire.

    On the subject of consent. I know this is something that troubles a lot of people; saying no while being intimate with someone might be scary, but remember that it's 100% okay to change your mind anytime during the act and your sexual partner MUST respect that.


    Gentle Monsters

    There was something dangerous about Agent Walker, an odd mystical force that drew you closer to the heat despite your better judgment. All it took was a ghost of a smile, and you were willing to sacrifice a soul in the sake of his name. 

    You were playing with fire, you knew that much, yet there you were; obediently allowing him to guide you back into his apartment on the very first date.

    Perhaps it was the mulled wine or the scent of roses that wafted over your senses as he opened the door, you couldn't quite tell. In a moment of oblivious haze, you found yourself plastered to the wall while his thick moustache scratched over your neck and his heavy body deprived you of air.

    "I want you so bad, princess," he growled in your ear. 

    Skilful hands roamed from your thighs and sought below your skirt, urgently forcing your panties to pile on the floor.

    "I wanted you since the moment I first saw you."

    Mouth ravenous with desire and fingers taught by greed, he began to explore the plains of your body. He wasn't tender nor crude, but persuasive, the type of man who could easily dominante every woman or man he desired. 

    The notion that it was you made whatever scant reason you had left in your mind fade away. Closing your eyes you succumbed to his will the way a pliable moth surrenders his life to the pyres. 

    Consent gyrated over your moans, pulling a wolfish grin between his lips.

    "Feel this." 

    Reaching for your hand, he seized and guided it to the aching bulge in his groin, forcing your fingers to engulf his thickening cock. An unbridled hiss fell from your lips, astounded by his endowment as he twitched and throbbed in your grasp.  You shivered at the thought of having this beast split open your 

    "August..." you managed a whimper.

    He growled in response, grinding into your grip while his hand cupped your exposed mound. "Fuck, angel, you are so wet.”

    Covering your mouth with shock, you muffled a peal of cries as his finger slipped into your virginal slit.

    "Oh god,” he uttered, delighted by the lush heat of your flesh, “I can't wait to fuck that tight little pussy.”  In and out, he pumped inside you, his long digit grazing between your squeezing walls and this uncharted territory with great skill.

    You swayed to counter his strokes, unwittingly pushing to produce more friction, to do anything to obliterate the raging need inside you. But despite the pleasure and desire that threatened to consume you, fear gnawed in the back of your clouded mind and withheld your rapture.

    "Agent Walker," you called out breathless, "wait, I'm a..."

    "Virgin, I know, angel, I can tell, and call me August," he retorted without pausing his ministration, "don't be afraid. I won't stop until you are fully satisfied, and I promise that whatever pain you will endure will be compensated by greater pleasure."

    With that, he attempted to slip in another finger, the very tip stretching the seams of your cunt. Your knees nearly bucked, your sight blackened in a dark delirium, bemused by the many contradicting emotions that weighed on your head.

    You wanted him, but not this, not tonight, and though a part of you was terrified of saying no, of ruining the moment and rejecting August, you knew you couldn't go through with it.

    Gathering the last remaining tendrils of your strength, you reached for his wrist.

    "I can't. It’s too fast."

    The room was loud with sudden silence - all gasps and groans reduced to the buzzing hum of the electric currents that ran through the walls and the heavy ghast of August's breath. Lifting his head, he offered you a hazy glare, his eyes raging with a storm of lust and bewilderment.

    August was not used to hearing the word ‘no’, you gathered, though, he didn’t seem mad nor disappointed. Amid the heavy rain clouds that swam in his gaze swerved a voiceless fright, not of you, but for you.

    Quietly nodding, he withdrew his fingers from your warm cavern, one eyebrow arching as hr suckled them clean. Your mouth gaped in wonder, bemused by the extent of his wanton. For a brisk moment, the little flame within you flickered once more and you bit your lip without even realising. 

    But August had no intention to sway you. Instead, he bumped a fist below your chin, offering tenderness to rectify the guilt and concern that sat bitter on your tongue. 

