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2018-12-17 06:01:20

    In my house, any female disobedience brings severe, humiliating, painful and just punishment.

    My new naked wife Maria is now learning this. My new stepdaughter Violet—who, like her mother Maria, I have decided to keep always nude—already has.

    In fact, I’ve already bred naked young Violet. Her mother naked Maria made the mistake of protesting this. Here we see the results.

    They’re both learning that I run a tight ship.


    Id like to show you all something.

    Yes indeed no nudity but you can find all the discriminatory and hate speech you want!

    But wait, the icing on the cake…

    …really? Do i need even say anything.


    since this place is going down the shitter, why not reblog this?


    Here’s an extra layer of gross 

     I may be wearing a tin foil hat, but I think they purposely want to do stuff like pit BLM against White Supremacists. They see it as an opportunity to make money. 


    Here’s a link to the Vox article quoted above in question.

    ‘Hate and Strife Are Key Target Demographics’, basically.


    You can be a fucking Racist but you cant enjoy a naked body…. Fuck you tumblr


    Let them know.

    That is all that is left of my abilities.

    Let them know that the people who make executive decisions on tumblr are nothing but whores to money. Slaves to their own greed.

    So much fucking money that it was worth screwing over most of their users.

    I hope you crash your new executive sports car, you greedy fucking nameless pond filth.


    We are living in an age of insane neo-Puritanism and moral panic.