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    TUMBLR GUYS: Hello sexy I found your blog fifteen seconds ago and I've developed deep and profound feelings for you but I haven't read your bio or looked at your recent posts so I have many questions I need to ask you. Can I train you? What is all your personal information? Do you like 8" dicks? I feel so sad do you know what's wrong with me? Do you want to be a good little bitch for daddy and suck my 9" dick? What are all the details of your personal relationships? Does your friend also want to suck my 10" dick? Why haven't you responded to my previous asks? How wet are you for my 11" dick? Thanks and I'm looking forward to all the nudes you're going to send me.


    this is really how yall are.


    To the men of Tumblr:

    Yes, I respect men and I’ll do anything I can to serve men the best I can. But when you message me out of the blue calling me a cunt and making you refer to you as daddy, it does nothing for me. I’m more than happy to work up to that point! And obviously I deserve to be harassed by strangers, but it would be easier if you at least started a normal conversation before you call me a dumb cunt. Anyway, food for thought!


    Boom this right here. ☝️🙏❤

    nice sadists are so so underrated.

    if a someone told me they loved that i suffer for them? omg im gonna nut

    tenderly caressing my cheek, then slapping it? beautiful 10/10

    that fake pity voice? GOD

    when they give you a break between spankings to play with your pussy? i’m in love

    on that same line of thinking, when there’s playful spankings, and you’re giggling and trying to get away until they’ve had enough of your squirming and they make you stay still? literally ughhh

    orgasm denial bc they love hearing you whine?? YES

    making you come so many times you cry because they love to see you cry? please please please

    don’t even get me started on humiliation.