    "My little angel, forgive me, I have a tendency of coming off too strong,” he apologised, “we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” 

    “I want to but not tonight...” you corrected.   

    His pale glaciers observed you for a lingering moment, a hint of devouring darkness sparking between them and then fading as he smiled again. Lowering his gaze, he slowly crouched to his knees and gripped around your ankles. If earlier tonight his touch felt hot, now it scorched. 

    “August, what...?” Flinching, you peered down, confused by his actions, but then the fabric skimmed up the length of your legs as he retrieved your panties to where they belonged.    

    Struck with disbelief, you shook your head and huffed with relief, quite embarrassed by this newly found knowledge that August Walker was in fact, a gentleman.

    He stretched back to his intimidating height and brushed a finger over your lips. "May I kiss you goodnight?”

    You nodded, accepting a chaste farewell kiss, that for a reason, felt like an unspoken contract ensuring your return. Though, August was in no rush. Softly and safely he sent you to your home with the promise that you had all the time in the world. 

    After all, an angel had to be willing in order to fall. 


    Dividers by @firefly-graphics

    I don’t own Mission Impossible or August Walke


    ~ 💖 ASK GAME 💖 ~

    📷 What’s set as your phone’s lockscreen?

    🍫 Cheese or chocolate?

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    🙃 What’s a weird fact that you know?

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    🧸 Favorite place to nap?

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    🦋 Describe yourself in three words.

    👖 Jeans or sweatpants?

    🥤 What’s your go-to Starbucks order?

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    ☕ Coffee or tea?

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    🔮 What’s your dream job?

    💙 Relationship status?

    🌿 Describe your favorite outfit.

    🎤 Is there a song you know all the lyrics to?

    🤎 What color is your hair?

    💌 Do you talk to yourself?

    💄 Do you wear makeup?

    🌸 Best compliment you ever received?

    💞 @ your favorite blog.

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    Thanks for the tag @princessaxoo and @shellyshellshell 😍🖤.

    📷 Someone I care deeply about

    🍫 Oh, snap! Tough one! But I’ll go with cheese.

    ✨ Yes, too many of them!

    🎵Old gods of Asgard - Anger’s remorse

    ✏️ Since I was 14

    😏 Yes, I am.

    💛 Only my ears

    🐰 A few things: 1. If they mistreat service workers. 2. If they speak badly about other people all the time - be sure they speak badly about you. 3. If they can’t take accountability for their mistakes and just blames others or make excuses it's a red flag IMO.

    🍪 A peanut butter and chocolate chips cookie

    🐶 I love both, but currently I have cats.

    🎧Earbuds but it’s probably not very healthy for my hearing


    🙃I never sleep more than 6 hours.

    🦉Night owl

    🧸 I don't nap :P

    🏳️‍🌈 I am straight but I fully support and love the community

    🦋 Chaotic vampire witch

    👖 Jeans

    🥤 I don't like Starbucks 😅 but I'll always order a latte' at a cafe

    🧡 Beige

    💎 My computer

    ☕ Coffee

    🦖 Volycraptur

    🌙 10 years

    🌴 A notebook and a pen

    🐸 Romantic goth

    🔮 My current career

    🌿 Describe your favorite outfit.

    🎤 Several, mostly

    🤎 Dark brown

    💌 All the time

    💄 All the time :)

    🌸 Someone complimented me about how poetic my writing was and that was enough for me.


    No pressure tag!

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    Pairing: Captain Syverson x Female Reader.

    Words: 857

    Warning: 18+, smut, female masturbation with a sex toy, mentions of sexual intercouse (p in v), slight fingering, mentions of exhibtionism, voyeurism, semi- public sex, hinted breeding, hinted possessive behaviour.

    A/N: Sorry, this was in my drafts for several days, but! Here you go, an answer to Home Theater. Not beta’d :) I’ll die. 

    The Real Thing

    Getting off the pill had one unbearable side effect - you wereconstantly frisky. The touch of your own skin drove you insane, and even mundane chores like folding the laundry had somehow managed to turn you on.

