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2020-07-10 15:07:12

    my asshole cat once again comes to me and does his usual indications for “hey, there’s a problem I need you to fix, please help.”

    because I love him and he is weirdly smart and actually really good at figuring out problems and getting help (like when he lets me know the bird feeder is empty because he wants to watch the birds) I trustingly get up and follow him.

    he reaches the window, outside of which is a thunderstorm. he is very afraid of thunderstorms, and normally does not go anywhere near the windows when they happen. upon reaching the window he indicates in his usual fashion, “here is the problem, please fix it.”

    no idea whether to be flattered and endeared that my cat thinks I control the weather, or frustrated because my cat is now mad at me for refusing to control the weather on his behalf. this is the second time this has happened.

    Cat,1966 by Rinjirō Hasegawa

    Apparently it took 6 years to complete this painting. The artist did not paint the subject unless he was actually looking at the target….

    In “Memories of Tallow” by Jirojiro, he wrote that the cat takes this pose and sleeps like this for only about 9 minutes on only a few days in mid-September each year. It seems to depend on the temperature and cat’s feeling. Therefore, “I have to wait until September next year to continue the painting.” He was so keen to show the beauty of the cat’s that he forgot to paint the whiskers. He added whiskers on one side, but while waiting for the next year, Taro seems to have died from old age.