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2018-12-17 06:01:20

    The original, infamous MindMelter. 

    Use it responsibly. But use it well ;). 

    If anyone wants their own copy I can see if I can send it to you through e-mail. Just drop me an ask. 

    Oh and reblog this if you found it useful :)

    Seriously, be responsible about using this, please. Use it with supervision and never while driving or any other tasks that require your head to be clear.


    Omg this is amazing


    The original and still the best.

    I introduced this to so many people even before I properly met my doll.

    And, of course, this is so ingrained in her mind that I’m sure she’s already repeating some of the mantras in her head…

    Glad to see such an effective and powerful audio has finally made its way back here.



    A lot of people are downright in love with this file. Hell, I know I’ve personally used it on my doll so much that she still unconsciously repeats some of its mantras while she’s deep under trance.

    I never really knew where it came from, and just assumed that it was this legendary thing that’s made its rounds so often that everyone just forgot its origin.

    Turns out, it was made by @neuralnetsandprettypatterns!

    They brought it to my attention the other day, and simply asked for me to credit them. Honestly, I don’t think that’s enough. The Mind Melter is such a huge part of the hypno-kink community that I think we need to do more.

    Everyone go follow @neuralnetsandprettypatterns. Subscribe to their Patreon. Listen to more of their audio files. Because this individual created something huge, and we need to find a way of giving back.


    Thank you @dom-plays-with-dolls - I really appreciate that.


    im so honored to work with someone so instrumental to the culture of this wonderful, beautiful kink community! 💖 you were fire from day one @neuralnetsandprettypatterns !



    I got these audio clips of one of my favorites whores of all time: feminist rape-bait.

    Regrettably she closed her tumblr, but she leave these fantastic audio clips telling us who was she really.


    I love this clip, so so much. These are my thoughts daily


    Does this clip make your cunt wet? Looking for someone to take orders from, to give up some control to? Want to be dominated remotely? Then either message me here on Tumblr or on kik @Llomarg