    To make things worse, the love of your life had given you less attention than usual. Having to work extra hours at the military academy during the humid summertime, he had left you longing, soaking wet and tormented by daydreams of that same hunk-of-beef railing to next Tuesday.

    "Fuck..." you grumbled, smoothing a hand over your sweat-silken nape and trailing it down your breasts. You gave a firm squeeze, imagining Sy's crude touch instead. How he loved to grope and leave a brand beneath your skin.

    "Fuck it!"

    It didn't take much to break you. You nearly dropped the laundry basket as you rushed to the bedroom, your yoga sweats and panties briefly piled by the edge of the bed, and your favourite toy, 'Old Faithful', was soon latched between sneaky fingers.

    Easing onto the pillows, you shut your eyes and began teasing the little pearl above your slit, carefully nudging it with the tip of the silicon phallus. Sy's velvety tongue was on your mind, slowly lapping on your nectar as he usually would, taking his time to coax you into utter madness.

    He liked getting you tight and begging like that. Strong-willed and patient, he could tease you for hours until finally stuffing you of his full girth. But now you were the mistress of your own pleasure, owing nothing to no one but yourself and with a slow, languid shove, you folded your knees and filled yourself.

    "Oh, Sy..." a whisper escaped you as slowly as you slid the shaft between your slippery lips. A moment you halted, the memory of the first night he took you came to mind. Under the stars in the meadow, he fucked you 3 times from each direction. He had the stamina of an apex predator; he left you sore for weeks. Slowly you began to pump, remembering the incredible sensation of his warm body atop of yours, the kind of solacing heat as his skin pressed tightly against yours and his coarse hair made you raw.

    Even though you clenched around your toy, no pleasure could compete with his embrace, but reveries were enough and there you were, tingling and spasming, now bumping your hips and working yourself in a punishing rhythm as you sought your quick climax.

    Urging yourself, you thrashed so hard that the bed dipped heavily below your writhing. You were too close to make anything out of it, however, when suddenly strong hands cradled your head and pillowed it on a sturdy thigh.

    Your eyes blinked open with alarm, surprised to find Sy peering down at you with both amusement and lust cascading on his ocean blues. 

    "Treatin' yourself in my absence, huh?"

    You nibbled your lip and moaned a response.

    Sy huffed with mirth and stroke a hand down your vibrating torso, pulling your shirt all the way to your neck to expose your bra. His fingers marked every patch of skin and tightly squeezed around your lace-clad beast.

    "Tell me what your fantasy's 'bout, baby, is it me?"

    "Yes!" You gasped, your pleasure swiftly escalating. His hardening cock pressed against your neck while his eyes were occupied with the sight of the purple toy slipping in and out of what he deemed as his property.

    "You're such a nasty girl," he groaned and rolled a finger around the sheer material of your bra, finding your nipple and pebbling it against the coarse pad, "are you thinking about my big cock inside you? Pounding you like a bitch?"

    "Sy..." you wailed and locked your thighs, bottoming yourself out.

    "Mhm..." His other hand wrapped around your jaw, holding your head in place while the other descended from your breast to find your clit.

    "I'll use your body as my vessel," he promised with the flick of his tongue over his lip, "like that summer when I fucked you at the Harpers’, remember that? Right there in their kitchen when they were flippin' burgers in the backyard. You squeezed my dick so hard I thought I won't be able to pull out." He drawled and gently grazed your clit. "Gonna do it again this Saturday... pump your fertile little womb full of cum while they might walk in on us."

    "Fuck you!" You squeaked and gaped toward the ceiling as a wave of hot light flooded through your entire body. Sy's strong hands held you tightly while you shuddered and squirmed, his eyes preserving the display of your euphoria carefully. 

    Then lightly, he chortled, reaching to discard the toy from your tender sleek and switch it off. 

    "Nothing I love more than seein' my woman sated," he mentioned and lowered his head to kiss your sweaty brow. 

