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    Things “Bulls” Like - I recently read a post about th thoughts of Bulls - the “other man” in a #hotwife / #cuckold relationship:

  • I like fucking a married woman if her husband has no idea. It’s great knowing I can convince her to cheat.  
  • I like watching the faces of husbands as they deal with the emotions of watching their wife get fucked by another man.  
  • I get off rubbing in a husband’s face how slutty his wife is with me.  
  • I love seducing a married woman and making her husband a cuckold for the first time ever.  
  • I enjoy cumming all over a married woman.  It’s like I’m marking my turf.  
  • I love keeping a married woman out overnight or taking her home with me.  I know her husband is sitting awake, wondering what she’s doing.
  • I like fucking a wife in front of her husband and telling him what a good piece of ass she is, or how good her pussy feels.
  • I like the first time a married woman sees my cock and tells me that I’m bigger than her husband.
  • I like cumming on a married womans face knowing she has to clean up before she goes home, and cumming in her mouth knowing it will mean I’m always a part of her.  
  • I enjoy seeing her wedding ring while I’m fucking her. It’s a power trip fucking someone else’s woman.
  • I love hearing a married woman beg me to fuck her, because I know she doesn’t get it at home.
  • I love fucking a wife in their marriage bed.  
  • I love claiming another man’s wife as MY slut or girlfriend.
  • I like walking into a hotel to get a room with a married woman.
  • I like hearing someone’s wife thank me after I fuck her, or if its a couple I like hearing her husband thank me for fucking her.
  • I like sending her husband to get me a beer or something while she sucks my dick.
  • I like giving her to a friend to use and treat her like my property. They love that shit.
  • I like telling her husband that his wife’s pussy is mine now.  
  • I love when a wife tells me fantasies or experiences she’s had that she’s never told her husband about.  
  • I love when a married woman wants to do things with me that she doesn’t do with her husband.  
  • I like to call a husband on speaker phone while I’m owning his wife in bed.
  • I like to call a husband and tell him I’m done with his wife and to come pick her up.
  • I like to take a married woman with me into a drug store, stand in line together and have her buy a box of condoms for us.
  • I like coming in a wife’s pussy while her husband watches and waits his turn.
  • I like getting a wife to tell her husband how much bigger I feel inside her.
  • I like to show up at a married woman’s work place and pick her up for a lunch quickee with her coworkers watching her leave with me.
  • I ]like to call a husband at work and and tell him his wife is servicing me.
  • I love to make her lose track of time so her husband comes home and catches us in the act.  
  • I like having a married woman tell me I was the best fuck she ever had, especially if it’s right in front of her husband.
  • I like to make a husband stand guard while I fuck his wife in a public place, or fuck a wife in the back of a car in a parking lot while her husband is in the driver seat.
  • I get off trying to make a husband jealous while I fuck his wife.
  • I enjoy feeling up a wife in a public place, where others might see her.
  • I like introducing someone’s wife to my friends, telling them she’s my girlfriend.
  • I dig the risk of knowing her husband might catch us.
  • It’s fun having a married woman tell her husband that she can’t do without me.
  • I get off big time fucking a married womans ass in front of her husband.
  • I like showing up unannounced and lead her off to the bedroom.
  • I get off knowing that she might get caught but is willing to risk that to get laid.  
  • I love to go out with a wife and her husband to a bar or club, and have the whole place know it’s me that she’s going home with.  
  • I like when a wife I’m fucking tells her friends about us.
  • cheat4biggerdick

    My kind of bull!


    I need bull like this for my wife 🙏


    That's how we do it.


    She loves the betrayal. She loves being surrounded by her family photos while spreading her legs for another man behind his back..


    Nothing gets me wet quicker. Bad mouth my idiot husband while your balls deep my pussy and I’ll cum all over your big cock.


    Love how slutty that makes her.


    Love is not pretty

    You think love is about holding hands under an umbrella while the rain is gently falling on a cool fall night? Or maybe waking up on a Sunday morning gazing deeply into each other’s eyes oh so affectionately before making sweet, sweet love? Time to wake up…

    Love is about those times when he’s being a complete ass - once again - and you tolerate it. Love is about her being an unreasonable bitch because of some absolutely minor issue. Love is about accepting him in spite of his dumb ass behaviour and about wanting to be there for her when you can’t stand listening to another word coming out of her mouth.

    Romance and passion are all well and good, clearly I’m a sucker for that stuff, but they’re not what will make a relationship last. Effort, compromise and giving an honest shit are the bricks and mortar of a strong bond. If you can’t accept that and it sounds too harsh or like too much work then you better get out of your current relationship, grab a corny romance novel and sip peppermint tea in front of an open fireplace. You’re not ready for it.

    Love is ugly. Love is dirty. Love is a fucking mess at times. Only those people who realize that, pull up their sleeves and dig in to do the hard work will make it. Everyone else will come up with excuses of why it didn’t last. If you both give a fuck and it’s important to you then you’ll make it work. If you don’t then you won’t. It’s pretty damn simple.

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    We all need a dose of “tough love” every now and then.


    @isharemywife15 This describes how I feel about us. The reward for sticking thru the tough times is so sweet. Rather than giving up when it got hard, we fought to bring back our passion for each other. I am so deeply im love with you.


    100 percent real truth.