~Quinn is the baby boy and spankee, he is 23 and a skinny femboy. Hunter is the daddy dom and spanker, he is 25 strong male.~

    Its 5 in the afternoon, Hunter was in the kitchen beginning on dinner when Quinn walked through the door.

    "Fuck life" Quinn yelled thinking Hunter was still at work

    "Language little boy." Hunters stern dominant yet calm vioce spoke up. Scarring Quinn abit but not enough for him to stop.

    "I had a fucking bad day. Fuck off Hunter"

    Strike one was swearing, strike two was calling his dom by his name.

    "I'm sorry you had a bad day Quinton but you cant be acting in that way." Ow the full frist name. Something Quinn hated.

    "FUCK OFF YOU KNOW I HATE THAT NAME" Quinn splatted. Strike three yelling. He moved to the kitchen to see Hunter more. The stronger male looked up from cutting the food. He wiped his hands quietly not saying a word. He walked closer to Quinn definitely pissy but he wasnt going to show his sub that.

    "Room. Now. Bare. Ass. Now."

    "B-but dadd-" Quinn was silents by Hunters glare. He quickly ran to the bedroom. Quinn slowly stripped knwo full well what was coming his way. He wished he changed his actions. Hunter comes in 5 minutes later. A leather paddle in his right hand and lotion in the other. Quinn gulps as his eyes go towards his feet. Hunter walked over and lifts Quinn's chin up. Quinn's eyes were greeted with a stern face.

    "Let's get started. I know this isnt the best for your anxiety love you cant be waiting around for long. Sooner this is over sooner we can cuddle and eat understood?"

    Quinn's eyes return to somewhere in the room other than Hunters eyes. His mouth ran dry all of a sudden. Hunter knew Quinn well. Quinn's anitxey was high from waiting and from not knowing what will be done.

    "Y-y-yes sir I understand"

    "Good, stand by the bed"

    Quinn quickly did just that. Hunter sat down helping Quinn across his lap gently. Hunter taps Quinns bottom causing a squeak.

    (To be continued)

    ~Quinn is the baby boy and spankee, he is 23 and a skinny femboy. Hunter is the daddy dom and spanker, he is 25 strong male. They live together living a DDLB lifestyle~

    Its 6am on a Thursday morning. Quinn woke up in his dark oak crib. Soft whines begin to leave his lips as he wanted his daddy. Hunter moved a bit in bed than heard his baby. He got up and walked over to the crib. "Morning baby boy" the lower morning voice was comforting and calm. It made Quinn melt. Quinn made grabby hands at Hunter. He was soon lifted up. "Daddy! Wan juice!" Hunter patted Quinns diapered behind. "Now now kitten, is that gow we ask daddy for things?" Quinn smirked while laying his head on Hunters shoulder. Feeling extra bratty "Yes Daddy." Hunter just shook his head. "I guess the princess doent get anything than." Quinn let out a whine. He wanted juice. Hunter changes bratty Quinn into a new daiper. Quinn became fussy. He kept trying to hit his daddy. Hunter did a few firm swats on Quinns pale bottom. Only causing a whine. Hunter grabbed a pastel pink skirt, white thigh highs, and a 'Spank me daddy~' pink shirt. Quinn loved this outfit. Some time passed it was lunch time. Quinn was in his high chair coloring and Hunter was making lunch. Hunter made chicken nuggets, and veggies. He brought tge plate over to Quinn setting it down gently on the tray. Quinn ate all his chicken but none of his veggies. "Princess you need to eat your veggies" Hunter calmly stated. Quinn made a face and pushed it away. "No!" Hunter tried to spoon feed him to help. Quinn spitted it out at Hunter face which he knew was a big no no. Hunter took Quinn out of the high chair. He bent Quinn over his lap. Quinn was kicking and hitting but Hunter was much stronger. Hunter pulled Quinns diaper down

    *Smack* You know your not aloud to spit food. *smack smack smack* You need to eat them to stay strong. *smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack*

    Quinn was whining his bottom was only pink. Hunter gives red bum spankings. Quinn had alot more to go.

    *smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack.*

    Quin was wiggling and squirming. Hunter picked up a wooden spoon. Quinn didnt see it yet.

    *wap wap wap wap*

    Quin was crying his bum was on fire. Hunter does 25 more than stops. Rubbing Quinns bum with lotion. "I SOWWY DADDY I BE GOOD GIRL!!" Hunter smiled. "Good job princess. Im so proud of you." Hunter and Quinn went to take a nap. Quinns head on Hunters chest. Hunter rubbed his babys back.