    Still trembling, you smiled dreamily, only to be abruptly flipped on your stomach with him climbing behind you with his cock held in his fist.

    "But now, since you've prepped yourself, how 'bout I'll give you the real thing?"


    Yes please Sy 🥺🥵


    My love 🖤🖤😍😍 we need to catch up. Hope you are well. :)

    Thank you so much for reading .)


    🥵 yes, please


    Thank you for reading, my love


    November Reading List - Part 2 - Non-Marvel

    Hey, lovelies! For some reason my original post won't let me save everything , so I have split this into two parts. Here are the non-Marvel character fics I've had the pleasure of reading and reblogging throughout the month of November. Please show these writers some love and heed the warnings for each fic. Remember, you are responsible for your own media consumption. Banner by yours truly and divider by the talented @saradika .

    Love, thanks, and happy reading! ❤️

    Sebastian Stan Characters

    Nick Fowler

    Worship Your Dark Lord by /@witchywithwhiskey

    Misc. Characters

    For Years or For Hours (Paul Atreides) by @cocoamoonmalfoy

    Needy Gojo by @emerald-chaos

    Cold (Eddie Munson) by @ysmmsy

    Violent Delights (August Walker) by @littlefreya

    Cold (August Walker) by @sillyrabbit81


    Thank you, baby 🖤🖤🖤😍


    I so love to watch Porn with Henry, even more I'll love to watch it was daddy August, let him pick what we watch, him telling me whay to do as well as whispering in my ear asking me if I want him to do the somthing then in the video is doing to me,

    I so love to watch Porn with Henry, even more I'll love to watch it was daddy August, let him pick what we watch, him telling me whay to do as well as whispering in my ear asking me if I want him to do the somthing then in the video is doing to me,


    Quick Warning: Smut, mutual masturbation, mentions of BDSM.

    Watching porn with Daddy!August.

    August laid shirtless in bed, his dark chocolate curls still wet from the shower and his furry chest damp. Slight wrinkles decorated the small space between his brows and his eyes were intense as he peered on the laptop perched on his thighs.

    Walking into the bedroom, you watched the luminescent lights cascading over his face, while unmistakable sounds filled the chamber: heavy grunts, desperate moans and soaked skins colliding in a perverted harmony.

    He never watched these with you, but he didn't seem to care as you moved closer and crawled onto the bed to sit beside him. His right arm welcomed you by his side, fingers etched at your shoulder to keep you close. There was a large tent under the sheet, and his other hand had disappeared beneath to massage the discomfort.

    Unsurprisingly, August was into hardcore stuff; A woman bound to a table having a large burly man with the biggest cock you've ever seen "torture" her. He used her body as a fucktoy, shoving his cock down her throat and muttering some humiliating words that made your ears burn.

    As if to think you were some nun. You were August’s girl, after all.

    Slick arousal pooled at your panties. At first, unnerved by your desire, you averted your gaze with embarrassment. Though, August squeezed your forearm reassuringly and pulled you closer against his warm chest. 

    "Do you imagine us when you watch these?" you asked curiously and rested your hand close to the bulge at the blanket. 

    August smirked, a low growl emitted from his throat, "I imagined doing far worse to you."

    The man in the movie flipped the woman on her knees violently and started fucking her from behind. She screamed and bucked against him, taking him all the way in, as you'd take August.

    "You like this little one?" he asked, his voice dragged and the large covered heap at his groin now moved slightly faster.

    Feeling the flush of heat between your thighs, you gave in and reached your hand to help him. His cock was hot and rigid between your fingers, pulsating with need and August growled, fluttering his eyes shut for a split second before he abandoned his erection and reached to find your wetness instead.

    His fingers slipped inside you with ease and began pumping right away, knowing every secret curve of your magnificent cavern. You both began coaxing one another, moaning in unison as your eyes focused on the film though your minds were set on each other.

    "Yes,” you panted, squeezing him harder “I think I quite like doing this with you..."