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    <>Adrian Noble

    Actor, Extra, Model, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter based in Victoria, Australia

    Height: 180 cm / 5ft 11in Weight: over 120 kg / 264 lbs Waist: 114 cm / 45 in Eye color: Blue Hair color: Grey

    Photos from;
    Adrian Noble | StarNow

    Attraction is not about age, facial hair, build or anything specific………sometimes it’s just a confident honest look that can stop you dead in your tracks. 😍

    The King Of Character Actors


    <>CHAPTER SIX: The Actor, Charles Durning

    <>Featuring Charles Durning

    Around 1990, I was working as a bellman at a hotel near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Ma. One day when I was just about to get off, I was asked to help a guess, a celebrity to their room. I said OK, since I was getting off right after and probably get a tip. Turns out it was actor Charles Durning. He’s been in a lot of movies, television shows and plays, the last was why he was in town. He had everyday looks, about 5’8”, a portly 300 lbs, thinning hair and a bulbous nose with a goatee, wearing jacket, slacks and sneakers.

    “What’s your son?”

    “Daniel, Sir.”

    “Hope I didn’t ruin any after work plans?”

    After assuring him he wasn’t ruining any plans of mine, I brought him to his room to get him settled in. We hit it off after I told him I came from a big family, too. He was a FUNNY man who told me the best stories for a half an hour and I laughed so much it hurt. There was something about him. I could tell that he was special. There was nothing Hollywood about him; he was the guy on the bar stool next to you, except he did more with his life than a busload of other people. This guy had it all. Despite that, I certainly wasn’t about to do anything with anybody at work.

    I ended up talking to Charlie as told me to call him over upward of six or seven times over several days in his stay. This was partly because of the errands he’d have do and partly because Charlie was such a consummate storyteller; witty, incisive, profane, that you didn’t want him to stop talking. I was so happy to indulge him….(I couldn’t say no)!

    On one such errand, I picked up a package that arrived at the hotel for him and brought up to his room. I knocked, but got no answer. I knocked again; I heard movement before the door being unlocked on the other side. Mr. Durning opened the door; he had on a hotel bathrobe and the look on his face was of such pleasure. He greeted me with a hug, and almost yanked me in. After I gave him his package, we immediately started chatting his play and my day.

    He was sitting on the bed with his legs apart. From under his robe I could see his cock and huge ball sack hanging down. There I was with that beautiful cock of his, plopped on the bed right in front of me. I think he noticed me looking and began to loosen the belt of his robe so I could see his heavy chest. The water from his shower showed in the cleavage of his big tits. Oh my, was I in heaven!

    He started telling me dirty jokes and I was getting kind of uncomfortable with where this conversation was going. I didn’t want to end up getting a hard on. Seeing Charlie’s hung cock lying on the bed was such a turn on. I listened to him carefully wondering where the conversation would lead.

    From time to time, he’d give me a glance as if he’s trying to figure out what my reaction would be. Then he’d look away followed by grabbing his junk. After the 2nd or 3rd “touching” I saw that his dick was reacting to his touch.

    “Do you want it?” I finally heard him say as I haven’t heard him the first couple of times he asked.

    “Um… yeah?!” I blurted out.

    “Then get to work then.” Charlie said with a devilish smile.

    I can’t believe it. Charles Durning of all people, is telling me to get to work on his cock. What a dominate sexy man. I got to my knees and I slid my hands up his legs towards his crotch. I quickly open up his robe, causing his cock to snap back against his big belly. I couldn’t resist anymore and dove onto his cock. It was like a drug as his fresh manly scent fills my nose and sends me to overdrive.

    Charlie’s cock generously fills my mouth and causes my lips to stretch in order to accommodate it. I slide it all the way down my throat, taking the full length as Charlie throws his head back and groans. Grabbing the back of my head, he starts trusting his cock in deeper as he fucks my face. A dream come true, I thought as I feel his pace quicken before I started to gag.

    As I started jacking him off to catch my breathe, I asked him if he’d been with a lot of guys before and he told me just not that many. Just a few blow-jobs. I told him he was in for a treat as I spat in my hand and applied to my hole. Charlie looked both excited and nervous, laying there completely naked with a huge hard-on. I told him I would take care of him as I climbed on top of him, guiding his cock into my hole with one hand and tweaking his nipple with the other. He was totally into the scene and with his eyes closed and a nasty grin on his face he was moaning with great pleasure as became his whore.

    As soon as his dick made contact, Charlie immediately thrust all 8 inches into me. I gasped loudly, so loudly in fact that I’m sure the people in the next room heard. The old man was up my ass and I was begging to be fucked. He was grinning that nasty grin and telling me to take his cock and to ram my ass on his old thick man cock. Putting both hands on his chest and started bouncing up and down on his cock, telling him he could fuck me as hard as he wanted. With that, he started the most rhythmic fuck I have ever had! Who would have thought this older man could do it so well!

    All I wanted was for him to seed me and own me forever as rode his cock like mad. I was begging for his load as I could tell he was getting close and I didn’t want to stop him.

    “Get ready, boy I’m cumming, I’m cumming! He said as he drove his cock into my ass further than anything had ever been.

    It was seconds later he exploded in my ass screaming "Take it all boy!”

    Charlie was filling my ass up as I fell into his arms, covered in sweat and forcing our eager tongues into each other’s lusting mouths. I moaned with satisfaction as I turned on to my back, ready to jerk myself off, but I didn’t have a chance. Charlie immediately buried his face into my crotch. The sensation of his warm mouth and the touch of his hand on my balls were like nothing I had felt with another man. He pushed his head down on it as far as he could without gagging. I felt the head rubbing the back of his throat.

    He was eagerly gobbling my cock and it was as if he was a starved man trying to satisfy his hunger. I began to run my fingers through his thick gorgeous gray hair. I started to push him down farther on my dick. I began to run my fingers through his gray hair as I started to push him down farther on my dick. Charlie opened his mouth and relaxed his jaw to take more in. I squirmed to let him know I was about to cum and he just shoved his head down farther on me as I began to erupt in his throat. I felt like gallons were leaving my body and he sucked every drop out of me.

    “Lets do this again before I leave.” Charlie whispered to me as I got dressed.

    I agreed. This had been one of the best love-making session I had ever experienced and I wasn’t going to let it be the last. We managed to find time throughout the run of his play to fuck like wild rabbits.


    First of a two-part post. Stills from Gilligan’s Island, which I watched some months ago (every last episode and the three made-for-TV movies that followed, a proud achievement for me). The Skipper’s bulge is ever present and so I thought that with careful attention I might in time see the clear outline of a penis head, to find just one moment somewhere, but alas, no such luck.

    The stills here then are just the most glaring or unusual crotch moments I found. In one still, for example, you see the bulge is down the right leg when every other time it goes to the left. You also see another still where it looks like his fly is partially undone.

    For those interested in Alan Hale Jr, this is much more compelling, what looks like like a glimpse of Hale’s balls, from the 1970 western There Was A Crooked Man:


    Such a cute Daddy and what a bulge Great set of pics